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Q: Manga i can't remember so looking for help on what its called

Dean DragOnly bits I can remember are. 1.he use martial art I think called sage or something also system or not can't remember if it had one. 2.he use if martial arts or talisman to make lighting a old man see n orders female look into. 3. When old man faces him n they fight old man looses I think n their...

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Q: In Monster Episode 5, how did Tenma know Johan's alternate name Micheal Reichmann

The Last WordI am watching monster right now and in Episode 5, soon after the murder of Junkers, Tenma is shown investigating Johan's past using the name Micheal Reichmann. I seem to have missed where he got that name and how did he know where to go and do the investigation.

@Memor-X good idea actually
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Q: Is naruto Eight Sign Seal the same as a double tetragram seal?

Annonymous1212 It is written in Naruto Wiki that the 4 symbol seal is called a double tetragram seal. I think it is wrong.Hear me out Tetra means 4.So a double tetragram basically means 8. So it should be that the 8 signed seal the one that should be called a double tetragram seal. Evidence:in naruto episode 5...

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@Hakase How's you today~
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@Dimitrimx I've been working all morning lol
now I'm trying to figure out if I should spend any more time researching the tea gradings and whether it actually makes a noticeable difference or just find different brands/stores to buy
In the tea industry, tea leaf grading is the process of evaluating products based on the quality and condition of the tea leaves themselves. The highest grades for Western and South Asian teas are referred to as "orange pekoe", and the lowest as "fannings" or "dust". Pekoe tea grades are classified into various qualities, each determined by how many of the adjacent young leaves (two, one, or none) were picked along with the leaf buds. Top-quality pekoe grades consist of only the leaf buds, which are picked using the balls of the fingertips. Fingernails and mechanical tools are not used, to avoid...
@Hakase Wish I could say the same, but my days is literally meetings where I have to listen to things I already know
looked through some of my old favorite tea shops for (SF)TGFOP but I think I've tried about 10-15 from the 50 sorts I'm seeing now in their range, but I don't remember thinking "oh yea this sure does make a definite difference" so yea idk
@Dimitrimx ah so you're meeting with me then :p
I can't stop repeating the same simple things over and over at my meetings
hahaha, I am in one now literally. 6 people talking, nothing to do for 30 more minutes or so
check if they're running the service as the intended user and if that user has access rights in the firewall settings too
@Hakase I can say I noticed a difference in 'dust' mango tea over tea which actually includes mango shards. But I can't really speak for tea only teas, as I am more of a fan of infusions and the likes
Unless we talk about citroenmelisse (for which I do not know the english name ._.)
I got a kg bag of those leaves laying about :p
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I find most infusions waaaay over the top, and the good ones are so rare, it's not feasible to recommend them, basically only if you're planning to come over in person, I can share some coz it's usually the most obscure random buy brand you can't find anywhere
melissa I think
at least that's what we call it in russian
Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), balm, common balm, or balm mint, is a perennial herbaceous plant in the mint family Lamiaceae and native to south-central Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, Iran, and Central Asia, but now naturalized in the Americas and elsewhere.It grows to a maximum height of 70–150 cm (28–59 in). The leaves have a mild lemon scent similar to mint. During summer, small white flowers full of nectar appear. It is not to be confused with bee balm (genus Monarda), although the white flowers attract bees, hence the genus Melissa (Greek for "honey bee"). The leaves are used as a herb...
it's like mint but different enough to tell
well, today I learned
I'm trying to look at some teas at the "posh stores" but if you look at the product photo, it just says "pecoe" or "FOP" which is basically "baseline quality" but at premium prices
Also the prep of the tea makes a big difference to my taste of a tea.
differing water temps, sometimes a hint of honey, however, certain honeys work better for certain teas
yea whenever I used to visit a tea shop, the potion seller usually tries to explain how to absolutely destroy the tea and also waste a shitton of tea leaves, similar to instructions on the back of the cat food packets which can be summed up to "stuff your cat until you're broke"
I kinda like to both keep my money and also not have to think about the nanograms and microseconds of brewing time
No need to min-max tea, luckely.
