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Q: Understanding a line from Bleach Episode 45

Jake Lee4:47 into the episode, Yoruichi says something that sounds like "oboe ga aru yo ja no," which translates to "It seems you recall an instance" (from the English subtitles). However, I'm having trouble interpreting the last part of this sentence. Is "ja no" a colloquial way of saying "ja nai"? If s...

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how's thing where you are @JNat
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good good
how are you, @Memor-X?
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@JNat good. restrictions here have been escalated to you should only be out to exercise, get food you actually need, work and going to hospital, and the part of the building i am in was down to 3 people, the rest are tolerating the RDP Solution for working at home, not me, can't deal with the lag
Q: What is this music in My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 10?

KhimuraI'm looking for the music which is playing in the season 4 Episode 10 (from 10:00 to 12:10) when LockLock is trying to make a path for the team through the moving wall and Deku is destorying the wall with his Smash kick. Any idea, please ? Thank you ;-)

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Q: Which magic stage is Mereoleona Vermillion?

PabloIn Black Clover, supposedly magic knights are ranked from stage zero to stage nine, and those who has unconventional magic are considered Arcane Stage. How about Mereoleona Vermillion? Is it ever mentioned whicn magic stage is she?

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Q: Why is Atom not given any honorifics in アストロボーイ・鉄腕アトム? Is it because he's a robot?

RedI'm very new to Japanese I'd like to apologize now for any glaring mistakes up front. Revisiting Astro boy, I've noticed that Atom is very rarely called by any kind of honorific, just アトム. The only instance I could find was him being called アトムくん by his teacher, is it because he's a robot?


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