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3:20 AM
2 hours later…
4:55 AM
hard to tell is Hayate is looking for a kiss or lewds
5:08 AM
why not both
@Darjeeling because lewd kiss is still a kiss
2 hours later…
7:21 AM
is that your hand prof
7:55 AM
2 hours later…
9:31 AM
@Taisho that is not what i would call a pie. more like a sandwich
@ToshinouKyouko yo, how's being sick
@Memor-X it's lame, as expected
@ToshinouKyouko you taking sick days from work?
9:42 AM
@tosh maybe you need a tomato
@Memor-X sometimes, i'm in and out
@Darjeeling ahhhh! that's it. @tosh is sick because we haven't been making tomato jokes/memes
@Darjeeling i could be low on tomato juice indeed
you're a genius @Darjeeling
give @tosh a tomato juice
9:54 AM
its like dipping @Darjeeling
but you give me hangover instead
10:09 AM
10:39 AM
Got Fire Emblem Echos in the mail today (which is quick because i think it only was released on friday and this is UK => Aus)
^ my very first Amiibos
1 hour later…
11:45 AM
Q: In what order should I watch Durarara?

IkarosI only watched the first season of Durarara a few years ago. Since then, Durarara x2 Shou, Durarara x2 Ten and Durarara x2 Ketsu were aired, as well as some specials. If I want to watch the whole Durarara series from the beginning, in what order should I watch it?

3 hours later…
2:42 PM
Q: Bleach/dragonball

BattleofAnime shisue uchihahey guys so ive watched the bleach series and am up to date on the bleach mangs. now ive never watched anything related to dragonball z but here all the time how powerfukl the characters are. so aizen from bleach is the strongest anime character i know, and ive seen 45 anime and read hundreds of ...

3:00 PM
Q: Who would win? All pokémons or Sasuke?

user32714If all pokémons were about to fight Sasuke who would have the edge? Fight with no rules.

2 hours later…
4:44 PM
4:55 PM
dips @Darjeeling
5:34 PM
2 hours later…
7:15 PM
is arslan senki a good anime
3 hours later…
10:06 PM
^ on the left is Tai-chan and Hoshishi-chan
don't ask me why Madoka is sad because the JList email mentioned nothing about Madoka. just about their booth and Phoenix ComicCon, celebrating geek pride and about Manchester and how Japan is much more peaceful as even the Yakuza avoid bringing private citizens into their conflicts
@ColdFire sounds good. haven't seen the anime but i first heard about it when Oz Game Shops changed their background to be ads for the game (which i got to double check if i did buy or noit)
Can Apples beat Oranges? All I can tell you is that Aizens power level is not over 9000. (On a serious note this has been flagged as primarily opinion based) — SleepingGod 7 hours ago
@ToshinouKyouko ^ who would be the Apple and could they beat you?

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