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3:48 AM
Jack is all in…For Tulsi Gabbard, lol
"Ah I see you too like visiting places while a genocide is happening"
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12:00 PM
@Kevin *30th
Well it's one life sentence that is 29 lifes long and one life sentence that is one life plus hundreds of years?
America is weird
it's mostly a formality tbh
to add numbers up instead of maxing them out
'America is weird' is just a constant thing, only slightly related to the sentencing
12:23 PM
@TimStone Wow, not even "Cabinet member", just "senior adviser" is enough to make you immune to Congressional subpoena?
@puzzlepiece87 I don't know if you know the kicker but when the child realized that they would be separated from their father, they started crying. To which the border agent, a group of peoples famous for their compassion, replied with "why are you crying, you made the decision".
If that's not in the article, I heard this story on the radio.
Also the child's name was Sofi and they made her make a choice because the universe is just messing with us now
@TimStone Hang on, the girl was literally named Sofi?
@TimStone Somehow, I feel like this is why the border agent made the child choose. Because they thought it would be a "funny" joke.
Otherwise, the agent would've just made the decision themselves.
Okay Joe for starters I'm not sure the second one is really addressed by this plan BUT! as I've said the best thing for you to do right now is challenge the President to a boxing match
The most shocked of Pikachus
12:36 PM
@TimStone ... Diamond Joe?
lol yes
Except not the Onion
Diamond Joe is just real now
Maybe Diamond Joe was never fake.
1 hour later…
@Yuuki think it's more Trump Loyalist makes you above the law
@TimStone aren't racists bones stored in the spine?
2:20 PM
@Memor-X Can't be. Most republicans are spineless racists
> Earlier that week, it was empty except for the staff. For the entire 2018-19 fiscal year, only 17 people in the province were admitted to the youth jail, compared to 70 five years ago.
> As youth correctional centres across Atlantic Canada continue to see a dramatic decline in numbers, the provinces are left with expensive and largely empty buildings.
> At least one advocate says it's time to move away from the "super jail" model for youth in favour of smaller, scattered, secure spaces.
> But everyone agrees the empty space issue is a good problem.

> "It's fantastic news," said Karen MacDonald, director of community and correctional services with P.E.I.'s Department of Justice and Public Safety.

> MacDonald says they don't want to see young people in a custodial facility.

> "Everything we do is designed to keep people in their homes, in their communities and on a path that means they're going to be healthy, productive citizens."
> These days, young people are instead seeing more restorative justice sentences — but they're also committing fewer crimes.
> "Often when you send a young person to jail, they end up learning to be better criminals," said Megan Longley, executive director at Nova Scotia Legal Aid.

> Longley and others say removing youths from their homes, peer groups and schools is detrimental.

> "Remaining in the community and remaining in school is one of the most important things we can do for these young people," said Bossé.

