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1:49 AM
Q: What is the actual English spelling for Kono Oto Tomare!?

RichFHere is a shot of the title screen for the music anime Kono Oto Tomare! : Note the line of Latin-alphabet letters at the bottom. The Funimation English overlay at the top shows three words, yet the bottom text is spaced as if it is seven words. My guess is that the top is correct, which leads...

2:03 AM
does anyone know whatever happened to Imzy?
Imzy was a social media site led by ex-Reddit employee Dan McComas, which purported to create a "friendlier" alternative to Reddit. The site was started in 2016 by six former employees of Reddit and one of Twitter. Some of the first publications to announce collaboration with Imzy include Lenny Letter and the podcasts Harmontown and Black Girls Talking. On 24 May 2017, Imzy announced that the site was shutting down as they had failed to "find [their] place in the market." == History == Product Chief Dan McComas left Reddit in July 2015 over disagreements on how the site should be run. Th...
I mean it closed but what of the idea and creators
maybe there's a second iteration
or third idk
@AndrewT. wonder if that's intentional or just accidental overwrite by global css updates
@Sakamoto bad grammar in title
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4:14 AM
Q: In Overlord, did the Slane Theocracy intentionally target Shaltear for mind control?

David HobsIn season 1 episode 10, why did the Slain Theocracy send the Black Scripture into E-Rental? I read that it had something to do with the World Class Item Downfall of Castle and Country but I don't know why they went to that location. Were they targeting Shalltear intentionally for the mind control...

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8:58 AM
Q: what anime is this?

SravanthiAnyone knows the name of anime where character gets stuck in a time loop in that one episode. And in another episode they are involved in an bus accident, and a character tries to save them by avoiding it. They are students. They always seemed to be in that school. I remember clips of them playin...

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4:06 PM
Q: Can the effect of a certain devil fruit last through the effect of another devil fruit?

LearningDevJust to make it easy to understand my question here is the example below : Suppose a person X A User of the Modo Modo no Mi use his/her DF ability and make X younger by 12 years, now another DF us...

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7:29 PM
Q: Does Eraserhead have to be continuosly watching someone to erase their quirks?

PabloSometimes in the anime it would seem Erasehead have to be continuosly watching someone to erase their quirks, because if he stopped watching the target recovered his quirk, but in some of the episodes of the 4th season with Eri and with some of the villains from Overhaul's band it would seem that...

Q: Could Nighteye foresee his future?

PabloNighteye has a quirk which allows him to foresee the future and when he does (like in the case of All Might) he tries to do something to prevent it from happening when it's something bad. Why couldnt he foresee his own future or did he see it and did nothing?

8:10 PM
Q: Boku No Hero Academia Season 4, My Hero Academia Season 4

Kageyama ByakuyaIn episode 77 of the anime Boku No Hero Academia Season 4, what is the name of the song played at the start with that glitchy tune?

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