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12:01 AM
so one of the interesting little side-stories in Touhou are the little storylines told only in the booklets that come with ZUN's music album releases
focusing on the adventures of the Secret Sealing Club and its only two members, Usami Renko and Maribel Hearn
set at some unspecified point in the future when Moon Tours are a regular thing and there's a bullet train that can travel from Kyoto to Tokyo in 53 minutes
Renko and Merry are basically nerds about supernatural stuff and they're curious about Gensokyo and how to find it
and the premise of the fananime I mentioned above use Renko and Merry's supernatural investigation activities as a framing device for exploring various things about Gensokyo's history
I like the fananime's opening, it's catchy
"I like how basically every artist seems to have unanimously agreed that the iconic Sealing Club Look is them holding hands and walking toward something together." — rabbiteclair.tumblr.com/post/183171456997/…
12:29 AM
@ahiijny images of the lewd handholding
@ahiijny Hmm, you do see that theme with them often, with the implication that they're chasing down supernatural phonomena, but when I think of the Sealing club, I think of intellectual discussions over a nice cup of tea.
that's a nice RenMerry aesthetic too, yeah
^ original source (but the link is broken now): twitter.com/hmrnuk/status/971694360105373696
(and to clarify these are fanart drawings stylized as anime screencaps, and they're not actually screencaps from an anime)
12:46 AM
Heh, Touhou has fanart of fanart, naturallly.
@Tonepoet "I think of intellectual discussions over a nice cup of tea." how innocent, we need to get you hooked on more handholding
@ahiijny There were two Sealing Club galleries I think you'd really like. I forgot what the other one was, but have you seen This is the Sealing Club Office (E.O.)?
@Tonepoet haven't seen that one before, thanks for the link!
1:03 AM
@Memor-X There is one image that comes to mind with them rushing towards a gap with animalized or perhaps even hakutaku versions of the inhabitents of Gensokyo, but I can't find it now.
But I did post this, so I'm no stranger to them holding hands and this image is also quite nice:
user image
But I was mistaken, they're not actually holding hands. It's just the way Renko has her arm bent and the fact that Maribel may have her arm hidden behind Renko's case that makes it seem that way.
Mandela Effect in action :P
1:19 AM
I actually do originally remember it as the actual Berenstain because I vaguely remember thinking 'well that's a different spelling from the usual -stein spelling' when watching it on Treehouse way back when
also "stain" was somewhat memorable
"stain" like when you accidentally spill the lemonade on the pink curtain cloth
@ahiijny I think the Ber- part is the more controversial portion though.
'cause you know, they're bears.
hm I wonder what would it have been originally?
(those look even more off to me tbh)
Probably Bearenstein, since as you noted the stain part looks off.
that just looks completely wrong to me
the "a" looks really out of place
I actually read most of the Berenstain Bears chapter books when I was younger though so I may be biased
Also incidentally the other pool I was thinking of earlier was Nothing is Night which I also posted on Jan. 13th.
Erm, Nothing Night, I meant, and 13th I meant.
@Memor-X Did you ever get around to reading Night Sparrow Love, or should I just give up on that?
1:39 AM
@Tonepoet i start reading but then am reminded how much of a pain in the ass how the soft translation works
would love it to be more hard translation because then i can read with just the arrow keys
@Memor-X Hmm, it's old enough that there should be a hard translation, but I'm not sure if it still exists.
@Memor-X Check Dynasty Reader....
The hard translation is definitely there:
1:54 AM
@Tonepoet oh yeh crap your right
i know what i'm compiling to an ebook and reading next on my tablet
(only because was going to read My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness and the others but them remembered i needed a fake cover)
@Memor-X I think the prequel was published last if that helps you determine your preferred reading order..
@Tonepoet it does yes
@Memor-X So Night Sparrow in Love–The Complete Volume came first, then Sparrow's First Love after.
2:33 AM
that's Serenity Hassan from Fate/ isn't it?
@Memor-X The tag onthe picture is Hassan of Serenity and states she's from Fate/Prototype, so I presume so.
@Tonepoet probably the original like how Arthur was the original to Arturia
shows up in Grand Order apparently
@кяαzєя Well, you're getting your wish. Tinypic is shutting down. If anybody has any images they'd like to salvage from that service they'd better act fast.
> If you have a TinyPic user account, login and download all of the images you wish to preserve. Sorry, bulk download is not an option on TinyPic so you will need to download each image separately.
> September 16, 2019 - last day for TinyPic account holders to access their accounts and download their images.
3:04 AM
@Tonepoet wow that's a necropost
Q: I read a manga 4 years ago

Nivra AuI read a manga about 4 years ago and I lost it and I haven’t been able it forget about it ever since. I’ve been trying to find it but I’ve had no results. At the beginning of the story I’m pretty sure the male MC is getting attacked and someone saved him, the thing that was attacking them was a t...

lol, we're shutting down, here's a worse service to give money too
@Memor-X I don't believe posts die on the internet until they're completely deleted. XP Besides, I was checking to see if we had any oneboxed tinypic images to potentially salvage, and it just made sense to respond to Krozer's statement just so long as I was going to mention tinypic anyway.
Nobody on E.L.U., or Anime & Manga seemed to use tinypic though, so everything's fine in that regard.
It'll be a disaster if imgur ever shuts down though.
4:10 AM
@Tonepoet i'd think stack exchange would work out something first
and in the event of failure on that front, Contingency YDB1 is activated
Contingency YDB1 (Yuri Distribution Backup 1) = using Discord
4:26 AM
possible Pokemon Spoilers
i sorta miss the old graphics now
Q: Am I supporting the anime I watch by using slightly sketchy sights?

