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12:11 AM
Ugh Castro messed it up
The quote is fart and chew gum
Not walk...
Not sure what you're referring to, but "can't walk and chew gum at the same time" is a common-ish idiom
@murgatroid99 thing LBJ famously supposedly said
Oh the other one is older
A: What was the idiom for multitasking before chewing gum was invented?

HugoQ: Was there a similar phrase in vogue before chewing gum became popular? The phrase can't walk and chew gum at the same time is often used to describe someone who's clumsy, uncoordinated or stupid, and there are many idioms for this: can't tell one's arse from his elbow, all thumbs, butter fing...

1 hour later…
2:33 AM
just an explanation for those like me who don't know the full process (unless there is errors in the explanation)
2:48 AM
Gabbard’s first thought to respond to the question about politically different friends was Assad probably
9 hours later…
11:40 AM
Which is not like…wrong, but very odd for countries receiving top level US diplomats when we're (ostensibly) angry with them
12:12 PM
@TimStone Trump is easily manipulated tho 🤷‍♀️
@TimStone isn't Erdogan going to the White House next month?
12:30 PM
Wow that's really sad
Imagine being told you only have days or weeks to live at 18
@GnomeSlice This does make me reconsider my stance on putting an upper bound on voter age due to potentially impacting policies you may not be alive to be affected by
I don't agree with that. Just because it won't affect you personally doesn't mean you shouldn't voice your opinion for the future of your nation
@TimStone Ah, he will meet with Pence, okay
12:40 PM
Only in Japan lol
Imagine trying to get away with that here 😂
@GnomeSlice Japan is not as progressive as most make it out to be.
@Unionhawk This is even better than when they had the foreign minister do it like, a week ago
It's a great day online today by the way
@Ave I think it's pretty well known how insular and conservative they are
It's funny shit though
And they still have a very strong culture which is awesome
My friends want to go there in the spring and I don't think I can afford it cause I have a crap job and live paycheck to paycheck
These are.. fucking weird
Wtf lol
fun twitter search of the day is "aoc warren", 9am and we're fully online for the day
online is, most certainly a place
@Unionhawk who are those people, exactly?
Some government officials I assume
@GnomeSlice elected members of congress
I thought Bernie had some health issue and wasn't going to run
I think he'd be a good choice
@TimStone For those following along at home, yes, the wife of a US diplomat did kill a UK teenager with her car, and then just…fled the country, basically
@Unionhawk Kim Jong Un rode a horse nods
Oh and that probably means he's about ready to do some provocative shit but you know nbd
1:17 PM
@TimStone wow this is sad. driving on the wrong side of the road 😩
1:42 PM
@GnomeSlice Bernie had a heart attack, and was treated for it, and only announced a slight slowdown in his campaign schedule. So no, he hasn't (yet) withdrawn, nor do I expect him to
1:57 PM
@TimStone you mean a Unicorn
born from the bones of one found in the Unicorn Cave
2:10 PM
@TimStone Mentioned by Tim last night, but worth re-upping: Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies
> Documents obtained by ProPublica show stark differences in how Donald Trump’s businesses reported some expenses, profits and occupancy figures for two Manhattan buildings, giving a lender different figures than they provided to New York City tax authorities. The discrepancies made the buildings appear more profitable to the lender — and less profitable to the officials who set the buildings’ property tax.
