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9:05 PM
Right ring organizations trying to sabotage the election again cbc.ca/news/politics/…
> Elections Canada says it has received reports of misleading robocalls made to voters suggesting voting actually takes place on Tuesday, the day after election day.
> He provided CBC News with a screenshot of the time the call was made to his phone. When CBC called the number in the screenshot, it went to a voicemail message for a group that calls itself as Proudly New Brunswick.
> Proudly New Brunswick is affiliated with Canada Strong and Proud, a third-party group that opposes carbon taxes. CBC News has reached out to one of the directors of the group for comment.
@Wipqozn The frustrating part about this is that there won't be any penalties for this chicanery.
oh fun the president just called the constitution 'phony' whoo
10:13 PM
Good clip with Scheer being called out by a reporter twitter.com/vote4robgill/status/1186228628675289088?s=20
I really hope they don't form government
And more robocalls thinkpol.ca/2019/10/21/…
> These latest robocalls are raising fears of a repeat of the 2011 voter suppression scandal that saw a Conservative Party operative sent to prison.
> Conservatives are already facing an investigation into illegal robocalls in the province last month and could end up paying fines of up to $75m[2].
Jfc the PC party is corrupt. I forgot about how many of them have been jailed and fined for breaking election laws. How are they still allowed to be a party.
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11:28 PM
First results are in. Liberals currently have a majority government, which is to say they have 6 seats and everyone else has 0.
oh not hat's just "leading"
yeah no ridings have finished reporting yet.
I voted Green, because none of the major parties deserve to have it.
I went with NDP this year. Although that's how I usually vote. The last federal election is the only time I've voted for another party. It was a liberal vote, but it was really just a "please no more Stephen Harper" vote.
I did consider Green, though.
Our local NDP is a shitshow.
I mean I'm pretty sure my riding is going Liberal anyways, so it doesn't matter.
11:31 PM
I voted based on "what is most likely to not get me Scheer" and went with that
@Ash gotta love that FPTP
The current leader has had domestic abuse charges in his past.
I am super curious how Green does in my riding, because I feel like they might do really well
@Frank holy shit
@Wipqozn eeeeergh
11:32 PM
The previous leader reneged on his campaign promise not to raise the PST, and did it anyways.
Yeah there's a list of parties I'm willing to vote for but only if the local candidates seem good.
So...I'm gonna find it real hard to vote NDP, even federally.
@Frank Makes sense.
11:44 PM
The first decided seats are in
What's a good site to use to track it?
That didn't one box
Found it :)
That didn't link
It's all good, I found it in the chat
11:48 PM
But 3 seats elected, all liberal
I am so hoping the Green party gets a few seats
It's going to go very blue once Manitoba hits.
@Frank Most likely
I'm also curious where the non-urban parts of Ontario will end up
@Ash I'm sure may will retain her seat if nothing else
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