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4:20 AM
Q: When does the Heroes Rising movie take place?

Michael McQuadeThe movie is showing in theaters now and I've read that there are some spoilers from the manga even if you're caught up to the series. Is it known when this movie takes place?

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5:40 AM
Q: Is it me or is this worse than the Arifureta anime?

GotTheJobEpisodes 1-3 was a slow, but consistent, but past that and onwards, the narrative (and animation) took a complete left...

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9:39 AM
10:11 AM
how's things@JNat
good good
tired. been very busy today to work, more so than normal because one of our team is on leave so i'm picking up his work. beyond that though good
ah, yes, the joys of being understaffed... ;)
10:44 AM
@JNat i think it's more that our missing team member handles our former team lead but now i have to and he keeps asking for details that are already in tasks, asking for links to tasks that appear on our Dashboard and pushing packaging work on me when i am already busy working on other stuff which he thinks isn't important
when our missing team member was here i hardly heard from our former team lead
so you're missing the duct tape ;)
@JNat lol. sorta worse because our former team lead works on another site
can't just ignore him in the chat client
(there's no option too. thanks Jabber)
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12:03 PM
Q: What is the effect of Piety commandement?

LuffyI've been watching the seven deadly sins for some time now and in recent episodes (trying to avoid spoilers) there's a request for Zeldris to release people under de Piety commandement. My question is, what are the effects of such commandement? We've seen people turn to stone for not abiding t...

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7:40 PM
Q: Who/What is Killy?

riccs_0xIn NOiSE! There is a police named Killy who is tasked to find a culprit, but later in BlAME! appears another Killy . Im not sure if is the same, first thing is there are thousands of years between Sanakan says he is a former Safeguard from the city the later Killy seems to be something amid a ...

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10:11 PM
Q: Isekai manga- female protoganist is born as hero's childhood sweetheart three times, decides to stop waiting for him

bohnita2Fnelae protagonist is reborn as the hero's childhood lover three times and each time he asks her to wait for his return only to fall in love with someone else n never return to her. She decides that this time she will not wait for him

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