If anything, min-maxed tea (eg, tea ceremony tea) is about the most disgusting tea I have had
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my general instructions for most tea sorts is: 250-280ml water, heat up to 65-75°c on a gas stove until you start hearing the water start to boil, but before you visibly see bubbles at the bottom (I use all glass cookware for tea - pot, cup and measuring glass), and use about 1 gram, depends on tea shape - if it's black and in leaves then it's usually about the same visual amount, but if it's a powder, a very small heap, about 50-70% of the leafed heap in the filter spoon
then steep until it's drinkable temperature, not really a time limit there for this approach
if it becomes cold, most teas usually get bitter at that point coz so much time passed
I can't really say what temperature it is at "stop" time but you can start hearing the difference if you're listening
it's safe for greens and never overextracts bitterness from black teas, so safe for all sorts
for some pu erhs maybe wait a bit longer after the boil temp
any time someone hears my approach they don't know what to think, I'm used to that reaction
I'd say my tea construction is a tad more basic, but comparable.
Water on induction plate to about 80C
I got a tea egg, which I fill 1/3th of the way with small leaves/mixes. or full if bigger leaves.
If leaves, slap the leaves between hands first.
let set for ~ 3 min for the 1/3th way. Or ~10 min for leaves and mixes.
If to bitter, ad a pinch of honey to taste. Where mountain region honey works best with chai's and plains honey works best regular powder
how much water tho
My tea cup is 330ml
I tend to fill my pan with the cup itself. So probably end up with 315-325 or so
also fun fact - I tried buying a sub 1 gram kitchen scale but people looked at me weird and then I remembered that's what drug people use for weighing drugs lol
so yea idk how much tea I use, it's approximately 1 gram per my 250-280ml cup
haha ;')
1:37 PM
the cup itself to the top can fit 310 or 330ml but it's spilling over at that point so I use a bit less water so I can carry it from the kitchen to my room without spilling it
I bought some syrups for coffee but they go well enough with tea, no sugar needed since it's sugar water already (the definition of "syrup" is basically that) with some fancy flavorings
having fresh fruit gets annoying because you gotta check it for mold regularly, and I worry about it too much, but yea it's pretty good
I used to buy one small clementine or nectarine and squeeze a couple droplets of it into black teas to make them delay bittering for a long time
idk if water acidity acts as a preservant or what, but if you like black teas and don't like them going bad after 20 minutes in the cup, gotta use either sugar or some citrus juice to calm it down
@Hakase I tend to avoid fresh fruit, or when I do dry them to presserve them for longer time periods
hmm I never tried drying fruits before actually
Also accentuates the sweetness of a fruit when used in re-hydrating solutions ^^
I only remember grandparents leaving thinly slices apples on a tray under the sun in the summer, but idk if it's possible to dry in a similar way at home in winter, maybe using an oven at the lowest flame
I would love to freeze dry, but for now I tend to use a dehydrator, which just basically blasts hot air at it for 8 hours. After which it's mostly dried
1:49 PM
ooh right there's the dedicated kitchen appliance specifically for that purpose, of course
I remember hearing about it on some cooking show
Yeah, they pretty cheap overall as well. It's the reason I was willing to try it to begin with :p
sounds interesting
what fruits are you drying with it?
So far, apple strawberry, cherry, apricot
dried cherries... interesting
Can dry them whole, takes a long time.
You can cut them in halves and remove the seed, and it dries pretty nicely and pretty fast ^^
Can soak them in some lemon juice in front to retain color
1:54 PM
I'm thinking of slicing them into thin discs to chew on the dried ones later like teeth friendly gummy bears
It is how many of the dried fruits do end up.
It's quite addictive, and you can do some 'seasoning' as well to introduce some twists when used as snack :p
#post niko chan
eg, cinnamon apple
and when you're tired of it all, just mix them all together, press hard and call it a fruit snack bar
@TheLittleNaruto you're about 4 years late for that to work, sorry :p
damn xP
'sup Dimitri
1:57 PM
Another spelling I can add to the list haha
hey Hakase
Pretty good, tons of meetings, not a lot to say in them. So mostly chatting here and on discord
does discord have some sort of Taisho substitute bot?
In regards to image dumping? Most probably
Sorry didn't want to interrupt nice conversation, so I started playing with bot. :P
1:58 PM
If not, I can probably create one in a hour or 2
I mean a currently working one
ah, well, I could probably port Taisho if I found sources for him but yea it's the entire non-api logic that needs to be updated to work with discord, and yea I'm not doing that again
Well, I know of 1 that is linked to gelbooru. But it has no nsfw filter.
Let me check the ever so exhaustive list of bots