> "If they don't get their education, man, they are up against a tough, tough world."
> Brandon Rolle, managing lawyer of the Halifax Legal Aid Youth Office, said many cases are now being diverted away from the court system at the outset, such as police opting not to lay a charge and using restorative justice instead.
Really great news
I wonder how the rest of Canada is doing
I wonder if we're still leasing prison space to belgium...
We closed four prisons last year apparently
Because we had about 30% ish over capacity (space for 13.622, estimated need 9.810)
(we apparently closed 1500 people worth of prisons)
@Yuuki I didn't read the kicker, thanks. :'''(
Last I heard, Belgium had planned to pull their prisoners back by the end of 2016
Looks like
you know why? Because Belgian prisoners weren't willing to go to Tilburg prison, so the cells were half empty
So Belgium looked deeper, saw we were paying 37M/y in prison rent, and said "long term, it'll be cheaper to have our own prisons"
Aha, that makes sense
3:14 PM
@Wipqozn Thanks so much for posting this.
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4:26 PM
@TimStone About the Sofi girl being forced to choose which parent: why is that notable? (Besides the jacked up nature of the whole thing) Am I just missing a reference?
@puzzlepiece87 Yeah it's nice to have some more positive news from time time while eveything around us is burning hahahaha
@Nik3141 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophie%27s_Choice_(novel) ; more generally, "sophie's choice" has become an idiom for "a choice between two abhorrent outcomes, imposed by a cruel authority"
(the titular choice is the protagonist having to choose which of her children is killed by the Nazis)
@Nik3141 The jacked up nature of it is notable on its own...
4:31 PM
@puzzlepiece87 yeah, but people were commenting specifically on the name Sofi
And Nik3141 was asking why is the name particularly notable in this case
The Guardian: Eric Garner: no charges against white police officer over chokehold death.
the system working as fucking intended
Is this supposed to be only politics and social news or is science acceptable too? I feel weird being the only one putting science in here.
Well, that sort of thing is less mentally distressing. TIF is for when you want to melt your face off. (/s?)
@Nik3141 All is welcome, but science stuff is also welcome in the bridge, which is why you don't see it as much
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@Nik3141 I mean, he's not wrong in the sense that the US is all messed up.
I know right like them gosh darn unions always trying to get worker's rights...
almost like they actually believe they have a right to not be corporate slaves...
7:33 PM
Jason Miller apparently had multiple affairs while working for Cruz and Trump, not just the one where he got AJ Delgado pregnant and then tried to effectively steal the child
The House is busy debating whether it's okay for Pelosi to say the President said a bad thing because the House rules say you can't talk about the President's motives since we have a broken-brained political system
I mean Robert's rules has similar tbf it's not specific to the rules of the house of representatives
not specifically the president but other members of the deliberative body which in the context of congress the president pretty much counts
It seems silly you can't call white supremacist Steve King a white supremacist though tbh
RONR In Brief mentions using like "I believe the previous speaker is mistaken about" vs "Tim is lying about" for example
Parties have agreed to language for a permanent injunction against the census question following Trump caving last week
@Unionhawk Yeah which seems asinine to me, what's the purpose of dancing around the point? I get not wanting it to turn into a shouting match exactly but I think it kind of masks the absurdity of some arguments
I mean tbh at the end of the day how that part of the rules is enforced is up to the chair/appeal the decision of the chair
so in practice,
7:50 PM
Rep. Al Green apparently continues to receive pushback from party leadership on filing articles of impeachment but he's gesturing broadly and still going to do it tonight
yes I am reading all of RONR In Brief in preparation for convention and it's apparently also useful for regular monthly meetings because boy is this a spicy paragraph relative to how this has been done ("the chair does not participate in debate on any issue unless they give up the chair until the issue is disposed of")
@TimStone Is he adding the recent racist remarks to the list of reasons the president is unfit for office?
I need to find the proper citation for that one because uhhhhhh
that has the opposite of happened lately
why the fuck is "calling the president racist" specifically not in order
7:57 PM
But also that isn't part of the rules for this Congress? But it wasn't in the "Rules" part of last Congress either
Well they added all that stuff in 2016 because the President is racist
They enumerated all the ways that Trump is bad in the rules and said you can't say that
I'm not sure if you all have noticed, but the people running your country are really terrible.
Being terrible is a thing I'm known for.. Maybe I should run... Hmmm...
Like, that would probably fall under more normal rules anyway I'm not a parliamentarian
but that there is a specific rule here is amazing
they don't have a 2/3 to suspend the rules (I think suspending that rule would be 2/3 anyway)
wait is the speaker of the house not the presiding chair
Not in this instance at least, apparently?
I guess not when directly debating the speaker's words as in here
Ignoring that he has been replaced already, and despite clearly not being the case, I'm pretty sure Parliamentary Purge rules apply now
@TimStone That is kind of astonishing
8:39 PM
It's not a rule in so much as they enumerated the ways they felt the rules apply to Trump
Oh so this is a set of decisions from the chair precedent that can be overturned with a simple majority
why are we still doing this then
It's probably because everyone is dumb
this is even dumber than when I assumed it was a standing rule that required 2/3
chuckles Remember that time when Kris Kobach had to go take a remedial course on how not to break the law?
Trump was supposed to meet with GOP leaders but has cancelled that while they were en route because of what's happening in the House which as far as I can tell doesn't matter at all
lol a voice vote to strike the word failed
Keep in mind that the characterization she used is in the text of the thing they're debating over
@Unionhawk hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔
8:54 PM
I have to say this is excellent drama - it combines politics, pedantic rule making and stupidity in equal measures
Duffy can call fellow Congresspeople anti-American but saying the President did a racism is totally not okay
Very normal and not dumb on its face
Oh so by ruling against her she goes in Debate Timeout for the rest of the day?
9:41 PM
I'm sorry
does that say John Delaney spent ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS LAST QUARTER
@Unionhawk who is that?
former representative from deleware, currently polling between 0 and 1%
It's weird because no one gave me $11 million to run for President as someone who lives in Delaware
10:56 PM
Motion condemning Trump passed 240-187. Rep. Green calls for impeachment on the floor
11:07 PM
@TimStone what does that mean?
Nothing particularly meaningful at the moment, honestly
Four Republicans and the Democratic Party confirmed Trump did a racism and now Rep. Green is saying "Look he did a racism let's impeach already" which will probably not result in anything, but we'll see
It's likely more of a token move than anything that has a serious push behind it.
Can't fault him for trying, though.
Maybe enough of the GOP will finally have had enough of him at some point.
if not, maybe after Mueller speaks to congress next week

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