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12:00 AM
Yuritropy is defined as the state when every female becomes one with each other to the extent that there is only female left, putting an end to all yuri because yuri requires at least two females.
It is one of two possible ends of the yuriverse: The other is the Big Crush, where one girl becomes so Yandere that she sees every every other girl as a potential love rival, and in her zealous bloodlust forgets which one of them is actually her beloved and kills her too. The end result is the same.
and regardless the yellow little shit is still a yuri hater
in which case Gary then shows up and starts beating it to death
Gary ends up being Homura in the end except rather than going from Moe to Kuu he goes from arrogant to wise
12:30 AM
Q: Can Black Sperm return to be as powerful as he was?

PabloAfter the battle with Garou in the webcomic, Can he regrow his cells and become as powerful as he was, or all the cells he lost can't be recovered?

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1:31 AM
Q: Which is heads and tails?

CharlesIn Hunter x Hunter the Phantom Troupe flip a coin from time to time to make decisions. On one side is a spider and on the other, a web. Which is heads and which is tails?

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7:47 AM
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11:22 AM
Guys I was watching Hunter x Hunter 5 years ago it went on a hiatus
The last thing I remember is gon getting his arm ripped off and killing the cat ant
Any idea from what episode should I start now
@AvnishKabaj i think the series rebooted from the start after the Chimera Ants
@AvnishKabaj the chimera hunt arc ends at 137. Sounds like you where +- 4-6 episodes away from there.
I'd say take a look at around episode 130-131
@Dimitrimx did the series get rebooted after that?
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12:51 PM
Thanks @Dimitrimx and @Memor-X
@Memor-X the other kids were saying it did
1:09 PM
@Memor-X Well it did go on/off hiatus again yes
However, anime wise it only goes up to episode 148, which basically leaves you lingering. In the very beginning of a arc.
Then again there are not enough chapters yet to adapt into a full blown new season. And at the current rate of releases, I wouldn't expect it anytime soon either ;/
1:48 PM
@Dimitrimx huh, i thought they started the series from the start again, improving the animation and all
@Memor-X hxh2011 ye
Just kinda assumed hxh2011 was meant, considering the '5 years ago went on hiatus' part.
Which is just about the hiatus period of the reboot
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4:54 PM
is there anyone here that makes updates to the fandom wiki for Evangelion?
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7:27 PM
Q: Should we really allow spoilers in the title?

JustPlainBy nature, this sub is where we ask questions from both manga and anime. However %90 of the time, anime is behind the manga so asking a question from the manga can be considered as a spoiler for anime-only people. A small example would be: Why the character X is doing Y? The problem is, in...

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10:49 PM
@JonLin don't think so. we don't get many of the old regulars here anymore
11:00 PM
ok, i'll be honest, given the content in Sono Hanabira if there was a Madoka Sono Hanabira game i don't think i'll survive even the non-h stuff
11:50 PM
@Tonepoet needs to be Mari
@Memor-X Eh, Rei and Sayaka are somewhat similar. They both have that short blue bob-cut and they are both emotionally dead. XP
Although Sayaka's burned out more and rei's more frigid, but still...
@Tonepoet also both are souless
but i was more thinking of shipping wise
before Rebuild Rei x Asuka was a thing

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