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1:05 AM
@Memor-X Zun approves of almost everything, except the popularization of his own work, porn which breaks the laws of japan, ending spoilers and cel based animation. XP Well okay, there are a few more stipulations than that but yeah.
1:19 AM
ZUN is a pretty chill guy.
> 6. Please do not mistake the names of the games or the characters.
@Tonepoet yeh i still remember that "don't release on the 360 indie store" as if someone doesn't like 360's
@Memor-X I don't think it's so much that he dislikes xbox so much as he considers it a commercial distribution method beyond the means of distribution he gave blanket permission for. I also remember he shut down a Kickstarter project or two for similar reasons. Granted, it is strange that we're seeing international Playstation 4 releases but he may have granted special permission for those.
1:35 AM
I wish he'd have refused the PS4 releases.
I don't want it to get so popular that someone buys him out.
@forest why? we got Genso Wanderer and Scarlet Curiosity on there first and they must have been successful enough to then re-release on Steam and release an upgraded version of Genso Wanderer
Never played those.
I mean if ZUN is steadfast and doesn't sell out...
@Tonepoet wouldn't be strange if he just doesn't like the X-Box. i hear they don't sell well in Japan and look at all the Japanese games that come out of Playstation
But as soon as he licenses a significant portion of his IP to some company (and not the trivial amount for the fighting games), then copyright trolls will appear.
@forest Those games are being sold by N.I.S.A. so it's too late. XP
1:43 AM
But has he sold his IP to them entirely?
I.e. can NISA demand a doujin be taken down even if ZUN is fine with the doujin?
@Tonepoet not on Steam they aren't
@forest He probably didn't sell his rights to the I.P. to my knowledge and his blanket permission would make it difficult to sue, but the legal staff at N.I.S.A. can probably finangle some sort of loophole derived from the licensee interest out of the deal. I'm not sure.
Genso Wanderer is done by AQUASTYLE while Scarlet Curiosity is XSEED and Marvellous and generally when it comes to those two NISA only did distribution but they still held the rights which is why you don't see NISA's name on the Ys series on Steam
Point is that they're a relatively big company with a relatively big legal staff.
Well that's unfortunate. I know many authors and artists who create material but sell their rights no longer can give permission to people to e.g. make creative works.
ZUN is fine with people overseas translating his works for example. I'd hate to see some big company jump in and say stop, official translations only.
1:53 AM
@Forest I think the only way he'd surrender too much of his creative prerogative is if he was otherwise facing poverty, or maybe if his wife persuades him to do so for the sake of the family. I think she may have had a persuasive influence on this. It's too strange of a coincidence that we're seeing steam and Playstation 4 releases only after he got married, and not so very long after either.
@Tonepoet sound almost like the author for The Witcher where the rumour is that he's only suing CD Projekt Red for more money because his wife is on his back about why he didn't choose to get royalties for the games
@Gallifreyan what, you didn't know that the author of the The Witcher was trying to sue CD Projekt Red?
Was he? I haven't been following any news lately
Not since I reset my phone and forgot to reinstall the Euronews app
2:00 AM
@Gallifreyan to sum it up. the author said that the games would never be good and is now butt hurt that he only got a lump sum instead of royalties
even the author of the Metro series says the guy is an idiot
Afaik he never believed the game would take off, so he figured the safer road would be to take a "bag of cash" upfront and don't bother with royalties
@Gallifreyan yep, that's it. now the buyer's remorse sets in
Which is kind of indicative of his belief in the popularity of his own books? Or his disdain for computer games?
@Gallifreyan well he seems to also deny that the games popularised the series outside the original country. i would think that if the games were never popular he would not have gotten a Netflix series
2:04 AM
I had previously seen somewhere that CDPR had offered him royalties
@Gallifreyan i think that was at the start
@Memor-X Afaik, the novels did not have an English translation until very recently
As in, the chronologically latest novel only got translated last year or so
@Gallifreyan yeh but i'm talking about knowledge of the series itself
I imagine they're closely correlated
Though I accept my analysis there is based mostly on superficial evidence. Yet again, if it's not present on the internet sufficiently, I'd argue it wasn't that popular in the first place
Except in former Eastern-block countries
Dmitri Glukhovsky, that's the guy who called Andrzej Sapkowski an idiot
2:14 AM
Wait, The Witcher has books? XD
@Memor-X He's got a point
@Tonepoet xD
In other news, today is our 92nd day without Hakase
I'm worried
ok, maybe not "idiot" in those words but it means about the same when you sum it up
@Gallifreyan his accounts show he logs in though that might not mean much. his last action was accepting an answer back in september
He might just be particularly busy.
I miss Hakase :'(
2:21 AM
@forest true, he does take these long breaks but this one has been longer that most
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4:24 AM
Q: Where can I watch all episodes of kiteretsu in English?

user10738905Where to watch them all? Are they available for purchase? I loved this cartoon a lot. Unfortunately it stopped showing up.

4:39 AM
Q: What is the song that plays at 12:16 episode 8?

NoobI’ve been looking for this song forever and I don’t know what it’s called. Can anybody help?

5:15 AM
son of a bitch!, dam you SE for not having Gold Hats this year
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11:15 AM
I'm tired with the "dating is illegal" question, leave me alone! X_X
@AndrewT. i stopped after it was edited like a few hours ago. went to check, modified like 20 or so minutes ago
main flaw in the argument is that the article says some prefecture could arrest teenagers for dating but without knowing which ones it's impossible to say that an anime is showing something illegal because they all aren't set in the same prefecture or even real locations
@Tonepoet you seem to know enough about fair use and what not. if fan subbers just created subtitle files which has to be used with original footage, how legal would that be?
like my basis is that it's transformative and it can't usurp the market because it requires you to buy the original dvds to use so it more draws more attention to the market
11:31 AM
@Memor-X Hatcher states that copyright law does not condone fansubs. The Berne Convention, international copyright treaty, states that its signatories—including Japan—grant authors exclusive right to translation. Hatcher states that fansubs could "potentially" be legal within Japan given the nature of Japan's domestic copyright laws,
@Dimitrimx if they could potentially be legal in japan then could they potentially be legal out of it? because from my understanding the Berne Convention respects the copyright laws of the origin country of the work
There's always exceptions, and there are some ways to be 'condoned'
But authors have all translation rights, effectively, without prior consent, making them illegal.
@Dimitrimx right so even if you make the translation impossible to use without the original media and thus not pirating anime, Berne Convention trumps it because it's a translation
Precisely. Legaly seen, they are at all times illegal.
In reality, copy right owners also see it as free advertisment, and often don't actively hunt down fansubs.
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8:57 PM
Q: Why did Majitani's surrender not count in his Trick Tower fight with Kurapika?

RichFIn episode 9 of the 2011 version of Hnter x Hunter, Kurapika's fight is with the prisoner Majitani. They agree to a battle to the death. Once Majitani realizes he is hopelessly outmatched, he says "I surrender!" (time code 18:41) Kurapika is already in the process of punching him, and knocks h...

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10:27 PM
Recently I've finished reading all of the 1183 chapters of the Way of Choices LN. Damn that was a good read, a top-tier thing. Also the translation was very nice.
10:51 PM
@Abyx fan or official translation?
@Memor-X gravity tales translation, so fan I guess
I have no idea how the original Chinese text goes, but this translated text was very good
11:18 PM
@JNat wool

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