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6:58 AM
Q: Why can't my pen cant scroll through my canvas or change brush size?

D-TECK So my pen pressure is great and works. I have found that within my tablet pen setting there is Absolute Mode and Relative Mode. (In absolute mode the dimensions of the tablet are mapped directly to your screen. The bottom-left of the tablet is always the bottom-left of the monitor and the top-...

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8:26 AM
Q: Audio translation help!

Kiwarou_10Hullo! I'm watching a new anime with some friends for the first time and we found some post episode web commentary online and we're trying to understand a joke but we can't quite get what it's about. Here is the full excerpt if there is some important context https://uploadir.com/u/yo3zj2if An...

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10:39 AM
@Sakamoto quite sure this is off topic but not sure what to put
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3:34 PM
Q: Why did Diane and King increase their power levels?

PabloSo in one of the last episodes, Gowther reads the power levels of Diane and King and they increased. Why did they increase? I think the former fairy king and giant king wanted to make them stronger sending them to the past, but the "challenge" they passed there was one not to kill her sister's lo...

Q: Which characters in Nanatsu no Taizai can read power levels?

PabloSo Hawk was given a magical device by Merlin if I recall correctly, and he can read power levels. Gowther has shown to be able to read Diane and King's power levels, I guess because he's a doll he has some device incorporated and can read them. Is there any other character in Nanatsu no Taizai wh...

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6:40 PM
Q: Does anyone know what show this character on the tshirt is from?

user51074I want to find this tshirt for somebody for Christmas but I am having trouble finding which show this character is from.

Q: Can Meliodas be permanently killed?

PabloSo, if I understand correctly, for a curse he has on him Meliodas resurrected. Does this mean there isnt a way to permanently kill him? Is there something that can be done to permanently kill him?

Q: How do humans get magic powers in Nanatsu no Taizai?

PabloIn other animes, like Black Clover for example, most humans are born with mana, that's the source of magic power, or in others, they train to become magicians. How does that work in Nanatsu no Taizai? How do humans get magic powers in Nanatsu no Taizai?


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