Worth mentioning the example they cite is for 2017, while he was already president
Ironically, if Trump had actually separated himself from his business when elected as he claimed he would, then he could plausibly distance himself from this--but its clear that he hasn't.
@Stormblessed LBJ was pretty well-known for his toilet humor, so I'm not surprised that he changed "walk" to "fart".
Dude was like a Riot employee, he'd fart in meetings to show dominance or something.
1 hour later…
3:30 PM
@TimStone also Bill O was really On One during the debate I see
I missed that because I stayed offline during the debate because I don't hate myself quite that much yet
I thought about showing up to whatever bar the county party was at
but I decided against it mostly because 1) I don't have any "no more presidents" buttons (though I can make some today hmm), 2) I didn't actually want to be around the kind of people who would show up to a debate watch party in this county
@TimStone i think i went mental boom reading that
@TimStone I... did he say the "sand" thing? Or was that a sarcastic response? (kinda horrific that I can't tell)
@TimStone thanks for adding the link.
> US Navy
> keep our waters safe
@TimStone The one you've abandoned?
3:48 PM
So Turkey's a nuclear power by virtue of Trump just leaving some lying around?
The immediate threat isn't that significant but it's still Not Great to cause animosity with a country that is hosting your nuclear devices
The flip side here is that Russia would be quite pleased for the weapons to be sent back to the US, so
Ahh you love to see it
Unclear if there is anything newsworthy in there, but the former head of the VA (fired by Trump) wrote a book and Time has excerpts:
by David Shulkin
> Trump paused for a moment and then looked up as if actually seeing me for the first time. “You know, you don’t really fit the bill. The generals . . . now they fit the bill. But can they fix health care?”
Very weird conversation with Trump. disjointed, not really listening, more concerned about the "look" or the "fit" than anything substantive. In other words, entirely in line with what we know about Trump
5:08 PM
> Mulvaney has privately admitted freezing of military aid was meant to press Ukraine to investigate corruption.
> I looked at the timeline. Mulvaney surely knew this really meant, "target Biden.'
Tweet contains link to his new WaPo Op Ed: Mick Mulvaney's role in the latest Trump scandal just deepened
Tweet thread contains a good summary for the paywall disadvantaged. My even shorter upshot is that prior to Mulvaney freezing the military aid for Ukraine (at Trump's direction) he had already been in the room for months of meetings with all the ringleaders of the Ukraine plot, where the actual goal (dirt on Biden) was freely discussed
So any claim that he didn't see the two as connected, or that he thought that "corruption" was about actual corruption and not investigation of Biden should not be believed
> Dershowitz went looking for trouble, and by his repeated affirmative republications, he found it.
lmao emphasis mine, "Dershowitz responds that he "was not wearing his attorney hat when that was recorded, ... whatever that means."
5:33 PM
5:50 PM
quote from man sued
I love when I repeatedly say a thing daring the other person to sue me then try to file a motion to dismiss when they do
tfw you bluff with a two and a seven
quote from man who is allegedly definitely guilty of defamation
allegedly 100% did this
> Joe Biden: I believe Republicans will want to work with me.

