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12:08 AM
i got a whole bunch of wedding yuri so took me a while to try and pic only 3
12:42 AM
Q: Is Garou actually evil?

PabloSo , Garou apparently doesnt kill his opponents. Later in the manga, he saves a kid from monsters. And in the webcomic Saitama says what Garou actually wanted to be it's a hero. Is Garou supposed to be actually evil?

Q: Which are all the S and A class heroes whom Garou fought?

PabloSo far in the anime Garou has fought Tank Top Master, Heavy Tank Loincloth, Blue Fire, Magic Trick Man, Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio. From video segments of the manga I've seen he fought others such as Genos. Which are all the S and A class heroes whom Garou fought ?

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2:51 AM
user image
@Memor-X The gardener is green with envy. =P
@Tonepoet gardener?
also long time no see. how's things?
@Memor-X Eh, I had a bit of a fall and I've been waiting for my arm to heal. That's why I haven't been around so much. I'm slowly getting better though.
@Tonepoet oh crap, hope it gets fully better soon
@Memor-X Yeah, I think it is. Don't worry about that.
@Tonepoet isn't one a ghost and the other a god? why do either of them have a gardener?
seems more Remilia's thing
(which now makes me wonder if the Scarlet Devil Mansion is just Remilia's Personal Harem)
3:06 AM
@Memor-X Meiling does some gardening at the S.M.D. too, but Yuyuko needs special care for a certain tree...
user image
Oh, and somebody to steal cherry blossoms which contain the essence of spring.
@Tonepoet oh i take it that the tree is haunted by Yuyuko?
@Memor-X Yeah, but to be honest I'm not really entirely sure why Yuyuko needs a gardener. I mean, you wouldn't think the netherworld has much in the way of plant life, but then again I suppose she is the princess of the netherworld and a princess needs a garden?
@Tonepoet well if the tree grows it needs tending
@Memor-X Also, Yukari's not quite a goddess. It's more of a reality warper situation. Think more like Yuki than Haruhi.
Then again you haven't watched Haruhi either come to think of it...
Yukari is more powerful than most of goddesses, though.
She's just a really, really powerful youkai.
Speaking of gods, Suwako was the boss of the first extra stage I managed to get a perfect game with (no bombs, no deaths), so some gods are really weak. :P
(I also managed with Komeiji Koishi, and am very close with Fujiwara no Moku and Houjou Nue... just one bomb away from a perfect game!).
3:22 AM
@forest Don't forget the Aki sisters, and most of the characters in Mountain of Faith for that matter.
Oh good point lol
Indeed, I've been informed that Reimu's encounter with the Aki sisters leaves her wondering if her own god is so weak, and if she's stronger than it. XD
I like to think that ZUN is her god.
@forest Nah, 'cause then Aya would be bragging that she's married to a god. I mean, people were joking about that before he got married if I recall correctly, and now his actual wife looks so much like Aya. XD
3:28 AM
Then again, it'd be so much like Aya to be in the presence of a god and not realize it...
Anyway, Yukari's got her own slaves, or erm, um, servants:
user image
Fun fact: Computers are considered shikigami in the Gensokyo universe.
After all, they're controlled by a master and, like shikigami, they don't like water!
@Tonepoet that reminds me
user image
That's adorable
@Memor-X Saw it.
3:36 AM
@Tonepoet so cute that it's worth reposting a year later
@Memor-X -No argument here. Where'd you find it anyway?
@Tonepoet from random searching for cute little chen
That artist has a whole bunch of adorable pics. of Chen, if I recall correctly.
Komachi, how could you do this!
3:53 AM
the pool names for some of those images - Pool: Disgustingly Adorable
4:14 AM
@Memor-X Oh, if you were asking which tree it was it was the Saigyou Ayakashi:
that is a really big tree
4:29 AM
@Memor-X Hence the need for a gardener. Also the last attempt to onebox one didn't work right so there's attempt no. 2. XP
Also, considering how important of a setpeice it is to the overall lore, yeah, it better be big.
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6:35 AM
Q: Black clover English dub?

