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4:49 AM
o/ how y'all doing
5:05 AM
just got out of a useless Retro meeting
i don't have anything to add to it so i'm sitting for an hour not able to do work because one hand is holding a phone and i can't view my Citrix window and the WebEx Share at the same time
otherwise, started Final Fantasy XIV
Me and my Windup Fran
did use Anamnesis to reposition Fran there but the skeleton rigging doesn't exist for her and the generated one is wonky, otherwise i'd position her sitting
ah i dislike meetings in general and useless meetings are so annoying. feels bad :(
that game looks pretty cool though
3 hours later…
7:47 AM
@hyper-neutrino low spender have very low chance to get two consecutive characters. Especially with the 50/50 idiocy (seriously, apply the 50% chance only to dupes-constellations, not to the first time you get a character. Reruns are already scarce enough).
So, unless you whale, getting back to back Albedo + Itto is simply not realistic unless you have a ton of unspent gems.
And in that case, they skewed themselves the sales for Childe / Hu Tao
6 hours later…
1:43 PM
Q: In Erased, why does Fujinuma satoru refers to his mother as okaasan?

LinkedHorizon007In the series Erased, when Satoru got transported back to 1988, he mistakenly referred his mother as kaasan. However, when pointed out , he quickly switches to okaasan. Why is that ? As far as I know people usually refer to their own mother as kaasan and not okaasan, as Satoru did. Any explanati...

2:16 PM
1 hour later…
3:31 PM
^ @hyper-neutrino this.
1 hour later…
4:43 PM
@hyper-neutrino Something worrisome to think about.
Venti -> dragon pet.
Zhongli -> gamera pet
Ei -> fox pet (Yae)
so... Guoba... is fire archeon pet?
we expected Conan the barbarian, will end up with a female archeon who loves stuffed plushes.
i... don't think guoba has to do with the fire archon (unless you were joking)
@hyper-neutrino God, lost powers, spits fire, "Born from stone and fire"
5:02 PM
even when he had his full powers he was always tied to liyue was he not?
@hyper-neutrino That's because the big revelation will be that the fire archeon is also Zhongli wife
lol wut
jokes aside, the moonchase event was quite interesting - made quite clear what the current character strategy is
I think I now get what they are trying to do with character presence in the story
5:46 PM
Trying to strike a balance between keeping the characters present enough so that the player feels attached to them but then take them away at the worst time so that you feel you need to pull them to keep them close.
It... is quite evident by now.
3 hours later…
8:18 PM
Q: Maison ikkoku duration in terms of years

Amar ShuklaI wanted to know the duration of the plot of maison ikkoku as it happened in anime by number of years. I might have an idea that it is 6 years as godai said about it in the movie. But I wanted to confirm that and also I wanted to know how many years godai's degree was? Like it was of 4 or 5 years...

1 hour later…
9:32 PM
Q: Why is Katsuki Bakugo so fucking rude to everyone even the people who are really nice to him?

Dont Ask QuestionsI don't understand the fact that he is rude and has no respect for anyone I mean he would be better as a villain so i think he should appcet the offer to be a villain and be undercover to get actual imformation for the L.O.V so they can take down the heroes.


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