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12:17 PM
if only we live in a world where a country wanting to show off how big it's dick is wasn't also it's ability to obliterate life
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2:26 PM
This is the part I'm not sure that I understand:
> Members are allowed to carry a gun in the office buildings, in the Capitol and on Capitol grounds, but they are expressly forbidden from carrying firearms onto the floor. And guns in the Capitol are not supposed to be loaded. Members can carry bullets separately.
I assume this is because the capital building itself is under its own (Federal) jurisdiction, and not subject to the firearm laws of DC?
> Republicans keep complaining about the new metal detectors outside the House chamber. Now we know why.
We always knew why, come on
2:42 PM
Found a 2018 article that gives more of the history of this rule:
> The laws governing firearms on Capitol Hill date to October 1967, months after race riots tore through scores of U.S. cities. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a federal law explicitly banning weapons on the Capitol grounds for the first time, while also empowering the Capitol Police Board to make exceptions.
> The board established those exceptions in a regulation published days after the law went into effect, setting that “nothing . . . shall prohibit any Member of Congress from maintaining firearms within the confines of his office or any Member of Congress or any employee or agent of any Member of Congress from transporting within the Capitol Grounds firearms unloaded and securely wrapped.”
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4:12 PM
but also like yeah that's the point
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7:38 PM
A Dartmouth shed keeps this man off the streets. Some still want it torn down cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/…
> There's no kitchen, bathroom, electricity, heat or plumbing, but it's dry and sturdy. There's just enough space to sleep, with two small rattan trunks and a tote box nearby serving as a pantry, seating and clothes storage. The shelter is also outfitted with a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.
> Within hours of saying yes last Saturday, the roof over Paul's head was built by Halifax Mutual Aid, a group of anonymous volunteers on a mission to build watertight, insulated shelters for anyone sleeping rough because "otherwise residents of Halifax will die," it states on its webpage.
> After three years of homelessness, this temporary lodging is the closest thing to a home Paul's known since he was evicted from a rooming house after losing his job as a roofer and struggling to pay rent. He knows what it's like to sleep under an overpass or live in a men's shelter and witness someone die.
And naturally, people want them destroyed:
> The sight of Paul and his friends hanging out — his "street family" — has alarmed some neighbours on a gentrified street with million-dollar views of the water. One resident complained to CBC News about the potential impact on property values and expressed suspicion over Paul's friends.
> During the installation of the shelter, someone called police. Officers showed up and left — it wasn't a crime.

> Dartmouth Centre councillor Sam Austin also received about a half dozen calls and a few emails with complaints and demands that the shelter, which is on municipal land, be demolished.

> But that won't be happening.

> Under a new empathetic, human rights approach to homelessness adopted by the city last month, the shelter will be staying put. Gone is the tactic of enforcing the no-camping rule on municipal property and pushing people away who have nowhere to go.
There's currently better solutions in the works I believe too:
> City councillors are taking action on homelessness, unanimously approving three housing projects recently under the federal Rapid Housing Initiative, but it's still many months before people can move in.
> Paul's street navigator is assisting him to receive a monthly $535 social assistance cheque for the first time in years. He recently bought a little stove, a watch and warm boots.

> His goal is to work as a labourer and save enough money to move into a real home — with a kitchen. He loves to cook.
whoa whoa, he's going to use this opportunity to... improve his situation?!!??!
What a wild thought!
no no cna't be true. Conservatives told me otherwise.
> Paul has been walking around the Halifax area, searching for other people who could use one of Halifax Mutual Aid's crisis shelters. It has six more to be deployed over the next few weeks.
7:57 PM
Mass Effect 2's Jack Was Originally Pansexual, But Non-Straight Romances Were Cut Because Of Fox News thegamer.com/mass-effect-2-jack-gay-pansexual-fox-news
> Jack was supposed to be pansexual in Mass Effect 2, but BioWare changed her romance after the first game was criticized by the mainstream media.
Cowards. Also, fuck Fox News and bigotry in general.
@Wipqozn Fox News accidentally instated the 3 day work week today after calling Biden's first week "disastrous"
@Nzall Fox NEws is such garbage
@Wipqozn Improved in ME3, but there still weren't any omni-sexual humans (asari don't count anyway), other than maybe Shep themselves in some play-throughs.
@MBraedley If I remember correctly, for ME3 they actually patched in an MShep/Cortez romance after complaints that there weren't enough gay romances
And with Andromeda, they patched in a MRyder/Jaal romance as well
@Nzall That would have been one of the early patches, because I do remember shutting down his advances during my Male-Shep playthrough.
@Nzall Didn't know about this, but I also only had a single playthrough with FRyder
8:23 PM
@MBraedley I romanced Peebee during my FRyder playthrough (I even asked a question about it). And I romanced Sera in DA:Inquisition. I feel a bit like I got a type in Bioware romance options
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10:00 PM
Bidens left stuck outside White House on Inauguration Day after ‘petty’ final Trump act independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/…
> According to The National Journal, a well-placed official not associated with the incoming Biden team told the newspaper: "The Trumps sent the butlers home when they left so there would be no one to help the Bidens when they arrived.

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