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6:44 AM
Q: Did Giyu Tomioka meet the Hand / Morphed Demon during final selection?

gameon67As we know this ugly looking demon https://kimetsu-no-yaiba.fandom.com/wiki/Hand_Demon is captured by Urokodaki during the Edo period. Later this demon grows hatred toward Urokodaki and has killed every Urokodaki's disciples during final selection, even almost kills Tanjiro. Urokodaki seems so ha...

2 hours later…
8:44 AM
Good morning
How you doing~?
9:04 AM
graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/clip-studio literally only one question. plus it's not like I'd use it, if I had a clip studio paint question to ask...
1 hour later…
10:25 AM
make it two questions then? :)
11:07 AM
@Dimitrimx good, on holiday at the moment and just came back from watching Star Trek: Deep Space 9 with my mum
Nice, currently on my last workday before holidays as well ^^
Then I'll be off till the 2nd of january :p
All though, my 'days off' are slowly filling themselves up with a ton of things/tasks.
So I wonder how much 'relaxing' time i'll be able to get.
11:20 AM
@Dimitrimx yeh i have the next week off, then a week back on and then i'm off for the Christmas break until the 2nd of January too
@Dimitrimx yeh, my plan today was to get a storage container ready for the fires but they have none available where i wanted to go. got a list of other places so have to research them
Oh, theres fires at ur place?
@Dimitrimx not yet but we havn't had a major fire for almost a decade. i have a feeling my supply of luck is being drained by redirecting the bad fires to the rest of the country
but while we might be entering fire season this week, the really bad fires in New South Wales and Queensland started months ago
ofcause always hated summer anyway
Good luck in advance then ._. sounds terrifying to be fair.
11:30 AM
@Dimitrimx it always is, fires is the main reason why i hate summer
the other is that you can do only so much to keep cool
I feel ya. I am more of a winter type myself, during summers I turn into a form of non-functional sludge.
Unless there is a good airco system present.
Anime Girl: An Idiot Sandwich
@Dimitrimx we have one but obviously it's added power drain
in winter you just warp yourself up more
no extra power needed
12:34 PM
winter is the best there are no bugs
12:44 PM
Dropping by for a quick opinion
Is this recognizable enough?
good morning, i think it is
@Derpy I wouldn't know what it is, but it does look fancy ._.
1:01 PM
so hows your day been going dimitri?
Well, it's the last day before I have holidays.
However, it's also deadline day
So I've been melting away in this 26.6 degrees office, smashing bugs like I never smashed before (celsius btw)
Deadlines are stressful googles 26.6 celsius to fahrenheit
That is hot, but usualy i like to keep my sourroundings cool.
The heating AND cooling in our office is broken.
So the cooling doesn't work, and the heating is running at full power.
Meanwhile outside, it's like 0 degrees ;/
So I am litterally sweating away atm, and once I walk outside, I might just freeze haha
1:06 PM
That sucks, can you work from home?
I can go work in the community space, which would be at a comfortable 18 degrees instead.
But I would have to sacrifice my multiple screens.
Working from home on a deadline day is not acceptable
Keep your multiple screens, at any cost. Do you have a lot of stuff to do?
No, just an very elaborate scenario to validate it all.
Which requires multiple device emulators (android & IOS), database validation, API validation and a few breakpoints here and there
So I got a mac-mini on 1 screen, dev env on 1 screen, all other miscelanious things on the 3th.
1:11 PM
Cool. I have to get to class. Have a good day.
Good luck~\
When you think you have to go to class but your early lol.
@Dimitrimx Nanachi & Mitty from Made in Abyss
So I'm writing a book, is there a good worldbuilding/book stack exchange website?
@Derpy Ahh, Haven't seen it yet ^^
1:21 PM
3 hours later…
3:56 PM
second test - custom color palette
still not very good.
4:11 PM
zoom attempt
I think... I should try with another picture
1 hour later…
5:30 PM
sooooo anyone want to answer my question?
6:28 PM
Q: Thoughts on Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi(Redo of Healer)??? And Shield Hero S2 Resemblance

heroinfatherI don't know if i'm the only one who thinks this but the Rising of the Shield Hero and upcoming series Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi or Redo of Healer kind of both bring the same vibe. If you don't know Redo of healer is basically the same premise but instead the mc becomes a villian and is a he...

4 hours later…
10:45 PM
@Derpy you're really putting a great deal of effort into "knitting" that. how long is it taking you?
funny how at the start it was Tomoko trying to be popular and failing to now it's Tomoko unwittingly creating a yuri harem
11:19 PM
was it ever explained why flying in atla couldn't be more assessable? because they (airbenders) fly by bending the air around their glider, but why not bend the air around them>

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