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2:06 AM
Q: Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid (1975), Old bird movie

ZaraWhen I was really little I had a DVD with Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid (1975) version on it. There were also two other movies. One of them was about why some birds are grey and some are very colorful. In the movie, the birds live under a rainbow which is attacked by bugs. The ones...

@EddieKal i never had butter noodles before
the most minimal thing i've had is just pasta cooked in salted water
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2:49 AM
@Memor-X I don't consider buttered noodles minimal per se because they do take some time and effort. If I am pressed for time I usually go for instant ramen, often Indonesian or Thai style.
@EddieKal might just be from my impression of it where it's just 2 things
like i consider packet pasta to be simple despite the minimum being butter, milk, water and the packet pasta and knowing how long you need to actually cook it for in the microwave
@Memor-X My version is super cheesy :)
(the one i have alot of says 5-6 minutes stirring once in between, i put it in for 12 minutes)
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4:13 AM
@EddieKal it's all onion, I see them as interchangeable, given how little I care about cooking
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1:56 PM
and i'm not just saying that. it's is actually morning, 56 minutes past midnight
2:14 PM
been watching some stuff about the old Genshin... Apparently they have "limited time" characters available from gatcha. Don't know if that is common practice, but it seems a double hedged knife to me...
May end up damaging them more than the players
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10:16 PM
Q: Why are most isekai happening in a medieval world?

AirOneWhy are most isekai happening in a medieval world? I have been reading some of these and I actually can't recall of any in which the story is happening in an other era than in a medieval period. Why is that? Is it common in Japanese videogames too, as some like Dragon Quest and the first Final Fa...

@Derpy it is common in gatcha games and the only reason it exists is for FOMO
for a brief limited time these new character will appear in amongst normal drops with no indication that they will appear again in my form for the player to obtain
these generally also come with a special gatcha pool with increased odds that are still never detailed, just showing a flashy banner showing the Rare and Super Rares you can get and these generally have the same premium currency prince as the "premium" pool
sometimes they allow 1 free use per day but the overall strategy is "look, new, rare and limited characters you can get from this limited time pool. look at the timer at the bottom, this is when the pool will close. guess what? we're also having a special on the premium currency to use for this pool"
so the free resources players get are drained in the limited time gatcha pool and they push for selling more otherwise you miss out froever
some really dedicated fans of a game who watch the news feeds and study trends can sometimes game the system to use just free resources by hording them, but ofcause you have a better chance of pulling this off when you've gotten all the other characters and not using currency on the normal gatcha pool
just watching the second one but before going into it having seen the first one i already had a good idea what the second one would talk about
now maybe if they change how Resin works then maybe it might get better, but currently it's a mash up on the same predatory moves from Mobile Gaming, mash together into a Chimera of exploitation that is now popular and giving greedy publishers ideas
@Sakamoto This is an interesting question, but not one easy to provide a comprehensive answer to.
and before anyone tries it. no, i don't care if there is a guide to set up stuff so i could get huge lots of Resin or currency or whatever late game. if i have to look up a guide to set up the end game to be fun, then there's a problem with the game and i would have more fun grinding Fuka, Desco and Val against Prinnies
10:32 PM
@Sakamoto The history of high fantasy, the influence of Anglo-American high fantasy, idealization and worshiping of Europe among Japanese people, colonial legacy
Also the history of RPG and JRPG
@EddieKal those are good talking points to use in an answer
@Memor-X I don't know enough about RPG/JRPG's history to answer this question, so I will wait to see what others say.

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