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@Gao I use vivaldi but it has some issues
the settings are pretty limited compared to chrome.
Your best option is to open a page they didn't replace on settings and use the search
@Avery what are those issues?
does chrome even have that many options?
I was recently changing font settings and found no way to inside of vivaldi's so I had to do the trick I talked about above
@Gao this, lack of sync/export capability for settings, lack of support for some stuff (like share on rabbit extension), issues with video playback (basically, on every frame, the antialiasing gets turned on and off, and it is a very visible and annoying effect tbh)
@Avery seems like none of those has impacted me yet. i think they are working on the sync capability.
they are
I also had to install flash player, drm thingy for netflix and by hand and ffmpeg plugin for html5 videos by hand.
but those are mostly linux specific issues
or rather, arch linux specific issues
12:20 AM
so chrome is still the most mature and least buggy browser?
i'm annoyed by firefox's new tab page flash the search bar even though i've turned the newtab feature off
I don't like chrome or chromium for privacy reasons
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1:35 AM
@Darjeeling That is more or less correct. There are conditions, but they are scant. Anyway, I do not really understand why I should have to explain that granting people the nearly unconditional right to do whatever they want with my art (assuming I made any) for nothing in return would be undesirable. Also, theoretically the right may extend beyond the drawing itself to the contents of the drawing, such as the character depicted within it ect.
It seems to me that utilizing any and all exclusive rights I may have to their fullest advantage would probably be more beneficial for me, and the proliferation of the work itself.
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6:49 AM
@Avery i keep hearing about how people have privacy concerns about Chrome. what are those?
it syncs everything to google by default
well, unless you disable them. And it's painful
@Gallifreyan quite sure it's Persona 5 and the same couple i have been seeing. i guess that means i should avoid doing the lovers route for either of them
@Avery you mean the stuff the syncs to your google account?
that and more
it also sends links, searches etc etc
sometimes even your credentials if you have data seaver enabled
@Avery i don't believe i use that so i guess i have no worries
it's not data I want to risk
7:10 AM
Q: Would Naruto still be able to receive chakra from the tailed beast thru telepathy link?

XencrowI understand that it was used up during his final fight against Sasuke. So I was wondering if He was still able to get more from them through the telepathy link? I mean... It's telepathy... It should be impossible right? Considering that during the war... The other TB are quite close to Naruto to...

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9:41 AM
@Tonepoet I think I got your point. If I were a pro artist I wouldn't post any of my work here, but I'm not. I make some art because I like drawing. That drawing was never meant to make money at all. I'm just happy someone else likes my work. Even more so if that was my original character. It's like posting your question or answer on SO. Someone else will use it for their work and get money from it but you won't get money at all. You're doing so because you like it.
That said, it would be a lie if I said I don't want to make money from my drawing. If I ever make drawing so I can get money from it I won't post it here
9:57 AM
user image
Hi little bunnies!
(now funnily my SO finds thicc as masc and I'm like "you what")
Cute :3
10:09 AM
Colored hair is cool.
Coloured hair is awesome. I saw a girl with short blue hair on campus. This is the second time I saw her, and she was pretty.
I should drop some $$$ and get colored hair but ugh too much effort, too easy to f up
Pretty and cute. Pretty cute too.
I can't really color mine though. Colors mostly don't suit dry curly hair like mine ^^"
@Gallifreyan Haha, I know that feel ^^
10:11 AM
my hair is like also dry curly but less curly
It's very frustrating, really. All those cool people, and no time and no opportunity to get to know them.
but getting a decent style is like headdesk
@Avery I understand.
I should buy a decent colored wig. It would be fun.
And be like Saitama.
I already have a wig, but it's the same color as my real hair. Some people thought that I had straightened my hair, but I don't actually have enough of it to get the same result ç___ç
10:14 AM
I should actually try straightening my hair
@Gallifreyan No thanks xD
@Avery Good luck not destroying it x)
but I'd look so emo like ugh I don't want that look right now. my hair is too short (goes to cheeks)
maybe I will though.
i'm up, time to draw some clever shit or something! https://t.co/ZwissqGYHe
Q: Why doesn't "Mad monk" Urouge's neck accessory fall off?

Rabin LamaAs seen in the latest episode 798, where Urouge falls on the ground while fighting Biscuit Knight - Cracker. And the accessory that he is wearing is still in his neck. Why ?

