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12:22 AM
@Tonepoet Natsume's Book of Friends. it's adventure with the Youkai and outside of that it does show moments where Natsume is in school
though it could be see as "adult content" because of the fighting
@ahiijny yeh twitter oneboxing is broken in chat. no idea when it'll be officially fixed but some people have made scripts, etc that "fixes" it
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1:27 AM
Q: I need help finding this anime but dont remember the name

kingfatalK,so the anime MC has brown hair glasses and its suppose to be a harem anime there is a next character i remember she has purple hair. if u know the anime please inform me

1:50 AM
@Memor-X oof okay
2:26 AM
@Memor-X I doubt fighting counts in this case. "Adult" is usually a euphemism for erotic. I mean sometimes violence is counted, but usually not. People are much more tolerant of children watching violent content than erotic content. I mean, let's go kick some shell!
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4:53 AM
Q: Is there a limit to how many times Twice can copy himself?

PabloIn chapter 230 of the manga, Is there a limit to how many times Twice can copy himself?

5:33 AM
Q: Does Golden Meta Cooler have ki?

PabloSo in Dragon Ball Heroes meta Cooler appeared and he turned into Golden Meta Cooler. Supposedly meta Cooler is an android, but a yellow aura surrounds him when he transforms in Golden Meta Cooler. Does Golden Meta Cooler have ki?

every time i see Cooler's name i always will remember
> Vegeta: he keeps kicking me in the dick! why does he keep kicking me in the dick!?
all future english dubs of Dragon Ball should be done by Team Four Star. sure it wont be at all accurate to Akira Toriyama's work but it would be funny as hell
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6:57 AM
@Tonepoet Kiss a nipple? Rated X. Cut off a breast with a chain saw? PG13.
@forest but you din't see the nipple, big difference
this is why guys in anime have no nipples when shirtless
6 hours later…
1:21 PM
> Why doesn't Hello Kitty have a mouth?
> Hello Kitty speaks from her heart. She’s Sanrio's ambassador to the world and isn't bound to any particular language.
Folllow-up question: Then how does she eat?
Answer: With her mouth:
1:37 PM
However, to be fair to Sanrio, although we often see her eating, their merchandising never actually depicts her opening a mouth to eat. It seems like she just pushes food up under her nose or next to her chin, where her mouth would be:
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4:44 PM
Q: Is comparing feats from characters from different animes on topic in Anime SE?

PabloI found this page which compares feats of fighting characters from different animes based on data from the series. Top Strongest I wonder if this kind of questions are on topic here, since they can be seen as opinion-based. In one hand, I think they can be seen as opinion based since they comp...

Q: Song played when Hendrikson returns and fights the grey demon in season 2 episode 6

GuestThe song that plays when Hendrikson returns and fights the grey demon with Howzer, Gilthunder and Griamore

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6:46 PM
Q: Where does Golden Meta Cooler come from?

PabloIn episode #12 of Dragon Ball Heroes , Golden Meta Cooler appears. Where does he come from? Is him the original Cooler from the original universe who just learnt how to turn Golden somehow or is him a Cooler from another universe?

Q: Can Twice copy One for All?

PabloMonoma who has the quirk copy, it's said he can't copy One for All (or at least, he can't copy it effectively) What about Twice? Can he copy Midoriya along with his powers?

Q: How does Himiko Toga quirk replications habilities work?

PabloSupposedly Himiko Toga can copy for a short period (a day or so) another person's appearence. But also, while experiencing intense emotions, she can replicate quirks. Yet, if I understood correctly, she could replicate Ochako's quirk long after she copied her , many days after that happened. How ...

Q: How does Tomura Shigaraki for not disintegrating his shoes?

PabloIn one chapter of the manga it's shown Tomura Shigaraki can disintegrate things with his feet. The disintegration activates apparently in the same way as the hands, when the 5 toes are in contact with the object. How does Tomura Shigaraki for not disintegrating his shoes then?

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7:48 PM
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10:10 PM
Q: a manga in which both MCs are rich they are also rivals but suddenly the girl's family turns poor and the male MC helps her

leoi don't quite remember but in the summary it said that both mc were rich and somewhat rivals but then the girls father went bankrupt, so the girl became at the mercy of the boy she bacame his slave or his servant.

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11:22 PM
11:51 PM
Q: How is it that Dyne was able to commit those murders?

Memor-Xin Final Fantasy VII at Gold Saucer, Cloud and the gang are thrown into the desert prison after a man with a gun arm kills a bunch of people. the initial suspect is Barret however Barret later explains it wasn't him and suspects it's someone else who we find out to be Dyne, Marlene's biological ...


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