Republicans: We have no problem with Trump trying to bribe foreign nations in digging up dirt on Joe Biden.
6:07 PM
Oct 4 at 16:38, by Unionhawk
user image
6:53 PM
Good thread by Renato Mariotti analyzing the Trump Org document discrepancies revealed in the ProPublica article yesterday
In short: yes, they're very concerning and worth investigation, but no, are probably not (by themselves) sufficient to prove crimes, most of which require an element of knowing or willfullness, which is harder to prove
(Which the original article never claimed)
@BradC Knowing Trump, he'll out and out say he knew what was happening. Probably in an email or text message.
@Frank probably
@TimStone Makes you wonder if this is the "containment" strategy that the FBI came up with regarding Russian collusion/influence--if you can't neutralize the President, you neutralize his pawns
7:04 PM
It'll just be Extremely Funny if Giuliani gets busted because agents in the NY office got tired of feeding him info
Wait hasn't he not endorsed anyone in our own election? lol
I believe that is correct
Biden absolutely devastated by this news
Recursive Charlie Brown photo
I don't think he'd endorse Joe
Joe really wanted him to though, which is why it's funny
I believe the response was something to the effect of "joe, it costs $0 to stop running"
which, yeah joe, it's free
7:09 PM
@TimStone Eh. Not sure I want to vote for him, but for other reasons.
Oh that's old, pssh
7:30 PM
@TimStone we all know that obama is waiting for the best candidate, 9th planet black hole 2020, to step up to the plate
@TimStone The blackface thing is such a joke. What a non issue. 18 year old news
As much as I think Trudeau is a clown, come on really?
@GnomeSlice It might be a problem for others, and I can see why.
I won't vote for him, anyways, so, to me, it's just another blip.
Meh. I can't see why. Give me something from this decade to be outraged about
I'm probably not voting for him either but not because of that
> Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Senate Republicans on Wednesday that he expects Speaker Nancy Pelosi to approve articles of impeachment as early as Thanksgiving, according to five people familiar with Wednesday’s party lunch. McConnell then surmised that the Senate could deal with the trial by Christmas, concluding the impeachment proceedings before the Democratic presidential primaries begin.
interesting interpretation of procedure:
> McConnell told senators they would be unable to speak during the trial and that only the chief justice of the Supreme Court, the president’s defenders and the House managers could talk, said one person familiar with the meeting.
@BradC So...only the people who are guaranteed supportive of Trump, and a couple people who brought the articles.
Seems kind of like a stacked trial.
7:40 PM
@Frank no, its more like the prosecution and defense (and judge) can talk, and the jury has to stay quiet
Makes some sense with that as analogy
At least each of the Senators won't be getting 5 minutes to question each witness :P
@GnomeSlice ok, or alternatively I am immediately arrested by Canada for influencing the canadian election which I think is illegal as a foreigner
@BradC That's a good analogy, but then I'm not sure how it'd be an interesting interpretation of procedure.
@Frank perhaps not, guess I just never gave much thought to what it would actually work like
I'm not even clear whether that requires that House members themselves (like Schiff) be the "prosecutors", or if they could hire/designate experienced trial attorneys
guess we'll see
looks like he is responding to the subpoena
> Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor left Kyiv, Ukraine on Wednesday for Washington D.C. after House Democrats requested he appear for a Tuesday deposition in the investigation into President Trump’s alleged misconduct involving Ukraine, NBC News has confirmed.
8:39 PM
So apparently, Trump sent the following letter to Erdogan. According to the NYT White House correspondent who shared it, the White House confirmed this is an actual letter sent to Erdogan
wow. look at the big brain on that guy
Peak international diplomacy
Like, this letter reads like something Danny Devito would say in a mafia movie. "Don't be a fool, Capiche?"'
Well that went about as expected
@Nzall This is just incredibly unhinged, thank god he has sole nuclear launch authority amiright
@TimStone Unhinged implies the door was ever in the hinges to begin with
@BradC Was that one person Mark Sanford?
8:47 PM
Note that the original share apparently was done by Trish Regan, who is a Fox Business host. Though I'm not sure how much that changes credibility
@Yuuki Just one non-journalist, non-family member, who turned out to be the father of a former student, and a Democrat who doesn't intend to cross the aisle
So, not even an actual supporter
@Nzall People were so stunned they asked the WH to confirm the authenticity and they have
Really, really hard to overstate how dumb the President is. My word
lol, Mattis will finally appear from the shadows to talk about how he sternly disagrees
Okay, so he implies a fellow national leader is trying to be a tough guy and a fool, he threatens him with economic destruction, he "confidentially" shares private information with an enemy of the person who disclosed the info, and he has horrible grammar. This letter sounds like something a child in a Disney movie would say to the big bad in order to talk him down.
9:03 PM
@TimStone Ha! From a pretty decent insult to a playground insult
@BradC The WH insists he said it correctly, but looks at letter mmm 🤔
That's super-weird framing there HuffPo?
Like they just asked for all the license information >_>
@TimStone Would think that the part of their request seeking citizenship data would be more relevant/concerning/notable
You'd think 🤷‍♂️
1 hour later…
10:12 PM
> Republicans: (we making these crimes so obvious, why is no one seeing our cry for help to free us from Trump)
@Nzall hooray, back to lying when clicking "Yes, i am over 18"
@BradC unless they are looking for blue eyes, and then next they want hair color looking for blonde
@Nzall that letter is fucking nuts, it's entirely indistinguishable from a parody
It looks like weirdly low-effort satire. Like nobody would believe that the US government would actually send that.
1 hour later…
11:36 PM
> The site's operator, a South Korean named Jong Woo Son, and 337 users in 12 different countries have been charged so far, authorities said.

People have been charged in the US, the UK, South Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Brazil and Australia, the US Justice Department said.

Officials have rescued at least 23 underage victims in the US, Britain and Spain who were being actively abused by users of the site, the Justice Department said.

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