10:34 AM
Anime & Manga, always asking the fundamental questions.
10:58 AM
Did you people elect your new overlord smurf cleanup guy yet?
@Gallifreyan elections ends in about 3 days
after that the votes are caculated
11:24 AM
> A child out in public knows he can rely on the group to help in an emergency.
something about bystander effect which I've heard about so often doesn't let me easily believe that it's universally true for even kids in japan
> The persistent problem of women and girls being groped, for example, led to the introduction of women-only cars on select lines starting in 2000.
also now I gotta wonder about trans people and how the rules of women-only cars work for them
Depends on country
this is in japan so I wonder about japan mainly
Iirc state of trans rights aren't the best in japan, let me check
have you seen the lgtb documentary episode in japan with ellen paige (I think)?
> A law allowing transgender individuals to change their legal gender post-sex reassignment surgery was passed in 2002.
11:33 AM
I've only seen the japan episode
So likely if they're postop and have went through the pain of legalese, they can use it.
Though that's how turkey is too and that's bs
Nonop/preop/doctorsandproceduresinthiscountryareshitop people (like me- last one) are out of luck.
Some days I hope that these pills kill my liver so I can die off without the stress of everything
11:38 AM
user image
sometimes you gotta find something else to focus on so your life doesn't keep revolving around the one thing that gives you the most grief
for a lot of people it's their 9-5 job :p
reddit.com/r/BasicIncome/comments/6oq32b/… this thread is kinda confusing to read coz it's like all the commenters are from a different world
I spend most my day with other stuff but the moment I think about future the depression kicks in
I can kinda understand how they've gotten to where they are in general terms, because I have (and a lot of us here) my own understanding of anime and pervy things not being as abhorrent as most people think of them, the UBI concept and how these commenters refer to it is still sorta alien to me
Tbh my joke there might get real because smh insurance doesn't cover blood tests and I have no money to pay out of pocket
from the context I see that there's a lot of intricacies I haven't learned about yet, and it's intriguing and I'm battling with my preconceptions about how life and work looks together while reading
maybe I'm not saying anything new to you, but have you looked into working in IT in a country where doctors and equipment are good and affordable?
Very little amount of countries give work visas to those without diplomas~
11:48 AM
from what I've read in numerous reddit threads, diplomas aren't as important in getting hired as provable experience and obvious portfolios and github forks/stars
idk if that translates into hireability and IT street credit and ultimately improves a chance of getting a visa without a diploma but it might be worth looking into
That's problematic because you can't get experience without a job. How does a person get started if the diplomas are essentially meaningless?
@Taisho even if I get hired I can't relocate
I mean depends on country
I've been to a few interviews and what people look for is ability to learn and basic job etiquette understanding, coz apparently a lot of fresh graduates don't even have that going for them
one time a senior dood mistook me for the manager of our hipsters room coz I looked and acted more presentable than our actual manager at the time :p
t'was a dumb place, glad that's over
anyway, just keep reading reddit and medium posts from actual working IT people and you'll figure it out sooner
@Taisho I could easily imagine somebody saying "Just 'cause I get paid by you doesn't mean you're the boss of me! Oh wait..."
no it's more like they still think they're kids in middle school and they can just skip going to work for days and not do anything their direct manager tells them to do (if they somehow magically pass the interview because the company was that desperate to find anyone)
and then there's looking like a homeless person, having a pile of garbage at their desk and smelling bad
you'd think it's not something that would get caught at the interview, but apparently the process isn't good enough or the HR just throws shit at the wall hoping something sticks
12:49 PM
user image
@Gallifreyan ha, ha, aside from the first one it's funny
Why not the first one?
1:27 PM
@Gallifreyan aside from not being a fan of spiders i dont see the humor in it
1:51 PM
Q: HELP, what is thos song??? Parasyte episode 24

ChristopherSPOILERS PARASYTE episode 24. Murano held at knife point. Uragami kills 2 civilians, WHAT SONG PLAYS WHILE HE KILLS THESE PEOPLE I CANNOT FIND IT ANYWHERE?

crap, sorry @Gallifreyan for the edit reject
@Memor-X My edit was better. You're dead to me.
@Gallifreyan blame the system
it didn't tell me there was an edit while i was working on mine
Talk to the hand.
@Gallifreyan hello hand, i'm Memor-X. i love Shoujo Ai/Yuri
2:00 PM
Bu shoujo ai and yuri don't love you, and neither does the hand. drops the mice
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3:13 PM
Q: Attack on Titans: Why did Marleyans wait 4 years?

salvobAfter the last attempt to get the Origin titan, in the battle of Shiganshina, why after their defeat... They waited 4 years to try again?

