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1:35 PM
@user7269591 ...do you think the US has an extradition treaty with Iran?
@user7269591 Maybe the US can strike a deal with Iran: they extradite Trump and in return, Iran sends out Mossad to kidnap Putin
2:24 PM
Personally, i dont think so.

There has been a ton of 'this will MEAN WAR' moments with the Q crowd and they never really show up.

They are all big and warthirsty online, but they will not do shit
Because I guess they know the reality that going to war against the US Army today would be a quick loss.

I mean in the times of the civil war, army and people had basically the same stuff.

Today, well the army has a fuckton more training, has tanks, drones, satellite photography, etc; Going all out against the army will not end well for ya
2:41 PM
@Fredy31 Back when Biden won the presidency in 2020, I talked to a Trump supporter, and apparently many second amendment people do think that an assault rifle is able to stand up against a tank
@Nzall ish
Which is quite a take considering most tanks these days are designed to stand up against cannon fire
2 hours later…
4:25 PM
The FAA published a safety alert to operators today re the 6 runway incursion incidents this year

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