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Q: squashfs: Operation not supported

Mido BonaI am creating customized install cd. As part of process I need to unsquashfs existing filesystem.squashfs, add few files and then recreate filesystem (mksquashfs). Seems that everything is working, but... I see 'Operation not supported' error/warning in syslog for every file/directory in filesys...

any help ??????
This is outside my knowledge. I'm not good at creating customized iso files. (I have created some '9w' iso files, but not really gone into the details.) I can guess that 'getfattr' means 'get file attributes', and maybe there are problems to create read or write file attributes (permissions, ownership) in the file system, that you are using, that matches those of the source. -- But if everything is working, I mean that you get a working iso file, you need not worry too much, and consider it a warning message, not an error message.
What command did you run to get those errors ?
thx @sudodus for your reply
@bodhi.zazen when install custom iso var/log/syslog
So you are getting that error when trying to install ? How exactly did you make the iso ? You question is short on information.
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@bodhi.zazen yes, codinglogs.com/…
I believe you are getting that error because squashfs does not support ACL. Disable ACL from your extracted / modified directory. sudo setfacl -Rbn extracted_iso_directory
what about this from ubuntu live cd custumization "Note: the squashfs has to be generated using a version of mksquashfs that is compatible with the kernel used on the CD you are customizing. For example, you cannot generate a jaunty squashfs on karmic, as the jaunty kernel is not able to mount a squashfs prepared using mksquashfs from karmic"
kernal version must be equal mksquash version ?
i guess error in this note
so i want get kernal version from iso i think 3.13 i am using ubuntu 14.04 server
I don't know about that part of the puzzle. I have not had that problem.
thx @bodhi.zazen for your help , i cant belleive no one have solution in askubuntu !
You have not answered my question about ACL. Are you using ACL ? As you can see, building a live CD is not straight forward and there are many potential problems. At the end of the day you have not really provided much information other than to say "help I am getting an error message". The error message you are getting suggests a problem with ACL. I have build many live CD and many custom ones and, IMO, you are best off using the debian-live scripts. The scripts are in the ubuntu repositories. debian-live.alioth.debian.org/live-manual/stable/manual/html‌​/…
Yes I know it is long, but without understanding all the steps involved it is hard to build live images. The live scripts automate as much as possible and build reliable images.
No, that error is because squashfs does not use ACL. You need to provide a lit more detail. Are you using ACL ?
Please provide details of how and what you are doing rather than re- asking the same question. "getfattr" is an ACL error and squashfs does not support ACL.