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12:33 AM
Q: Can someone steal a Byakugan

Joshua FarrowI'm writing a story and was wondering if the sage of Six Paths possessed the ability to use to Byakugan as well it's not too much on this info that I can find dose anybody know.

1 hour later…
2:09 AM
@Memor-X The real reason Rider was so insistent on killing Shirou:
She's possessive and jealous of his prior relationship with Sakura. =P
"This is my master. Go play with your King Arthur doll." >_>
@Tonepoet oh yeh i ship them but the image i posted was of Meltlilith and Passionlip, 2 of the Sakura 5 who only resemble Sakura because they were created by BB who looks like Sakura because in in Extra Sakura is an NPC who held feelings for Hakuno and created a backup AI to store them
there's no Shirou in Extra
@Memor-X I wasn't even thinking about their actual identities. Sakura and Rider were just the first people to come to mind when I saw two purple haired girls and a Fate series style title. XP
@Tonepoet ahhh fair enough
but yeh, i ship Rider and Sakura
2:25 AM
hello~ I'm back from the dead
@Keale you know Necromancy is illegal in like 43 countries right?
and in another 176 countries it's just a dick thing to do, thus why Zarok was exiled from Gallowmere
ahaha but necromancy is like a chuunibyou thing here in Japan so
Anyway, how's life here?
Have you alreay watched SSSS.Gridman? :)
@Keale nope, been watching Thunderbolt Fantasy though
Public Transportation.SE
a bit disappointed after what 7 years now
I blame @Frosteeze
@iKlsR where does this come from?
2:34 AM
I opened the site and I don't know why mangoes came to mind
@iKlsR the sun at the bottom?
Seems really random. I don't like it.
or maybe meta looks better, at least its not so bright
I get the fish eyed? view into the sky look
Not attacking btw.
The interpretation at least.
If they remove the blur to make it not seem like they scaled a 512x512 image and made it not as bright I'd like it.
Would also be cool to have a little mascot waiting at the bus, some ghibli type thingy
Either way glad I don't have to stare at beta theme no mo
2:58 AM
@iKlsR blur?
@iKlsR could get those generic child characters Japan uses in their ads, the ones in the blue jackets and the yellow hats
3:25 AM
@Memor-X I didn't pay close attention to how this applies to the website, but interpolation is a method of resizing images that makes heavy use of antialiasing that can make things look very blurry if used indiscriminately.
It pretty much wrecks all pixel art, and bad upscaling it's one of the reasons you might prefer to use a C.R.T. They support direct display of original resolution images, and C.R.T. computer monitors can change scanrates to display lower resolution images without upscaling.
Here's another example:
Nearest neighbor can be pretty bad at non-interger scaling too though.
It's best applied when you can have 100%, 200%, 300% et cetera.
Legoman X vs Fuzzyman X. =P
3:40 AM
@Tonepoet lol, the latter looks like my Memor-X when i used to make animations in Powerpoint
3:51 AM
Speaking of video games, when you and @Keale were discussing zombies I was looking for an image of a white mage battling some undead, but I didn't find any. What I did find though, is this picture of a white mage and mediator. The look in each of their eyes makes me feel guilty. It looks like the mediator is trying to persuade the white mage to do something against her better interests:
The reason I feel guilty over it is because while I was playing the game, equipment was so expensive that I used to use a mediator to gain new party members so I could strip 'em of their stuff and abandon them. It's so much more effective than stealing, 'cause you get all of the equipment instead of just one piece. XD
I wonder if the Mediator's using Invitation, Faith Up or Faith Down...
Q: Which is the first D-Mail?

mwil.meI think the common explanation for the shift in timelines is that "In episode 1, Okabe sends the 1st D-mail, changing the world to the Alpha world line where Kurisu lives instead of dying." However, the mail Okabe sends is just an ordinary mail (have they even invented the D-Mail yet?), it is di...

Or rather, Preach or Solution.
4:46 AM
@Tonepoet "Speaking of video games, when you and @Keale were discussing zombies....." wait when were we doing that?
@Tonepoet this Tactics you talking about? the one set during the War of the Lions?
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9:12 AM
user image
9:22 AM
1 hour later…
10:50 AM
^ lmfao
11:06 AM
i do not condone the devil side, the angel side needs to add waiting a few years
@forest i don't know how the Cynthia x Dawn ship started but i always love the art of them
11:43 AM
Good mafternoon
@Dimitrimx mafternoon?
@Memor-X Me starting to type morning, only to realise it's afternoon~
@Dimitrimx and it's night for me now
@Memor-X wel a good Monooight to you then
12:39 PM
@Memor-X Yeah. I only played the original game for the original Playstation.
@Memor-X I should've said necromancy instead of zombies to be honest, but the two concepts are pretty closely linked in my mind.
1:26 PM
Q: where does the jinchuriki inside Naruto exists?

Nyx_ValatoriaWhenever Naruto sees the Kyuubi that Minato sealed inside Naruto...in the anime we see this room with water on the floor and a big door behind which Kyuubi stays. What is this place and where is it?

2:17 PM
@Tonepoet Necromancy can involve anything with the dead, not just making zombies. for instance in Thunderbolt Fantasy Xíng Hài knows Necromancy and while she uses zombies she also knows other necromatic spells such as one she says causes blood to turn into acid, jokingly saying she could have used it on Shā Wú Shēng so that he could die and have his face melt off (or atleast it seemed like a joke how she said it)
2:39 PM
@Memor-X I wouldn't go so far as to say anything. A natural death left unmolested has nothing to do with necromancy. However, I know it has to do with more than just zombies, especially as a player of The Battle for Wesnoth and I admitted I mispoke. It's just that zombies are what came to mind first, since they're one of the most typical examples of a Necromancer's creations and something coming back from the dead.
@Tonepoet so then Incubators are Necromancers. they make zombies and Magical Girls sorta die when their Soul Gem becomes a Grief Seed
@Memor-X I suppose you could say that it's necromancy, but they're basically making the girls into liches rather than zombies.
@Tonepoet but a lich is just a zombie mage
@Memor-X Actually, they're usually skeletal but it's also a little more complicated than that. A lich ties their soul to a phylactery in an attempt to escape death. The soul gem is basically a sort of phylactery.
3:04 PM
The ideas are extremely similar, right down to the fact that the only way to permanently dispatch of a Lich is to destroy the phylactery that contains their souls.
The idea behind a horcrux in the Harry Potter series is also similar, but it relies on splitting the soul rather than placing the entire thing into a separate container.
3:19 PM
@Tonepoet it's indestructible though
@Memor-X Yeah, that's basically the point. Attacking the Lich itself does little to nothing, so you have to destroy whatever's acting as the Phylactery, at which point the Lich dies pursuant to the last sentence.
Granted, in Magic there are other ways to work around the Indestructible ability but the point is made pretty clear.
4 hours later…
7:07 PM
Q: Who did Erin eat?

YetAnotherRandomUserIn the anime, circa season 3, we learn that to become a titan shifter, one must consume an already existing shifter. In reading online, it seems there's something like 8 or 9 known shifters. Who did Erin eat? Or was his circumstance special?


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