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11:03 PM
@TimStone clean CR or any riders?
Uhh checking
(would not be surprised if the CR also included something making it illegal to register as a democrat or somesuch)
They had to have Dem support to get it in before the Friday deadline so it seems clean
JUST IN: White House: Trump, congressional leaders reach "tentative" deal to raise defense spending levels http://hill.cm/mX44Dis
trololol "but we have no money"
11:36 PM
@TimStone probably clean but without dream or chip
If I had to guess
BREAKING: Franks has come under investigation for asking two female staffers about becoming a surrogate for his child. Story TK
Okaaaaaay then
that is the weirdest shit
I mean I'm glad he didn't like hack up a body but the "whole other field" was not wrong
Not worse per se but definitely weirder
is that even sexual harassment or is it something else?
@GodEmperorDune I guess that depends on how he intended to make the child?
I dunno
its weird
11:42 PM
@Ash yeah, i'm not sure if its a euphemism for "have sex and keep it"
so weird
so objectifying too
At the same event, Roy Moore referred to Native Americans and Asian Americans as “reds and yellows." https://twitter.com/Eugene_Scott/status/938873902369067008
in 2017
@GodEmperorDune that tweet and the thing it's quoting just what
The worst part is that it is pretty clear that one side of this whole thing is not facing any consequences
i guess he wants to double down on the "good ole boy" vote
I suppose so
@Ash mr "pregnancy pls" was republican
How is Roy Moore a real person
Are we sure he's not like
11:46 PM
@GodEmperorDune I don't even think this was the first time this was mentioned (not like, in an inb4 kind of way, but like he was reported to have said it previously)
Genetically engineered from Andrew Brietbart, Roger Ailes, and a Confederate general? Or something? To create the ultimate... Whatever he is?
I am glad this guy is getting consequences for his actions
@Unionhawk throw some ggers in the mix there too
@Ash he molested soooooo many girls though. its infuriating that he got away with it for so long
Now if the political world could take things as seriously
@GodEmperorDune oh, it is hella infuriating that it took this damn long
but I am glad someone finally listened
11:48 PM
like it won't make their pain stop (I wish it did, I wish I could take that away) but it is something, finally
@TimStone gaaaaaah
Ah yeah, probably the same event
i guess i had a racism overflow error there
11:49 PM
@TimStone i would not be surprised if he did it again
But somehow it wasn't immediately disqualifying then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
it's not the kind of thing that "slips out"
@TimStone hell it probably won him the primary
oh lol, apparently mr surrogacy was one of the people calling for mueller to resign
Man, one thing this whole news cycle lately is doing is completely exhausting my vocabulary of swear words
@Ash yeah
Like saying holy fuck now is kinda meaningless
11:56 PM
Holy smokes. Judge Pressler is a major player in Southern Baptist Convention politics. https://texasmonitor.org/paul-pressler-lawsuit-alleges-decades-long-molestation/
@TimStone texas, wtf
@TimStone I cant get the page to load but the URL is enough
> Former Texas state judge and lawmaker Paul Pressler has been hit with a lawsuit that alleges he molested a man over the course of 35 years.
Like....I can't even summon up surprise anymore
holy fuuuuuuuuuuuck
11:58 PM
I am starting to think to be in power in certain areas (because lets be honest this just isn't the states its everywhere) you have to be a monster
and now we are just finding out what some of us already knew - there are monsters everywhere
and nowhere is safe
House Ethics Committee picked up Farenthold/Franks investigations (unanimously), somehow clears Nunes of allegations he made unauthorized disclosures of classified info
(sorry, I am so defeatist over all of this and I apologize)
@Ash there are theories that the halls of power have a mutually assured destruction kinda thing where everyone knows everyone else's skeletons
and to get in, you need a certain amount of skeletons
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