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12:24 AM
@Hakase if you're talking about the images you posted after, those are Ukiyo-e. a while back i posted a link (which i got from another room) to someone who did a bunch of Nintendo themed Ukiyo-e prints, so like showing Bowser as what you expect a Youkai to look like and Samus wearing Samurai Armor yet still looking like her normal armor
it would be cool if we had anime themed stuff like that aswell (ie. Gundam looking like Samurai) but i hear Ukiyo-e is not something that easily duplicate
@Hakase you talking about current;y or before?
10 hours later…
10:19 AM
I was expecting to never be happy with the design tbh - it's such a broad topic that areas would have to be neglected. SE team did well keeping it generic, but still obviously anime
10:34 AM
@ToshinouKyouko yeh, well worth the years we were sitting with the Beta design lol
8 hours later…
6:19 PM
Q: Looking for a manga

KatI can't remember name and have not been able to find sense. It starts out with a big companies CEOs son, who was accused of some crime involving a girl. He is forced to go to a all male private school. Unbeknownst to him at this particular school, all students crossdress every other week per sch...

6:29 PM
@Gallifreyan specifics, please :s
@Memor-X currently, I don't want to remember the before nonsense
all in all, the current design is eh okay but certainly could be better, especially the gigantic footer which I suppose somebody in the css department goofed up
I don't think any other se site has such a deep footer
@Gallifreyan I really come and go as I please
despite the fact that I decided to drop all my old contacts to give myself a breather, recently I've started talking to random people and I can't say that it's any better, but at least I'm getting some confirmation about how it would go, by experimenting and receiving results
it's like I'm a real professor or something idk
where are all the adequate people hiding
it's like I'm volunteering in a mediocre indie social commentary series about social interactions but there's no audience, it's just me and random people who think they're actors
it's kinda hard to find adequate folks if you don't have access to videos of their normal-ish behavior, like twitch streams of them at work (artists, musicians, coders), you just don't know who they are behind the text and user profile
I might be going about it in one of the wronger ways currently, and I might stop this dumb experiment very soon if the next couple results are as bad as the previous few ones
which they are on schedule to be...
one profile said "no psychos, please" - was a psycho themselves!
thank god I don't have any personally identifying info anywhere public enough for any psychos to find
still gets me bad
I was trying to lose anxiety not regain it at triple speed
so yea the Shinonome mental health laboratory has never closed its doors in the professional sense, only physical
it's comforting to know I have at least one place on this internet where adequate people exist
2 hours later…
8:37 PM
Q: Why do people hate Kirito from Sword Art Online?

user48692I don't get why do Sword Art Online fans mostly hate Kirito from Sword Art Online, even if I never watched the anime before. That's why I partially wanted to know why do people hate Kirito so much.

9:14 PM
Somebody call an ambulance! It has been over 24 hours since Memor-X last showed us a shoujo-ai image.
user image
1 hour later…
10:43 PM
it's a great art style
11:10 PM
@Hakase then i would have to disagree, they do look the general depiction of a Sakura Petal
@Tonepoet but it was the weekend
though if it makes it any better. i was busy messing with my new Computer and i have this image as my lock screen'
@Hakase oooo, nice
@Tonepoet there's a smol Remilia on Remilia
@Tonepoet but in that it was Remilia , this time there are 2
11:25 PM
@Memor-X It's probably a dual persona type portrayal, don't you think?
@Tonepoet possibly
but still, treat as separate person
@Memor-X Angeltype's animalizations are somewhat iconic amongst the fandom, as are many of the other aspects of that image. Sakuya's moreso than Remilia's though:
Inu sakuya even has her own tag and merchandising:
user image
@Tonepoet want

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