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@Memor-X Really anyway, I'm planning on making a joke Evangelion review, needed to know who a mecha anime would be reviewed badly.
@NeutralTax well just from what i have heard people tend to not like Macross Delta and Gundam Seed
if you're looking for series to rip on for jokes, Darling in the Franxx for the fan service like the piloting, Robotech and original Gundam for outdated graphics and Robotech again for not being like the original series (it was a mashup of Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA)
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Q: Can someone help me name the title of this manga?

KingCan someone help me with the title of this manga? Thank you

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Q: Did Estarossa Full Counter against Escanor didnt work or Escanor was faster than him?

PabloIn the battle of Escanor vs Estarossa, at the end, Estarossa charges against Escanor and he said to have reflected his attack with Full Counter but after some seconds he finds he was cut but Escanor. What does this mean? Did Estarossa Full Counter against Escanor didnt work because Escanor attack...

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3:25 PM
Q: Why heroes are physically stronger than average humans

Tech SupportIn the world of My Hero Academia, the human society acquired Quirks. So basically instead of having regular humans, we have humans with abilities. With the exception of Power-Up quirks (like one for all...etc), why do humans/heroes/villains seem physically stronger? I mean, they can go through...

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8:47 PM
Q: Did Luffy travel the same path that Roger took to get into Raftel?

InvokerI've been quite curious as to why some of the islands that Roger has travled into are also being navigated by the Straw Hat Pirates such as Skypiea, Mermaid Island, and Zou.


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