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12:05 AM
i mean avatar the last airbender
2 hours later…
2:04 AM
@xpert i recall reading on the wiki that there is a difference between Levitation which is what Air Benders and the Avatar does and actual flight which is what what Zaheer achived
ofcause at the same time airbending is mostly an extinct art thanks to the Fire Nation. after the Hundred Year War and before Harmonic Convergence the only Air Benders outside the Avatar was Tenzin and his kids and Tenzin isn't the best teacher
6 hours later…
8:07 AM
Q: Is Làng Wū Yáo's voice really cursed?

Memor-Xin Season 2 Líng Yá says to Lǐn Xuě Yā that the reason why Làng Wū Yáo doesn't talk is because his voiced is cursed and that when he speaks it always attracts trouble. However is this actually true? while Líng Yá seems to speak the truth that Làng Wū Yáo doesn't want to say (like how was saying ...

Q: When does someone received Kāma?

threeFatCatIs Kāma in Boruto granted to someone by Ōtsutsuki's own will? or someone who killed an Ōtsutsuki will be granted automatically? For the case of Jigen and Kawaki it is mentioned in some sources that they are considered as vessel. While for Boruto it's because of killing Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki. Doe...

@Proxy yo, how's things
@Memor-X the effort is different from what you may think.
I am reusing all the know-how from last year
There are two main things you have to know.
First: the upload feature only takes in account the size of the picture.
So, if you crop a picture to the size of the knitting canvas, you can import it.
Doing that alone won't really give you good result for complex images, so there is a second trick
ArtOfCode made an userscript last year to tweak the available color palette
You can find that here
8:26 AM
@Memor-X okay just finished pokemon sword. I think its the best one i played alongside gold/silver/crystal
It is wort noticing that this year the original palette is different (more color) but by tweaking the userscript you can still achieve the same result.
My palette has about... 120 colors.
So, the picture I posted is a mix of starting from an actual picture, adding more colors to get a better conversion, and manual tweaks.
8:54 AM
started playing alien isloation on the switch. Im just 1 hour in but i need to get used to it. @Memor-X what have you been up to?
9:05 AM
@Proxy *shivers* can't stand Xenomorphs
got the week off so been taking it easy as much as i can while also making preparations for fire season
fire season? You regularly have fire around where you live?
22 hours ago, by Memor-X
@Dimitrimx not yet but we havn't had a major fire for almost a decade. i have a feeling my supply of luck is being drained by redirecting the bad fires to the rest of the country
that sucks
start of fire season just means officially no one is allowed to start fires anymore, not like that's stopped alot of idiots
why do they start them? burning fields for crops or?
9:11 AM
@Proxy no idea, i think it's a mix of stupidity with cockiness where in they think they can stop a fire before it gets bad
that's ofcause ignoring the firebugs who are in their own separate category of mentally disabled
@Proxy arsonists. just people who like to start fires
a couple of years ago there was a fire fighter who lit fires so he could call them in and be the hero. one of his fires got out of control and destroyed people's homes
I do not even know what to say to that...
4 hours later…
12:45 PM
Good morning people @Memor-X what's the difference between levitation and flying? I know that levitation is like a helicopter but flying is like a plane. Thanks for answering it.
@Sakamoto hhh... why did this get upvoted...
@AndrewT. i can only speculate but maybe to even out the score?
Memor i looked it up they levitate
1:25 PM
Q: Why does creating massive water spouts/flames/rock formations/gust of wind a sign of mastery?

xpertIn Avatar The Last Airbender it is established that if you are a master you can generate huge amounts of your chosen element or manipulate it if we are talking about water/ earth benders. All the past avatars showed their skill by bending large amounts of their native element I can give only one ...

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3:28 PM
Q: Developed Society For Quirk Users?

Snoipa So I've seen a lot of fanart and headcanons of Fumikage Tokoyami showing (or stating) that he has trouble drinking using certain cups, and of Kirishima flossing his teeth. With the development of inhumane features being a norm in the everyday society, you'd think that there are certain products ...

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7:15 PM
Q: Is Gowther, the creator of the doll Gowther, a demon or is he from another race?

PabloThe creator of Gowther the doll, Gowther fights for the demon clan, but is he a demon? Or is he a magician or another race? We know among their fighters, the demon clans had fighters from other races, such as the giant king and the fairy king, and a converted angel such as Estarossa. So, what rac...

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9:17 PM
Q: What's the name of that anime that had necklace and gems that summoned fighters

Gustas JencauskasThe last time I saw that anime I was a kid, so sorry if I'm gonna make some stuff up, I gonna try my best to remember it. So in the first season, I remember that the story somehow started with a pretty young dude that had a gem that summoned some sort of knight with a spear drill and yellow tint...


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