well, if I wanted to, I would just browse pixiv and twitter artists, but I just keep collecting them and never browsing for years still
it's just not something that I do for whatever reason
In my personal discord server I have a channel fancy-art-shit. In which people tend to dump the anime stuff they find pretty
nice name* there
2:01 PM
@TheLittleNaruto c++ pointer?
oh you talkin bout the channel name
@Hakase top.gg/bot/206955935229280256 'senpai' seems to be able to fullfill the role
@Hakase * generally used to represent text as humoristic :P
hmm not familiar with that notation, will make a note
I'm not a discord or chat user these days, for years I've been using steam, icq before that, and such, but then I realized this is one of the biggest sources of anxiety and debilitating procrastination so I kinda uninstalled everything
it's much easier knowing nobody expects me to appear and chat
2:05 PM
I never really had such a "you have to come online and chat" environement in discord. Perhaps that helps.
I run a server, people drop and out. They talk, and when we game together, we join calls together.
Sometimes watch anime together. Just fun and games without obligations really.
The "you need to be online and do stuff" mentallity is what pushed me away from platforms such as facebook
well, I never had to in all the systems I've participated, but somehow my mind felt like I had to, and that made it just bad for me
more like... "someone may write something", like a distorted fear of missing out but not exactly
fear of being distracted by a new message notification
yea that's the closest I can come up with to what it felt like
@Dimitrimx We can do that?
@TheLittleNaruto Well, yeah. Depending on the people you can do it in many ways. From 1 person streaming it, to just starting the episode at the same time. And then just converse, or watch in silence. All depends on the prefference of the people really.
there's been group watching services for a few years now
Usually after work I stream on discord. Either vr games, or whatever I am playing.
People tend to come and hang and have fun, and laugh at me as I fail at the games I play
2:10 PM
@Dimitrimx I see. I thought there will be a person who will stream and everyone would be able to watch it at the same time.
and talking thing as well in parallel
I always end up doing things at such odd times that I can never find anyone who's not busy or sleeping, so I just play multiplayer with randos or single-player and watch things alone, and I don't think I'm missing out on much tbh
@TheLittleNaruto It's one of the options
@Dimitrimx aren't you a nice person :P
@Dimitrimx Yeah that I am aware of. I am wondering about this streaming feature.
2:11 PM
@Hakase That's how I met some of my best gaming buddies.
@TheLittleNaruto have you seen the streaming feature on steam?
you can just stream any random app, even a media player
play games with them for 1-12 months. After which you drift apart.
@Hakase No but that's for gaming right?
2:12 PM
@TheLittleNaruto Any window. Even your screen.
if you add an external app to steam you can stream it too
(Guess the picture at least explains the meme)
@Hakase superb I'll try that
Arigatou Hakase kun
Oh, and recently they created the reply functionality. Which is really lovely
@Derpy I didn't scare them, I shot them with flame arrows from the start
idk what he expected would happen afterwards but exactly that happened next also
2:15 PM
@Hakase funny trivia, I once read that one of the repeatable quests actually has two outcomes based on you killing some ducks you were supposed to feed.
yup, killed each and every one of those ducks
couldn't find the sister from the church for like 5 irl hours after that
quest marker showed that she was supposed to be at location where nobody was, throughout the entire duration of the day
I think they added a catgirl to the playable characters, at least it makes the whole thing funnier.
the kid asks the cat to look after the pidgeons.
and obviously the cat is an archer too.
anyway, I played it for 8 days straight until the point where being the same level 40 as enemies 40-45 was much harder now and just not interesting coz I think I've seen most of what the game has to offer, and the base gameplay loop is not fun enough to keep me playing
I didn't like most characters' combat style, only Noelle was alright
@Hakase probably the best idea is to just play the game like it wasn't a gatcha, at small doses so that the story has time to catch up and you will be doing plot quest mostly.
wellll... I have never played a gacha game before and so I don't know what's bad about this one in that regard
I just see the plot is kinda dumb and not interesting, the characters are some weird stereotypes who are not interesting to explore either
I think some writing wisdom says the story either has to be driven by the plot or the characters, and this one has neither for me
2:20 PM
@Hakase to be fair, the little I saw about the character made me think they had specific references in mind.
and the gameplay loop itself is ADHD heaven - enough different things to distract you at all times in the overworld that you can just clear vast areas without thinking for a long time, but once you're in a dungeon or a dialogue, you have to listen to the character lines, it's not fun at all
