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@LucasHenrique hi, how's thing
i'm tired but i'm fine, wby?
@LucasHenrique good, trying to fix up these bugs to a Test Class which was recoded from C# to Java to be Linux Compatible. most of these bugs i've been hitting have been code issues not Linux issues so getting the feeling that these was never tested or even tested in Windows
@Memor-X uuuuh that sounds bad. how does someone port a code without even testing it first?
1:06 AM
@LucasHenrique i don't know. could be the programmer was getting rushed by our former team lead to get it done by a certain day within a sprint while also doing other work because i have faced that myself with the same work since our former team lead sorta dumped this work on us without any thought to planning since one class has to be totally redone because it tests for services which are different on Linux vs Windows
but the good thing is that a few of the bugs i came across when i was testing the classes i worked on so once i worked out the cause it was an easy fix, it's just there a whole bunch of them and getting the test code onto Linux is not as quick as getting it onto Windows
i hope your work/school work is going more smoothly
1:51 AM
@Memor-X good!
@Memor-X thank you :) i'll write something on representation theory, which is my professors research topic, so he'll be happy and i'll get a good grade. i guess.
@LucasHenrique representation theory as in the theory to thing like LGBT+ representation or something unrelated to that?
very, very unrelated lol
it's like representing symmetry structures with matrices
(fyi i'm getting my undergrad on math)
@LucasHenrique From set theory to linear algebra? That's my understanding.
pretty much, yeah
the theory of the "simplest" structures that represent symmetries is called group theory, it's a little more specific than set theory
It's been a while since I did math. I'm happy I still remember some things
2:07 AM
oh, it's fine
3:04 AM
Q: Is Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Part of the Adventure Timeline?

Gothamite24The reason I ask is due to the fact that the series, Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, is advertised as being set in the future of 2045 and the last moment in time (for now, at least) for the Digimon Adventure timeline is 2026, the infamous Epilogue at the end of Digimon Adventure 02. This would ...

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8:14 AM
8:53 AM
I had a weird question about plants, so I knew it'd be best to ask here
half joke but half I'm gonna ask it in a minute
coz I don't think it's a fitting question for gardening main site, and their chat is dead, you know
and I'm not expecting anyone to know much about this anyway
do you know any salads or plants whose leaves are supposed to be edible which don't have a strong taste or aren't too chemically agressive?
I'm trying to figure out which of the 500 garden vegetable plant seed types are a good idea to plant in a pot to grow indoors, and also which ones are tasty at all, and which of those aren't harsh on the stomach and can be eaten fairly regularly
@Hakase As in the raw variant? or post prep?
just plain old onion (chives? the green leaf part) and is gonna get boring fast and it's a bit too strong for massive daily intakes
I never actually thought about doing anything to them before shoving them into my mouth tbh
what do you do with greens anyway, lightly fry?
Some of the more bitterleaved greens taste pretty ok after boiling it once or twice
hmm I guess I could try putting the chives into hot water which I'm using to make ramen anyway
I wonder if I could grow good tasty salad at home
last several times I tried the leaves were bitter af
Well, if not braising the more bitter greens. You could add in more fatty content to counteract the bitterness. Think olives/olive oil, avocado etc.
Rose petals could also be a nice twist on taste variant.
9:08 AM
I'm mostly eating pasta and rice these days, idk how much flavor rose petals could impart that would be noticeable and not clash with the delectable notes of cheap-ass ramen bricks
but yea maybe I should explore more culinary options
kinda don't like cooking, you know :p
I do enjoy me some choice exquisite upmarket ramen though
sometimes I see random upvotes from my old posts and realize it's been 7 years or something
Q: what's the name of this anime?

jaauzdoyi searched a lot and i didn't know what is the name of this anime. does anyone know? please help me guys :(