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4:46 PM
reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/6p1gj2/… shoutout to rule34 artists
5:45 PM
Q: Can we stop immediately closing "Where can I watch" questions as "Requesting illegal copyrighted materials"?

TorisudaThe way we approach "Where can I watch?" questions has bothered me for a while. Usually, we easily get five people to vote to close every one of these questions as "requesting illegal or copyrighted materials", but not one person who bothers to edit the word "legally" into the title, even though ...

6:01 PM
A: Can we stop immediately closing "Where can I watch" questions as "Requesting illegal copyrighted materials"?

HakaseAdditional questions from me. Assuming OP wants a list of legal sources, will this turn into a "shopping advice" type of question which is generally disliked on other SE sites? Will it eventually lead to basically every popular title having a "where can I legally watch it today" and a lot of the...

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I always forget which one it is
shoulda combined them I guess
wow one pic by me?
user image
6:05 PM
mm a nice one from me
you'll know it when you see it :p
7:00 PM
I want to add because.moe to anime.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/922/… , but since it is not a streaming service on its own, it doesn't belong in the list. Should I make a new section in the CW or post my own answer?
@Tonepoet internship, freelancing, or circle projects are great ways to start working
if you have minimal experience, companies may be willing to accept you being there and get you a tutor but expect lots of inefficiencies, freelancing may be an option if you're competent, or just plan and start a project by yourself and among friends, if you're still in school and want to keep it an "on freetime" thing
what companies look for in your portfolio is not mainly academic experience, but what they believe you are capable of doing, and whether you're a candidate; if you prove yourself to be adaptive and agile, they'll be able to teach you what you need, so getting a headstart isn't something you should be worry about, but what keeps you in shape
also, about your own projects: r/INaT ("I Need a Team") may be a tool if you don't have friends (duh) or want to get on the more professional side
7:24 PM
Q: Good Manga reading app?

Itame ioIs there a good Manga app for android that is free and contains most common manga? I'm tired of downloading bad apps or apps that lack manga I want to read.

@Unihedron just explain it
Q: Can cell phones be reprogrammed for peer-to-peer connectivity avoiding carrier base stations to create a free meshed network?

user1306322In light of recent events concerning the freedom of internet, thoughts are going in the direction of breaking free from the control of wired internet service providers. One widely discussed option is WiFi router based network, but its range is quite limited. Cell phones have a much greater range ...

everybdoy on the hype train !
7:50 PM
@Hakase they used to have something like that, during the umbrella revolution in the HK, there was this popular chat app that uses peer to peer connections to circumvent the data outage from too many people using the towers, it kept the protest together
5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems, abbreviated 5G, are the proposed next telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G/IMT-Advanced standards. 5G planning aims at higher capacity than current 4G, allowing a higher density of mobile broadband users, and supporting device-to-device, ultra reliable, and massive machine communications. 5G research and development also aims at lower latency than 4G equipment and lower battery consumption, for better implementation of the Internet of things. There is currently no standard for 5G deployments. The Next Generation Mobile...
says device-to-device
peer-to-peer likely used wifi
apparently phones transmit on one frequency and receive on another
currently, at least
5G might change that
also currently phones rely on base stations to orchestrate the network and tell every phone when to talk and which frequency to use
with a bit of programming they'll be able to figure out when it's okay to talk and which frequencies to use on their own, much like wifi routers
it's just a matter of when
with a bit more work you could add security into the system to compensate for a lack of agency
and use various obfuscation methods
7:56 PM
decentalized internet feels a lot like decentralized currency, and blockchain was just invented, which could be a viable alternative to onion routing for secure node based internet routing
then for commonly accessed data create localized caches
I wanna read more about this kinda solution but everybody seems to only be talking about posting more twitter hashtags and giving stern phone talks to their representatives (which non-US citizens can't do anyway)
haha, I see potential in this. Unfortunately technology is still keeping up, and we know technology only advances when boundaries are approaching.
when they figure it out, chinese will mass-produce cheap-ass routers and it's on, baby!
this does create the potential for cheaper cell services, but it's unlikely we'll benefit from it as consumers, since cell services providers have the incentives to keep the price high even when costs go down
so I'm not really that hyped for it
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