@Hakase I guess that having actual dialogues is a plus for some players.
having either interesting characters or an interesting main storyline is always a plus
have you seen Hades?
remember: the average gatcha game event is like this.
Repeated about an hundred times to farm enough random drops to level up the event-only character that will be needed in the next event.
yea nah thanks
2:25 PM
At least Genshin doesn't appear THAT tedious from what little gameplay I watched.
there was only 1 multiplayer event I took part in where you gotta collect different colored gems/crystals and after it was over, it prompted to start it again and I was like what
and it turns out this is what this part of the game is about - you're essentially QA testing it for free lol
so this part is the worst
@Hakase Was it called "Elemental ..." something?
yea yea
I read about that one. Was the FIRST one.
happened around the start of November
2:27 PM
Apparently the second was better by far.
(or was it October and it's been a month already?)
Multiple parts, and actual subplot, a free character
yea screw that, those characters are not bringing enough fun to the game on their own to carry the sub-par playing experience
Still some farming to do but apparently it was more of a "go around and search for random meteorites, beat the monsters and get the loot"
Lisa and casters like that are slow af and require charging which is so easily breakable by enemy attacks
fast swordsmen like the main character are just not satisfying
archers are a neat idea but the damage per second is abysmal
and if you miss... oof
so hard to hit slimes too
2:30 PM
@Hakase noticed, and I think that is the whole idea that the battles are intended to be played by abusing switching
Almost like they had SAO (the anime, not the games) in mind
well I couldn't abuse switching any more than the already existing frost stunlock barbara + chill dude
Amber, drop the plush, switch to Lisa while the stupid monsters go around the thing, charge the bolt while they are busy, release bolt as soon as they get on fire.
I guess I expect all characters to be able to output the same DPS on average no matter the attack style and player errors in aiming
@Hakase That... I guess won't happen. Not because gatcha, but because the system seems to be crafted around combos, which is a common thing in Asia mmorpg for example.
Compare WoW auto-targeting and thing like Black Desert Online
Apparently the thing is far more action oriented that "level oriented"
So, I am not surprised if some characters are glass cannons that require cover
the bad thing is that since it is gatcha random, you could easily end up with only glass cannons.
Or miss an element.
(and based on the character list, so far it seems that there is an imbalance in the numbers of characters available for each element)
yea but... I don't play in groups or like switching characters mid-combat :(
I knew the game was not for me but still wanted to check it out just to see what I could be missing
I'd say the best thing is item icons
the UI is wack at 4k, no scaling, everything is HUUUGE
2:40 PM
@Hakase I fully understand this, but what I mean there is that the game sadly seems made to be played that way
yea and I get it
no big deal
Atlas, I agree the game could use some refinement.
pity it is gatcha though, had some cool ideas too.
check out Hades if you haven't already it's got interesting characters at least, good main gameplay loop and an intriguing main plotline
And I will give that to them, first "jrpg" action game in a while when I noticed you can get enemies to hit themselves with spells.
Saw someone getting chased by a water bubble, running into another monster and... jumping at the last second.
well, I'm also not a jrpg fan, I can play some but I don't seek them out
the best 2 I can name off the top of my head are Battle Chasers Nightwar and Child of Light
2:43 PM
the monster got hit by the bubble. Don't think you can do anything like that in Secret of Mana for example
I do like good artwork, after all I'm gonna be looking at the screen a lot
@Hakase well, on that one, trust me it is somehow above average.
Now, if that means that it looks good or simply that the average is quite low... your decision
I feel like the average game loop for gachas, at least from what I have recently learned about the genre is that it's not a game for a normal type of gamer who likes playing F/TPS, RTS or any sort of game where active attention is required and you get to think about enemy strategies or have a lot of space to meta-play or experiment with tactics on the fly
basically it's a sort of idle clicker game which doesn't require much attention
oh, and it also preys on your wallet
@Hakase depends.
I've googled some gacha game examples and I don't see a challenge there for me in a way that would satisfy my gaming needs
2:49 PM
From the little I know, the cozier gatcha are probably the less predatory ones.
(to be fair my personal gaming needs are extremely specific these days)
^ I know this one because a friend plays it.
is that neopets?
yea I would not play a game that looks like that, no offense to the players lol