@Hakase depending on the kind or rice/pasta you are cooking you can make some simple addition
ie. if you have microwave packet pasta, some diced ham thrown in will adds to it
@Sakamoto isn't this that When someone met Marie one?
for now I'm adding meat (sausages or pork or preserved meats), cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, garlic shavings, some tomato/pepper based sauces, maybe mayo, maybe a bit of horseradish
@Hakase wow, that's more than what i ever add
and it's always just ramen or real pasta in a pot of hot water with the flavor packet or sometimes without, no microwave
it may seem like a lot but in the pot or on the plate it doesn't feel that way, and I'm tired of the same combo and its variations
9:19 AM
it's generally 1 or 2 meats, some parmesan and garlic at most
@Hakase Binging with Babish had some simple Pot Pasta dishes. Butter Pasta from Community with some variations
no wait, it was noodles
though would like to try making some of those myself one day
for the first time in my life I am going to watch a googling with babish vid :p
lol, quite sure the video i linked to is from his channel so you wont need to google
it was meant as a joke about "googling with babish"
coz he's "binging"
alright, I'm not gonna make pasta or butter from raw ingredients, but I'll think about buying butter for the first time in my life
I kinda find the grease/fat from pork to be "buttery" enough for a flavor/texture addition to pasta or rice
a youtube comment there says: "...So we will make everything from scratch * Starts planting wheat for the pasta dough *"
they joke but I have a dried out pot of planted wheat on the balcony
if I wanted, I could
I wanted to plant them again this year anyway
gotta get those seeds
stackexchange.com/leagues/477/quarter/anime/2020-07-01 idk man those rep thresholds don't seem right
I do like the high resolution of those cooking vids though
but better not watch them on an empty stomach
9:58 AM
@Hakase Rep is a rare commodity on A&M after all~
if only I could have seen it coming several years ago, but who cares now :p
looking up those seeds and now I want more than I can find place to put the pots, but not enough for the free shipping
also seeds are such a slow biz apparently that they ship for like 3-4 weeks even though it's in the same city
seeds on a "healthy living" site: $$$$$, seeds on a chain food megastore: ¢
@Dimitrimx Sadly, sometime the Q&A focus of the SE network ends up making asking some questions here either useless ad best or self-damaging at worst. Probably not as evident on Anime as it is on other sites but...
it has limited uses, but these days I haven't been following anime which raises questions worth asking here
if something is interesting enough to talk about, I'll talk about it with someone over voice chat or a phone call in a freeform discussion, rather than factual Q&A format
and I imagine most normal people would
idk how you'd end up on this site and figure this is your best bet to find something out
@Hakase yep, I wasn't really thinking about Anime specifically. I probably could ask some questions on Arqade but best scenario I wouldn't expect any answer. Worst, closure or downvotes
if you're looking for something very obscure, then you probably won't get an answer because nobody's looking out for obscure questions here, I think
10:11 AM
I still miss the old sages board on NOA forums
I would redirect most askers here to reddit in general, they can google the fitting subreddit for their question
I kinda don't miss forums at all
chat is fast, and forum kinda encourages graphomania
it's a certain kink for sure to post a very eloquent and richly supported by links to sources argumentative forum post, but in the end it's about nothing important whatsoever
says me lol
@Hakase it is not the "forum" I miss, it is the old focus on obscure things. I have the felling that the current generation of gamers doesn't exactly focus on obscure info as they used to in the past.
well, have you read the usual threads on r/truegaming?
I see most users there as obsessed over absolutely minute trivia
but at the same time I've been trying to figure out the game design of my game I want to finish making one day :p
but I don't go posting about it on forums lol
I don't think it's worth most people's time who already know enough about something to try and have a useful discussion on a forum, like r/truegaming or similar
Seems like that channel is about gameplay/design, or that is the first impression I get from the topic list
if you know a lot about something, it's very rare that you can learn something new from others, especially if it's a thing of personal preference, like if you prefer certain game genres or mechanics over others
I think it's a place where people who want to know more about themselves and their own tastes come to ask other people, only to hear that you need to figure out yourself and your own tastes on your own, nobody else can help you lol
or opinions on hot topic games
10:18 AM
Sorry, probably I wasn't clear enough. I am not talking about discussion of gameplay/plot/design etc. I was more thinking of topics that would probably be closer to datamining / game history
there's gotta be a sub for that
@Derpy Speedrun community~
well yea speedruns usually include a bunch of quick facts about exploits and inner workings of the engines
I like an occasional GDQ stream vod
will have a look, thanks. Yet, probably not the kind of odd trivia I had in mind.
Just for reference, a simple example of info I once witness but I can't seem to find referenced anywhere anymore.
Same, GDQ is often nice.
Also like people like tomatoanus (yes actual name), and karljobst.
They go into how gamers figured out exploits, how they look for it. And breakdowns of speedruns, and their history. Like the original 007, where every frame counts ;)
10:22 AM
Anyone familiar with Pokémon "bag eggs"?
@Derpy If you mean actual, physicall bags, styled after togepi, then yes. If not, then no ;P
sorry, mistyping. I actually meant "BAD eggs"
I recall a speedrunner being caught cheating using those yes
Only happens when you alter game data was it not?
@Dimitrimx Those is the official interpretation, yes. Bad eggs should be a sort of "safety net" that triggers when the game data is corrupted for some reason, usually cheating devices or glitch.
they have actual description text, but that probably expected in order to have some sort of "feedback" for the user that something is gone wrong.
Yet it is weird, once you get one there is little you can do to "remove" it (it is an egg, it never hatches and you can't release eggs)
The odd part is that I once saw an old video someone in the Pkmn research group referenced in the old NOA forums.
I think it was Pokemon Emerald, but the version doesn't really matter.
Someone using a "walk thru wall" code found an unused room. Nothing weird so far.
The room contained a single item, usual "pokeball on the floor" sprite. Again, nothing weird.
Picking up the item.... corrupted data probably, it gave you a bad egg. A little unusual for an item, but still not really weird given the circumstances.
And now for the weird part.
As soon as you picked up the item.... the game auto-saved.
Something the game never does.
10:38 AM
I only ever played pokemon yellow on gba and then on emulator on pc, and when I saw that the newer games weren't getting much better over the years... idk man game freak is kinda milking the same old story for 2 decades, doesn't seem that interesting tbh
I would much much much rather go explore indie games on itch.io, gog, steam too but it's a higher barrier for entry and the search is abysmal
I've been planning on exploring all those games for a loooong time
for about 5 years now
but when I do... I'll freaking do it until the sites block me for suspected bot activity
That was only an example of the kind of info I had in mind.
I think the save happened due to an effect similar to the "get a free eevee" sign, where it just basically calls a method to which a corrupted memory pointer directs
10:54 AM
@Hakase I don't know. Here, the guy is altering more than just being able to walk thru walls.
Furthermore, I am almost 90% sure that the thing was documented to work even if the code was disabled when you picked up the item.
apparently the "mew under the truck near SS Anne" rumor was made real using a specifically crafted save file, so you can probably do pretty much anything to the game using just the save data
tool-assisted glitch demos also show crazy stuff
@Hakase The virus save is far more recent than that.
The way that happened back then almost gave the idea that it was something added purposely to the game.
A sort of "you hacked the thing, now enjoy the corrupted save data"
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2:14 PM
relevant to our previous conversation, @AndrewT.: anime.stackexchange.com/election/4#post-60906
@JNat lol, that nomination
@JNat for a second I hoped this was relevant to the current conversation I was having with Hakase and you were about to finally reveal us the allegedly still undiscovered Megaman 9 secret :P
2:53 PM
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4:14 PM
Q: so what is this song played on hunter x hunter (2011) ep 20 around 13:43

