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12:06 AM
Q: How did the people of Marley to steal 7 of the 9 original titans?

PabloThe story of Attack on Titan says the Eldian Empire grew unstable due to internal conflicts between the families with the power of the Titans, and collapsed during the Great Titan War a century ago, and that Eldia lost 7 of the 9 Titans to the nation of Marley. How did the people of Marley to s...

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1:26 AM
Q: Is 'Tower of Druaga' an isekai, video game, or fantasy series?

YetAnotherRandomUserIs the anime 'Druaga no Tou: The Aegis of Uruk" an isekai, video game fantasy, or straight fantasy series? The opening shows the characters in a modern day setting, which leads me to believe that this story could be the in-game story of a fantasy MMORPG and that's all we see of the characters; w...

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5:31 AM
for the non-gamers here. it's supposed to be something from Papers, Please
6:02 AM
I'm a gamer but I never heard of that game. Granted, I only play shmups and VNs...
> The gameplay of Papers, Please focuses on the work life of an immigration inspector at a border checkpoint for the fictional country of Arstotzka in the year 1982.
Well that's an odd game concept.
"Authoritarian sim"
I don't think it would be very fun for a libertarian to play.
@forest however interesting because it comes down to being able to pick up small details quickly
Yahtzee did a similar sort of game but about checking passengers before take off
@forest think more about it as Border Security Sim
maybe someone should release a version of Papers, Please but make it less Authoritarian like, could have it set in Australia but the problem is that 90% of the work is telling people "you didn't fill out your declaration card. the final box you signed says in your language that you understood what this card says"
6:58 AM
@Memor-X Glory to Gensokyo.
@Tonepoet as she says when you nervously approve her crossing because your afraid what she would do if you stopped her
> Agent: Next!
*Ramilia and Flan turn up*
Agent:.....fuck me
then you look down the line and see every Touhou Youkai in order of increasing levels of OP-ness and divinity
@Memor-X What, you don't think we're prepared at the border agency? We've got Shiki-Eiki handling the administrative paperwork, Yukari managing the border and hired Hong Meiling and Elly to act as guards. =P
The only way anybody is getting through is if Marisa remembers she can just fly over the gate. =P
7:27 AM
And one more for Shiki, 'cause she's obviously the one that makes the most sense here:
8:08 AM
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10:57 AM
@Tonepoet and everyone else
11:51 AM
Q: How many tendrils can Midoriya use when using the Black Whip quirk?

PabloSo in the manga, How many tendrils can Midoriya use when using the quirk Black Whip?

Q: How and why is Emilia connected to Satella (the Witch of Envy)?

user108763Of course, I know the Witch Cult intends to use Emilia's body as a vessel to resurrect Satella, but I wonder why? Does the cult have other plans for her? And furthermore, did, and does, Satella agree with them?

Q: Why All for One gave a stockpile power quirk to his brother?

PabloOne for All appeared when All for One gave to his quirkless brother a quirk to stockpile power. Why All for One gave this quirk to him?

Q: Can a One for All user transfer just one of his quirks to other users?

PabloIn the manga we found out that, Can a One for All user transfer just one of his quirks to other users?

12:31 PM
Q: Which chapter of the manga season 4 of My Hero Academia anime starts?

PabloThe trailer of season 4 of the anime My Hero Academia has been released, and I'm assuming that by knowing in which chapter of the manga season 3 of the anime ends, you can know which chapter of the manga season 4 starts. Which chapter of the manga season 4 of My Hero Academia anime starts?

12:51 PM
Q: Who are Emilia's parents?

user108763There's a theory her father would be Flugel. Personally, I've taken it from this piece of light novel: Arc 5 Translation : [Emilia : Emilia: My eyes, my voice, my silver hair! All of those came from my favorite person, from the most beautiful person in the world! Treating them as though they’re...

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4:12 PM
Q: Higschool Dxd (Issei Hyodo)

Ngangom MaximusIn the Last part of the Second Season of HighSchool DxD.......During the Fight between Issei Hyodo and the White Dragon host who was using a special skill called Divider that divides his enemies powers to half every time he uses.......Issei managed to get rid of it from the White Dragon as it was...

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8:14 PM
Q: How large is the explosion the colossus titan can create when transforming?

PabloIn the anime is seen the coloussus titan can create a mushroom like explosion when transforming. How large is this explosion?


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