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Q: Help me find out what manga is this

Anna-MariaSo I don't remember the name of the manga that I read, it is completed series and not that recent. Anyway, the 'opening scene' is where a girl, who I recall was class rep, wakes up next to her classmate after some party. He is part or some crime family. After a while they start dating and they fa...

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9:08 AM
Q: Examples/Instances of Sexual Aversion Therapy?

kiteThere any examples in regards to this in any anime/related that people can identify? By which I mean therapy/treatment/peptalks in regards to the aversion of sexual activity/thought/whatever. It's pretty specific, so if necessary you can generalize in regards to the closest relevant instance.

9:44 AM
> Korra sucks for destroying that bond! An the fact that her and mako are not together sucks too. Why would you make it that her and Asami be together.
*takes yuri goggles off*
because Asami didn't lie to Korra about breaking up with her, acting as if all was normal when she got back despite having already started fooling around with someone else
in other words, Mako is an ass
also, Korra and Asami are just so cute together *puts goggles back on*
Wanted to ask how you doing, but by the looks of it pretty good ;p
@Dimitrimx yuri keeps me sane
.....to a certain extent
though seriously i'm doing good. just downloaded Assassin's Creed 2. has to bite the bullet on this because i thought i had torrented it but i didn't, could find any trusted sources for it so i might as well try and deal with god dam Uplay
how about yourself @Dimitrimx
10:01 AM
I feel ya on the uplay. I have all the assasin creeds on there as well ;/
@Memor-X Overall pretty good as well, started the brewing of mead this weekend. So in a year or so I will figure out if we did it correct or not haha
@Dimitrimx that a hell of a wait. how much did it cost you to make?
@Dimitrimx first one didn't need it and the console versions don't either, but my dad is playing the second game on the 360 so i wouldn't be able to play it on console while he is
@Memor-X 150 for +- 15 liters. And it should clock in at around 18% (36 proof)
@Memor-X Doesn't console allow for multiple saves?
@Dimitrimx oh it does and we have our own consoles, just only 1 copy of the game
@Dimitrimx i didn't understand that last part
@Memor-X alcohol percentage
@Dimitrimx ahhh i see. well hopefully it turns out ok and when it does the pandemic will be over and you can celebrate life going back to normality
10:10 AM
@Memor-X celebratory drinks for post pandemic times ;p
@Dimitrimx so how did you make the mead? when i think about it for some reason i think honey but can't think how that becomes alcoholic
10:39 AM
@Memor-X It's indeed with honey. Yeast ferments sugar in the process, so the sugar from the honey will slowly be turned into alcohol
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12:20 PM
Q: What Was the name of the manga where the guy can use hypnosis?

MootcloverI want to start reading this certain manga again but I can’t remember the name. Everyone in the manga is a psychic soldier but the main character is not because he learned hypnosis and uses it in battle. He’s madly in love with this one girl and has a twisted personality and would do anything for...

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3:33 PM
Q: Does Trunks ever pretend to be weaker than Vegeta so as not to hurt his pride?

ZhroThis is a question regarding the anime but any reference from the manga are also acceptable. Please include season/episode, etc. Vegeta's pride is a recurring theme and fuels his rage during fights. He demonstrates this by toying with his enemies, letting his opponents beat on him until they dis...

3:57 PM
Q: Why did they turn Charizard into Ash's "starter"?

rbta123People say they gave Ash a Pikachu, because it would give more money Ash have all three starters than just an one starter. But then why did they make Charizard their starter representative later? Charizard was the only one that evolved from Ash's Kanto startes, the writers gave Gary a Blastoise t...


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