suvan hxh fanPlease answer quick its the background music played when illumi is ordering killua to leave the hunter exam it sounds like a piano mixed with some other instruments

5:02 PM
@Hakase Chives in ramen? Really?
Chives or scallions (green onion)?
@Hakase As a ramen aficionado I find the stuff you put in your ramen very, um, unorthodox :)
@Memor-X Childhood memories. I think a lot of people love buttered noodles because they are creamy, buttery, and salty, although by some people's standards buttered noodles are wanting on the healthful side without any veggies. I cook buttered noodles only when I have the patience to wait for al dente pasta which usually takes about 10 minutes.
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6:16 PM
@JNat well, in the end, I guess it can't be unavoided...
(and yes, I actually have no idea in answering one of the questionnaires)
6:28 PM
so, here goes the election! :)
7:07 PM
@AndrewT. are you running still, or not?
@JNat I was expecting others to nominate, but not expecting this to happen...
I wanted for others who really wanted to run, otherwise I prefer to extend it by a week, but now that this happen...
@AndrewT. yeah... good nominations earlier on generally draw out more good nominations, rather than this :\
I'd encourage you to nominate, still, 'cause the election is going through as is, and... better to have 2 good candidates than... this :)
understood, writing the nomination now...
posted the bare nomination, will follow-up on the questionnaire today/tomorrow
1 hour later…
8:52 PM
done writing the answers, so...
best of luck to the candidates :)

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