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12:31 AM
Q: Im looking for an anime to watch

BradleyIm looking for an anime but no luck finding something i like. Im looking for an action anime with swords and magic. I would also like if it was a zero to hero and romance where the MC almost or would lose his life to protect/save the one he loves. Any help would be appreciated. I should also men...

i would very much like Bowsette to replace Bowser thanks
1:04 AM
Q: Why was Foo Fighters subbed as Asteroid?

Memor-Xin the Subtitles of Cardfight Vanguard Season 1 (brought from Hanabee) the team Ren Suzugamori created is called Asteroid in the subtitles, however in japanese you hear them say Foo Fighter and in shot of the foyer of the Building he had build, on the floor it says Foo Fighter. I understand ther...

1:52 AM
Q: Does anyone know what anime this is?

jay I’m trying to figure out what anime these screenshots are from, can someone help me out

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Q: Name of manga in which mc is a half-dragon and the story revolves around a war over the ancient heroes' sacred arts books

TheQuiznackingQuestionerI dont rmbr this manga's name and its driving me insane. Things to point out: - mc (male) doesnt learn of his true parentage until youre well into the story - mc was raised by his "uncle" - owns a very unique sword which is temporarily taken from him when hes arrested near the very beginning of ...

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4:31 PM
Q: I can't remember the title of a Hentai anime. . .

choeunjoThe anime's story begins with two guys traveling and then going to spa but a girlish guy faints so that the other guy perceives that the guy fainted was a girl. Through a conversation a little later, the guy(man) remembers the girl It's an old anime, i think...

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6:23 PM
Q: How much is the casting time of Super Tier Magic and why Ainz used a cash item to speed up Iä Shub-Niggurath spell?

Ender LookI'm not sure where I have heard that is about a minute of casting time but I'm looking for some evidence to prove that statement. Where it was said the casting time of super tier magic and how much it is? Also, in the case isn't much (like a minute). Spoiler alert Anime 3rd season cap 12:

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