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7:42 AM
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Touhou Yuri babies
apparently they come from gelbooru (though no one posted source links) and there's apparently a tag for this
i'd would have gone with yuri_babies myself
also morning
danbooru has the tag lol
so safebooru would have it too
but just from danbooru, most NSFW thing i see is some nudity, nothing like baby making yuri sex
8:30 AM
@Memor-X I couldn't find the source using Google Lens, but it pointed to a ReiMari yuri/lez artist on pixiv instead...
@AndrewT. down down the rabbit hole lol
but when someone mentioned gelbooru i assumed you can find them on danbooru. if there is a significant load you would need to wait sometimes from iqdb.org to find the results
generally from danbooru you either find an artist link or the exact source link
could use it when i don't get a source but sometimes i'm a bit lazy
if iqdb doesn't give a result they have generated links for google, saucenao and tineye
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9:48 AM
@hyper-neutrino ready for C42 Barbara?
(with great pace for players who hoped they would have the decency to place Gorou and Sara on the banner since the three characters are story related but... no)
10:04 AM
10:21 AM
11:16 AM
@SPArcheon raid info?
11:37 AM
no, fake Abyss monsters list, made of pure pain
Abyss is basically a "clear the room from mobs" timed mode that resets .. on lunar month I believe.
They basically put every single annoying mob there
That seems to be a meme that originated from the fact that some mobs have annoying phase changes times or other forms of invulnerability periods... and when put in the abyss they generally make players rage
@Memor-X specifically....
The dog is from a current even. They are made to be basically immortal since in the event you have to evade them, not fight. They are technically mortal but you would probably waste 5 minutes each... Apparently they also hit quite hard for the same reason
Azdaha is a boss that most players hate for some gimmicks that make it feel more like of a WoW boss (specific phases, have to do specific things at specific times) than your standard RPG "go all out and mitigate damage" thing.
Ruin mobs just have lot hp and defence. The defender also has some shield ability that makes you waste even more time
Raiden Shogun when fought as a boss during story mode is a scripted battle BOTH TIMES.
In the second encounter you basically go Super Sayan at a certain point.... so I suppose that having the same battle without the story driven power up would be painfull
The three Maguu are just annoying because lots hp, lots of invuln animations and also AI that loves to backdash out of your attacks. Basically time wasters.
the final one is just a meme based on story lore, doesn't actually exist yet.
Anyway, quite surprised they didn't include another "favorite" - the abyss dogs, who have a backflip animation that has a big hitbox/animation dissonance
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2:45 PM
Q: witch of the kagunes type would win in a war of kagune rinkaku ukaku koukaku or bikaku

omen the ghoulUkaku are for speed and quick striking rinkaku are all out attack or for climbing koukaku can defend and attack and bikaku is balnced

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10:34 PM
Q: Is there any franchise which officially releases animated mangas?

PabloMany fans create animated mangas using the images of the mangas and giving them some animation and music of background. It looks pretty look, and sometimes it's more fun than the mangas themselves. This is easier to create than actual anime, and I was wondering if some franchise actually create p...

azdaha is really annoying because he has two mandatory invincibility phases and deals a lot of damage that you basically have to shield, so if you don't have zhongli then rip
the original ruin guards and hunters are alright (although flying enemies are always annoying because genshin's targeting system is garbage)
but the newer ruin enemies have really long invincibility phases, can teleport, stagger a lot, and are very disruptive
anyway yeah i'm surprised they didn't include the rift dogs
those things have really glitchy hitboxes and bleed you through shields

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