RaymondHi I just got into black clover but I only like the English version , the last episode I watch was ep 76 and I was trying figure out when was 77 releasing I search everywhere but it seem Iike nobody mentioned it or anything

@Proxy yo. looking forward to the weekend?
always :).
i like days when i do not have to work
you planned anything special=
@Proxy going to see Endgame on sunday. otherwise normal
oh yeah i plan to watch that and detective pikachu
6:43 AM
@Proxy not sure if i'll see the later one. might wait for DVD. but will be seeing Star Wars at the end of the year for sure
it looks to be awesome. I did not think they could pull off "realistic" pokemon but from the trailers it looks to be really good
7:19 AM
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9:31 AM
Q: kakashi's true prowess

Akshay SirsikarKakashi ,for a brief moment gains double mangekyou sharingan from obito. During that time when he actually pulled off some amazing moves like kamui shuriken, can he be considered stronger than sasuke with his rinne-sharingan?

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10:47 AM
@Proxy i like how they've gotten Ryan Reynolds to voice Pikachu and they also have Pikachu's original voice there which is hilarious
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12:07 PM
Q: How does Shisui's Takamagahara work?

BejIt is said here that the Shisui's Takamagahara was cast upon the whole of Konoha in such a way that even though the technique is lost as of now, the impact from its only usage can still be felt today, as the command that Shisui issued over Konohagakure - that it will never be destroyed by...

12:45 PM
Q: When to use the spoilers tag and should it be used at all

PabloOk, this is my personal opinion, I always thought a spoiler tag in a Q&A board about stories doesnt make sense. Why? Because anything it's a spoiler for someone who hasnt seen a segment of a story yet. Then, when to use a spoiler tag becomes completely arbitrary. But, in the case they should be u...

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2:23 PM
Q: Who is the strongest esper in One Punch Man?

PabloIn One Punch Man there are several espers. One of them claims to be stronger than Tatsumaki. Is this true? Who is the strongest esper in One Punch Man?

2 hours later…
4:01 PM
Q: Can sasuke use purple lightning?

xmastertjeIn episode 488 "The last one" Sasuke is going to fight Chino. At some point, Sasuke is using purple lightning or at least it looks like that. But you hear the sound of Chidori. So can Sasuke use purple lightning? Because I thought only Kakashi could use purple lightning.

3 hours later…
7:09 PM
Running out of ideas; starter pokemon edition:
On the left we have a whooper with Mudkip's fin and Squirtle's tail.
On the right we have a mix between Chimchar and Torterra.
And the middle we have the son of a Bunneary and a Pachirisu .
Q: Where can I read Deltora Quest online (after animation time)

user47014I think that I am not the only one that watched Deltora Quest anime (or should we say TV Show, doesn't matter). I watched it once, a long time ago, on TV, when I didn't have internet. It was a lot of fun and holds a lot of memories. The thing is, I watched it again around year ago, and I almost...

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9:53 PM
Q: How could a B hero class like Fubuki defeat a dragon level villain?

PabloIn the webcomic, Fubuki battles and defeats her. How could a B hero class like Fubuki defeat a dragon level villain?

10:43 PM
Also, Jessie and James regretted conscripting Ash's pikachu into Team Rocket once it demonstrated the full extent of its power and usurped Giovani's position in the organization:
Q: Does anyone store boxes for action figures from current and past anime

rataplanI was wondering if anyone does collect action figures here; and if you do, if you store the boxes (and how), or if you just keep the figures. I am about to acquire a large collection that include all sorts of figures (from gunpla built or ready to be built, Soul of Chogokin, Super Robot Chogokin...

11:11 PM
Q: Who does the image labeled "god level threat" in OPM webcomic chapter #77 belong to?

PabloIn the One Punch Man webcomic chapter #77 , there is an image of someone labeled "god level threat". This image looks like It's never stated who he is. is it him? (considering the Hero Association labels him Dragon Level Threat) Who does the image labeled "god level threat" in OPM webcomic cha...


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