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12:15 AM
Oh hey, it's hat season already.
No gold badge hats?
12:57 AM
@Mysticial seriously?
@Memor-X Not even as a secret hat either.
I traded votes with someone who had a 99 (I had one as well).
Got the gold badge. Been 30 min. now, no hat.
1:22 AM
@Mysticial well i suppose that's a good thing. was running out of sites i could get an easy gold for
1:38 AM
I just happened to have a answer at 99 this year. Normally, I don't get as lucky.
But also no gold badge hat this year. :(
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7:31 AM
7:49 AM
Q: What's the song that plays in Code Geass episode 20: Battle at Kyushu

RyanThe song plays at around 18:30 when Lelouch gives Suzaku the energy filler. I can't seem to find it so if someone could please try to help me, thanks.

8:33 AM
9:00 AM
9:16 AM
11 hours later…
7:56 PM
Q: Anime recommendations

Ashlin1062So recently I finished watching Quanzhi Fashi which is a Chinese anime. So this is a magic school anime where the MC is OP and can control several elements (at the beginning he can control fire and lightning) .... the same concept is in ‘in another world with my smartphone’ so basically what I wa...

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11:31 PM
Q: How does the "Chakra induction paper" react when someone has multiple chakra natures

RumpelstiltskinA Chakra induction paper can be used to detect an individuals Chakra affinity. In cases where a person is born with affinity to multiple Chakra Natures, do all those characteristics happen simultaneously to the "induction paper"? Or does the paper react only to an individuals strongest Chakra Nat...


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