Not because they love gatcha, they just like cats.
this one is basically just that. Collect cats. There are resources and battles, but they have no real purpose outside seasonal events to collect more cats.
2:52 PM
No effort needed, nothing. Just cats
(actually refers more to like super mario games)
not very predatory either, you can buy gems for random cats but most new cats are sold directly.
And to be fair, I think a % on the cats sales goes to actual cat refuges.
Now, compare to One Piece I linked before.
You know why there was a video for an event?
2:54 PM
a % goes to pirates
I'm guessing because it's a promo ad?
Because it is my understanding that events are basically a long sequence of battles with enemies applying very specific debuffs.
So, basically, people craft "solutions" to the events.
Because you can't hope to survive "randomly".
well, in genshin you are explicitly prompted to have specific elements in your party in each dungeon, idk if it's a secret
ah the memories of surviving randomly during the elite 4 with just one fat lv84 pikachu
@Hakase Elements, in a game where the worst thing an enemy can do so far to push you into specific teams is an elemental shield. And even then, multiple characters share that element.
I cheesed a couple of arenas by pushing enemies off the cliff
Noelle is great at pushing with the heavy strikes
and the wolf spirit boy
One Piece you are thrown in battles where on turn one enemies cast 10 turn despair on your team, dropping your attack by 90%. But guess what? Some characters are powered up in the event! And it just happens that the new version of Nami just released in the new banner 2 days ago has a skill that removes exactly 10 turns of despair, and with the power up guess what, her special is charged on turn one too!
3:00 PM
mm sounds cheaty af
reminds me of high tier hearthstone streams where players pull the craziest combos
I guess it is a constant battle against the devs who try to make events that are almost impossible without the new shinny unit and free player that abuse everything they get to find creative ways to stay alive
I don't think the devs fighting free players is a healthy way to develop a game lol
just make a good single-player game and profit off of its continued sales for a long time, maybe don't even keep adding new features, just make sure it works and bugs are fixed
then make some more like that
honestly, have you considered working at one of the companies that makes such predatory games?
"but it's game dev too!"
idk man sounds like working for a casino
and they don't even pay well
yep, I guess so, that said it is not like my development work is that great either....
SharePoint and the such...
With a nice seasoning of disorganization.
I do backend interop with unsupported software on both sides, so whatev, at home I work on my game
@Hakase I jump from one technology to another like a dandelion seed in the wind.
So, since we were talking about Genshin, I guess that Venti olds me some grudges because reasons.
Should I stop eating chickens?
Or perhaps it is because I never added a bard to the party in any D&D videogame?
3:12 PM
no idea, I don't play dnd myself, only watch two groups play their streams which have been going on for about 10 years now, and I don't have the mindspace for more
and to be frank, I feel like 2 followed groups is enough
my latest obsession was Deep Rock Galactic but I can't keep playing it seeing how it could be improved in so many ways
Team Fortress 2 was and still is great but I gotta do other things in life or else it feels like I'm wasting time even though it's fun at times
even though there are so many good games to choose from, sometimes even the best of them don't satisfy all your desires, and when you know exactly how they can be better, you know, why not make one in that case
also there's a long list of recommendations from me if you scroll up several screens
3:34 PM
@Hakase See: Minecraft.
have you seen it yourself lol
Which despite its popularity is still quite basic in its unmodded version
it doesn't take much to make it feel full with features
and yet where are such games
stardew valley feels like it has a lot to offer, as do terraria and starbound
4:19 PM
Q: Why does Shizuku's room become larger in "Whisper of the Heart"?

RenanGrecaAt some point during "Whisper of the Heart", Shizuku falls asleep at her desk while working on her story. She has a fantastic dream involving Baron and, when she wakes up, her room is larger. While her bed was right next to the desk before, there's now space for a whole window between them. I bel...

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^ + 1
ikr ^^
Then again, LiSA did a lot of songs for anime I enjoy :p
Wish I could see her performing live lol
Think I've only seen 1 anime performer live.
5:58 PM
Q: How and why did naruto's parents rose from the dead in a war?

Kakashi kunIf naruto's parents(minato and Kushina)were dead when kurama attacked the leaf villege when he was born, how and why did his parents rose from the dead(alive again)in the war with different generations of hokages?


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