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12:53 AM
@ahiijny it's a gacha game isn't it
@ahiijny adultverse :thinking: *imagines Hibiki and Miku with their babies*
man, that would be one hot universe with the lewd handholding
@Derpy you was right, that poster was a hint to Disgaea 6
also i heard the Switch snap so it's coming to Switch, no idea when there's going to be a PC release
1:25 AM
@Memor-X I think? I don't know too much about gacha games tbh :p
@ahiijny more or less use resources (generally a premium one) to get random drops of characters of different rarities, special event only drops and the possibility to merge/recycle duplicates
think loot boxes
sounds vaguely familiar
something something "song stones"
I remember trying out the XDU Global a bit (before it shut down), and every time there was an event, the banner always said something like "now with even better drop rates!"
@ahiijny if these Song Stones can be seen as a replacement to Servants on Fate/Grand Order or Ships in Kantai Collection/AzurLane then it's going to be gacha
@ahiijny yeh, that sound like a gacha event banner
not sure how explicit the anime for Symphogear is but if it's like Madoka, Love Live, Bang Dream and Revue Starlight, the canon yuri will just be in the mobile game after lots of grinding to see the scene
(many Love Live character descriptions point heavily to the girls being gay and Madoka has a scene where Madoka's mum is introduced to Homura and Madoka does not deny they are dating)
1:33 AM
mm sounds about right
(since I can't read Japanese, I mainly rely on other people to upload/translate said scenes :p)
a memoria card from XDU
that reminds me that the other day i saw a bunch of Symphogear fan art posted but now i can't remember where i saw it
and the links are on my desktop at home
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7:36 AM
Q: Has there ever been a stated size or measurement for Frieza-race spaceships?

DanielIf not, can someone provide a good estimate of its length (preferably in meters)? Should be somewhat simple, as all Frieza-race ships seem to be perfectly circular in shape with nothing stretched out. Though I am aware that the size tends to inconsistently vary greatly depending on animation scen...

8:08 AM
@Memor-X Told ya. To many six hidden in that image to be a coincidence.
Also, the new level cap kinda worries me....
It is worth noticing that the trailer doesn't show the second character from the original artwork (other than in the cover art). Weird.
For some reason, I would assume that is either the chibi-sister of Zed... or the "annoying self proclaimed official girlfriend", Amy Rose style.
And wouldn't be surprised if she was the actual main character.
9:04 AM
@Sakamoto Since they mention Xenoverse.... The ship size changes from place to place. You can see it in the Time Rift area, the invasion event, in the planet Namek level, during some cutscenes (Bardok mostly) etc....
And you can actually enter the ship only to discover it is actually a disguised Tardis.
The inside is far larger than the outside.
9:38 AM
@Derpy she'll be like Etna, Rozalin, Raspberyl and Fenrich from the previous games
@Derpy i actually didn't see the trailer. what's up with it?
@Memor-X Nope, just increased numbers for levels and damage. Which could just mean that they revamped the numbers keeping the same growth rates or.... more grind! :P (and more ways to exploit the system!)
@Derpy to 99,999?
@Memor-X a little more....
@Derpy 999,999? or 9,999,999?
i'm talking about level
damage was already insane
and if I hear correctly...
9:45 AM
@Derpy dam, i was 1 9 off
"Max damage is over one quadrillion"
i think there might just be more abuseable bonuses
and generally max level and beyond is reserved for dealing with Ba'al
but.....maybe Ba'al gets usurped by an even greater evil
the one who retained their form with the power of Fear the Great
the one who can cross netherworlds and even cross into the human world
I kinda hope that there is at least one "joke" attack (Please be something like Lars Giga Ultra Shin Demonic Rage Max Meteor Impact Neo) that use ordinal notation for the damage
1.34e13 Damage!
the one who was denied her spotlight because of Pram!
Over the corpse of Ba'al, A New Endgame boss appears! Asagi!
10:00 AM
.... please, get localized. The silliness is strong in this one.
> The first new Disgaea game in six years is here!

Meet Zed, a zombie that has risen above them all except one—a God of Destruction! Features such as Super Reincarnation, 3D visuals (a first for this series), and adjustable gameplay settings make this the perfect game for both new and old Disgaea fans!
Nope, final boss must be Beerus.
@Derpy naaa, we'll see Gig
or Alexander if we want to be accurate since Gig only had the class of God of Destruction in one game when really he's the Master of Death
And this demonstrates my theory that Disagea authors do indeed enjoy mocking Toriyama "Goku must be better than any other anime character" syndrome.
Sorry, Tory, Disgaea characters are still stronger.
(Really, during the tournament of Power we got.... the Madoka wannabe, the Rubber Guy who isn't a pirate, the Guy that stops time without a stand, the one that single punches you... weird he didn't add a ninja with a nine tailed fox pet.)
Totally not Gear Third, and also totally a coincidence that Maji becomes small (albeit for different reasons) after using that technique.
@Memor-X nope, seems they recruited Demitri.
Pins... collector edition pins. Went for the lame route this time.
10:37 AM
Also Rune Factory 5.
And I see the Turnip Lover is still there.
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4:17 PM
Q: What do you think about this anime idea?

ParadoxBJJPrelude: A world exactly like ours. Aliens come. They frighten us with their military might and tell us that they're here to take a bunch of resources. They take almost all metals and various resources related to electronics. We helplessly watch them do this because we understand that they'd obli...


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