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9:43 AM
Q: If anyone knows the name of the manga I described please let me know

Li6raeManga/maybe manhwa that I can’t remember: Female MC is a goddess who is in love with a war god. The war god is punished and reincarnated as a human. She leave the celestial world and goes to the human world where she finds the war god reincarnated as a baby abandoned under a tree. She decides to ...

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2:28 PM
Q: Why did the Survey Corps search along the wall instead of on top of the wall to find a hole in the wall?

insaneyagamiAttack On Titan Manga [Chapter 37] [Chapter 38] You know that part after the female titan part where suddenly Titans were spotted, Mike died and the survey corps horse rid along the wall to find a hole (which wasn‘t there but they couldn‘t have known)? They themselves knew that it was very dang...

2:49 PM
morning/ afternoon
3:09 PM
Q: How did Sasha not blow off Samuel's leg?

xpertWhen the colossal Titan attacks the city if Trost, We see everyone working on the cannons blown off the wall by the steam. Samuel gets knocked off too, but he is unconscious so Shasha runs down the wall and saved him with the ODM gear by shooting his leg but how was his leg not totally gone by th...

3:30 PM
Q: How did Armin survive after being roasted and blasted away from the Colossal Titan?

xpertIn Season 3 Part 2 episode 17, We see Armin being roasted By toe Colossal Titan. After He "makes it quick for him" Armin's ODM gear falls off and he is launched, But how in the world did a nearly dead person survive a fall from 60+ meters(he was blasted up) I don't remember anyone saying that the...

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7:34 PM
Q: How many episodes did the second anime season of Nanatsu no Taizai have?

PabloSupposedly Nanatsu no Taizai is currently running the 4th season. There is a season aired in 2014 which had 24 episodes, there is another season aired in 2018 which had 24 episodes, 4th season is currently running, and I only can find listed 4 episodes made in 2016. Is that the second season or t...

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11:12 PM
@Memor-X Why is she growing up so fast? O_o
11:37 PM
@forest because the other girl is naturally shorter because you see her uniform change to a business skirt
But one simply isn't growing up.
@forest well she does grow up
infact if you imagine the second one standing she grows up and then gets shorter
someone is like Ed
10/10 yuri anyway
either way it's cute and let that cuteness overuse logic
11:42 PM
after all, Spock wouldn't understand why 2 women would be together because it even looses the procreation logic
Spock doesn't understand that yuri is the purest form of love.

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