DarkestElf22I would like to know if any support goes to the animes that I watch hopefully fueling there desire to make more seasons when i use a site much to the likes of Watchcartoononline.io or www13.animeultima.

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6:29 AM
how are you doing? @Memor-X
@Proxy good somewhat. didn't have to work on the weekend so that's a + but then my time was still taken up by other people. been refactoring parts of my game code to use more of the .rxdata files so that they are expandable for dlc but more so because i need a better way to manage the regions for my Camp Warping
6:53 AM
how about yourself?
7:09 AM
@Memor-X you work on weekend :O? I started running, i gained some weight so i need to lose it :). Besides that i implemented multiplayer for my but now i do not have the strength to finish it.
as in i need to refactor the code and handle some edge cases. Also i would need to create a better gui instead of plain html elements
7:36 AM
Q: Is ash technically campion of aloa like steven?

Ch.Siva Ram KishoreNow that pokemon league champion is ash and there are no elite four does this make ash champion of aloa?

7:56 AM
Q: How strong is the Goblin Slayer?

KeithDoes the extent of his power has been revealed?, and also how did he got his current rank by only getting goblin slaying quest?

8:22 AM
@Memor-X He also won the Orange Island championship, and much like the Orange Island leagues, I thought that Aloha had more of a nontraditional pokemon league setup.
8:44 AM
@Memor-X Hmm, well I did like the old style better. The new style is just another in a long procession of adventure time copycats. However, I never really did like the look of Adventure time, although to be honest, I always felt that in terms of art style, that the main series Pokemon anime was typically one of the more crudely drawn shows.
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9:56 AM
Q: What's the song that plays in Code Geass R2 episode 25 after Todou collapses?

HypersigilsAt about 5:55 through Episode 25 of R2, Tohdoh collapses and a song begins to play. It continues to play over several of the characters' declaration of their reasons for fighting. What's the song? I've searched through the OST as well as unreleased tracks but haven't been able to find it. The ep...

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11:21 AM
@Proxy not normally but was going to be rostered for Q3 Production Deployment however our former team lead who was putting out names forward didn't tell me that the roster has been changed because it was dumb for one person to be in call for 4 hours, me to come in into work for 4 hours and then the other guy to be read to receive a call
had it not been for my people manager asking me about it and going to the release team to confirm it i would have went in for no reason.
@Tonepoet i think the Orange Islands are non-official while Aloha is non-standard
@Tonepoet i've seen Adventure Time and to be honest it doesn't look anything like it graphic wise
11:43 AM
@Memor-X That's not quite entirely true. Pokemon still has more realistic proportions, but they're considerably less realistic than before, and I'm most particularly thinking about the thinner black outlines and the relatively desaturated colors.
@Memor-X The Orange Island gyms are definitely non-standard. Most of the time they involve a test of skill. I forget if that's in lieu of, or in addition to battling, but either way, you don't have to perform target practice to challenge, say for example, Erika to a battle.
@Tonepoet huh, i always thought they were non-official because they were never in the games
while Battle Frontier was latter added to the games
@Memor-X Oh, that? Why would that matter? The games and the anime follow entirely separate continuity. It should also be noted that Ash meets his Lapras again during the Johto arc, so it's not as if the subplot was completely isolated from the main series of events.
@Tonepoet true but they started to follow some of the games events when the other teams got involved and it's not something that can't happen for filler content to be referenced in the canon later on
12:10 PM
@Memor-X Eh, it always followed some of the events, and it's probably worth noting that by the time other teams started showing up that ownership of the games was transferred to The Pokemon Company, so it can be expected that there would be greater congruency between the two going from that point onwards
Mostly because The Pokemon Company manages licensing for the anime, and Nintendo directly owns one third of The Pokemon Company, and indirectly owns another third of it (with the last third being owned by Gamefreak, which is the company that made the original first and second generation games).
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4:17 PM
Q: looking for an anime i watched couple years ago

LookingThere was this girl who always wanted to die and then she met 2 guys who were reapers. She started seeing black ribbons around other people's necks and they explained to her that was a death mark or something like that. Then she got one around her neck and she realised that she didn't want to die...

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6:59 PM
Q: How were the English translations of character names for Hunter x Hunter conceived?

pfdintIf Togashi originally conceived the names in Japanese, for example Furikusu, how was it decided that this would translate into the decidedly weird Freecss, with 2 's'? How did Zorudikku become the decidedly English-sounding Zoldyck? How is the official spelling of names like Zushi decided from ...

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