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12:14 AM
i've put together a bunch of screenshots of my game development. all the wide images with 2 screens are comparisons between the default RPG Maker XP which is 640x480 and RPG Maker XP using the XP Ace upgrade with the resolution set at 800x600
it's not everything as there are some systems i haven't customized yet (like the shop) and they are still 640x480
the single images are the new systems that have been created since the upgrade (before upgrading i was on the Level 3 Tent but didn't make the Cartographer yet)
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2:15 AM
We haven't done a survey since release 200, or about 5 years ago. I am thinking of doing a new one for our birthday next month. What are some questions you'd like to see on it? This is our last one https://www.yuri-ism.net/200th%20survey.jpg
the link in there has the results of their last poll
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6:52 AM
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8:04 AM
working from home today
kind of nice
congrats you ;). Personally I don't like working from home
Get distracted too easily
8:48 AM
9:53 AM
@Proxy this at a new job or your current one?
@Dimitrimx i moved to a new flat so i have to wait for some crew to come and install the net, that is why i am remote today
@Dimitrimx for me it's more the set up of my PC and the micromanagement of my mum who has to keep checking up on me
@Memor-X current one
@Proxy wait, if your at a new flat and you have to wait for a crew to install the net.....how are you working remotely?
mobile net
it is not that stable/fast
but for work it is okaz
9:57 AM
@Proxy and great excuse if you want to suddenly "disconnect"
oh well
i disconnect at work as well, so it does not make a difference
how have you been doing? @Memor-X
That sounds horrible tbh ._.
@Proxy been doing fine. team lead at work is being a pain in the ass while at home been making good progress with my game. a bit above you can see screenshots of it
currently i'm running my Dynasty Scans Nightly Downloader
how's work treating you?
i don't know to be honest... I started doing some "PM" stuff so to say, wrote some functional specification, drafted some documents
but besides my programming coworker and the lady that works as product owner
noone has read anything
10:14 AM
@Proxy when does leadership ever read anything technical
well functional spec is nothing technical... basically wireframes and descriptions
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12:37 PM
Q: Which characters can go Super Saiyan 3 in the Dragon Ball Heroes anime/manga?

PabloWithout taking into account the Dragon Ball Heroes videogame and animated scenes from the videogame, which characters can go Super Saiyan 3 in the Dragon Ball Heroes anime/manga? I've seen a panel presumably from a manga where a character which isnt seen using the SSJ3 transformation in the canon...

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7:11 PM
Q: Old anime with a blue robot that was find by a boy. That robot lost his memory

ilieLooking for an old anime with a blue robot that was found by a boy. That robot lost his memory. The face of the robot was on a display. I don't remember very well they were fighting together and that blue robot was very powerful. If I am not wrong, I can remember also a scene where there was a fi...

7:30 PM
Q: Anime where MC has control over time on cards and uses them to fight?

user113095It's been a few years but in this anime the characters have an element which they control time on to fight, speeding up or slowing down time on said element, some include water, air, cards and school clothes. They fight time monsters which take time from people, eventually killing them. The MC co...

8:28 PM
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9:32 PM
@Kiki'sExpressDelivery edit must have came a tad too late
@Gallifreyan is it just me or does it look a tad off to be a screenshot?
9:47 PM
^ sorta weird when you consider that Devil Saber (Right) is Sakura Saber (Left) fused with Demon Archer......so Sakura Saber is fighting over Gudaku with herself
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11:09 PM
Q: Are all namekians brothers?

PabloIIRC , all namekians were born from the grand elder, but in apparently in the new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga they say Then, are all namekians brothers or not?

11:29 PM
Q: Does Eren hate Mikasa?

L o a d i n g . . .Apparently, in Chapter 112 of the Attack On Titans manga Eren says that Mikasa is a slave. For all their life it seems they have been friends. Has their friendship broke because of this? Also, if possible leave some theories as to what may happen between the two e.g a fight etc.

@Sakamoto if i recall correctly way back in Z didn't Dende have a brother who was killed by Freezer's men when they were doing improv as drunken sailors and baby seals

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