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12:55 AM
Q: In Overlord, were the NPC's personalities merely flavor text in Yggdrasil?

David HobsIt was shown that Shaltear and Aura were created to tease each other. Other characters were created with different personality traits as well. Did the characters' personality traits influence their behavior in Yggdrasil or was it merely flavor text until they were transported to the new world?

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5:40 AM

Hammer BurstI need some thoughts and opinions on this. In DBS Zamasu and Black tell everyone that Trunks is responsible for the creation of a new time ring and Zamasu taking his revenge on everything. He saved Goku from dying and continued to make multiple trips. It is safe to assume that from the first time...

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8:26 AM
Good timezone~
9:17 AM
@Sakamoto edited this, but I dunno if it's a reasonable question or not, not having seen DBZ
@JNat I had the same problem when I saw the question this morning ;')
10:06 AM
well the OP deleted it shortly after it was edited
So be it then
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11:20 AM
Psycho-Pass is (no longer / not) on Netflix. :(
@ITGremlin Psycho-Pass Season 3 to Stream Exclusively on Amazon Prime
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12:45 PM
Q: Why a Pokemon trainer must be 10 years old

USerNAmeThe first episode of the Pokemon series began saying that Ash can get his pokemon license and only 10 years old can be a Pokemon Trainer and get a Pokemon from Prof. Oak. the question is, in the world of the Pokemon anime, why it is limited to only 10 years old? (as in the games you can see even ...

1:32 PM
That sucks.
2:06 PM
Q: Is there any other magic knight who can use Spirit Dive aside Yuno?

PabloSpirit dive is a spell which allows the user to assimilate an element spirit into their body. Yuno has it, but he isnt the only one who has a spirit, formerly Fana had the spirit of fire, now Fuegoleon Vermillion has it, and there is also the spirit of water serving the princess of the Heart King...

Q: Is puking blood when punched in the gut a common trope in anime?

Fumikage TokoyamiI have often seen characters throwing and puking blood when they are punched in the gut especially in Shounen animes like BNHA and Naruto Shippuden(well there are other animes I have seen this trope but I could think of these two anime for the time being). Why is it so common? Is it actually a tr...

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3:07 PM
Q: Gathering energy from other people to create an energy attack, which was the first anime to feature it?

PabloIn Black Clover in one of the last episodes (I dont recall if it was #118 or #117) Litch the elf leader gathers energy from the other elfs to create an energy attack, similar to Goku's genki dama, to be more precise more similar to Trunks's "Genki Dama" "Sword of Hope", since the energy is gather...

3:27 PM
Q: Does the Anti-Magic Demon Slayer Sword Black Divider has any other advantage other than its size?

PabloWhen Asta creates the Anti-Magic Demon Slayer Sword Black Divider , his original sword the Anti-Magic Demon Slayer Sword increases its size . Does the Anti-Magic Demon Slayer Sword Black Divider has any other advantage other than its size?

Q: Can Asta create an Anti Magic Black Divider sword using the Demon Destroyer Sword instead of the Demon Slayer Sword?

PabloIn episode #119 Asta used his Demon Slayer sword to create the Anti-Magic Demon Slayer Sword Black Divider. Can Asta create an Anti Magic Black Divider sword using the Demon Destroyer Sword instead of the Demon Slayer Sword?

3:47 PM
Q: What are the best apps/websites that I can go to watch anime?

JinxWarriarI already have Netflix and Hulu plus and crackle, but I would love to know where I can find anime to watch on other apps or websites.

4:07 PM
Q: Why do Both Tanjiro and his Dad have the same scars?

heroinfatherI realized when I watched demon slayer that both Tanjiro and his dad both have scars on their foreheads, and I don't know if this applied to his dad but Tanjiros scar is always changing shape and size. Does tanjiros forehead scar have to do with anything about Tanjiro's dad being able to use the ...

4:59 PM
@Memor-X yeah I heard. I'm not too bothered.
Though I'd rather the storage be 100,000 instead of 6,000.
I already have like 5000 mons spread across 8 different save files. lol
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6:09 PM
Q: Which is the song played in episode #119 when Asta stabs the demon's heart at the end of the episode?

PabloIn episode #119, at the end of it, Asta stabs the demon's heart, meanwhile a song is played . What's the name of this song?

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11:53 PM
Q: Can any character's magic hurt Kotodama devil?

PabloAt the end of episode #119 , everybody was surprised Yami could hurt Kotodama. Before that Yami said something like "for some reason, my dark magic can hurt him" and Kotodama said Yami's dark magic can interfere with the other world. Before Yami, Litch and Asta with their anti magic swords coul...


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