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10:01 PM
SECRET SANTA: This police officer was certainly in the Christmas spirit when instead of giving a woman a ticket for an expired tag, he handed her $100. The Ocala Police Department distributed $5,200 worth of $100 bills from anonymous donors to residents. https://abcn.ws/2EBKbeP https://t.co/TS2VtddF3e
like a fucking cat toying with its prey
Update: former Proud Boy lawyer Jan Van Dyke fails to show up for his bail hearing, arrest warrant issues. I have a bad feeling about this. Hoping for a peaceful resolution. https://www.dentonrc.com/news/arrest-warrant-issued-for-jason-van-dyke/article_e7e6c9e9-099e-5579-86bd-071ce7834d55.html
@Unionhawk maybe don't cut govt services instead of making cops hand out cash
@TimStone wait the lawyer was arrested too?
@GodEmperorDune but how will they get on ABC about how nice and thoughtful they are for pulling someone over
@Unionhawk "from anonymous donors", it's not even the department's money.
I mean that's probably FOP money
10:04 PM
@GodEmperorDune Yeah he supposedly made a death threat
@TimStone this is the one with the old timey racist hat?
I think you're thinking of elmer
Who represented Kessler in Virginia
@Unionhawk oh yeah thats who i was thinking of
@NPRinskeep @SecPompeo Steve keeps asking Pompeo if the US has a commitment to its allies in Syria. Eventually, Pompeo blames the media. "We always have commitments to our allies. We've done this relentlessly. You all have reported differently, Steve. I get it. I get the game."
Ah yeah it's gonna be the media genociding the Kurds, gotcha
@TimStone i heard NPR's intern system was fuct but this is a new low imo
10:22 PM
I can't tell what Coons is saying to McConnell but it involved a lot of head-shaking and hand motions
A design of our Steel Slat Barrier which is totally effective while at the same time beautiful!
"The death spikes, they're beautiful!"
@MadScientist is this a fancy phrase for a large fence?
Yes, he thinks if he doesn't call it a fence it's still a wall but if it's not called a wall the Democrats will go for it because...he's dumb
Also if this is supposed to be to scale lol @ the gaps
@MadScientist yeah apparently this is a bollard fence
which is what the "wall" was built of since forever
10:31 PM
@TimStone this looks like an intern with PowerPoint drew it, I don’t think anyone with engineering knowledge went anywhere near this and provided measurements
Yeah but the President tweeted it that's the official design spec now
It's also a bit baffling to me that McConnell hasn't pushed back very strongly yet on account of this being the least expedient way to get anything done. Think of all the judges Schumer isn't blindly letting them confirm because the President is a baby
@TimStone its supposed to prevent vehicles from getting through but let people and wildlife cross
I'm not 100% sure that's what he has in mind given the death spikes tho
@TimStone i mean he clearly wants the fence to stop coyotes so really it should be like this
See, there's our compromise. We'll build a wall of these dogs and everyone wins
Except the coyotes
Imagine being a Senate page and having to sit there this whole time like "Wow all these people suck"
Oh no is that Schumer? Don't let him talk to all those Republicans
CSPAN feed why is your resolution so bad
10:48 PM
@TimStone guys it turns out we don't have to fund the wall but we just appointed 5.7 billion new judges instead
Flake and Corker just voted yes all of a sudden
But again this is just to consider the bill so I don't know what the game is here
Pence breaks tie
@TimStone "mother wants me home soon"
They voted to proceed so that nothing else would be voted on until an agreement was reached
10:55 PM
@TimStone was someone else asking to vote on other things?
Uhh I think it's a subtle threat to Trump
That the next vote they take will be the vote, no test votes or whatever
@TimStone trump doesn't get subtlety, he gets pouty when he doesn't understand
Flake just got up and said that it needed to be clear that the House bill has no path forward in the Senate
Lamar Alexander is quoting Mr. Smith Goes to Washington for some reason now
BREAKING: @JohnKasich just signed a shameful abortion ban that will hurt women across Ohio — once again putting politics over women’s health. #StopTheBans
dammit @uni
which one did he sign, 6, death, or both
11:00 PM
The "better" one
Notably the one he vetoed last year.
In that case
I believe it had override votes anyway?
but this court will uphold it prob
@TimStone He's defending the filibuster with an example of LBJ and D congress trying to pass anti-right to work legislation, which like, not uhhh very persuasive but okay
Legalizing an effective total ban
This is actually amazing
He's saying that Republicans are often the minority in the Senate so getting rid of the filibuster would be especially stupid but then talks about how waves happen because people get tired of one group and put in another
Which is like, 100% true but also extremely dumb that it's just so simplistic
abortionfunds.org continues to collect funds to attempt to eliminate logistical and financial barriers, including and especially crossing state lines as applies. Please consider supporting these efforts.
11:05 PM
@TimStone they actually use the filibuster tho
dems just make deals to approve more judges
Our comrades in WV at the rust belt conference talked about this as one of the major efforts they undertook, since WV is similar to current OH I believe (20 weeks)
Unfortunately we in Cincinnati are not so fortunately situated, KY and IN being our closest borders
PA is a few hours, IL may be better situated legally as well,
legalize healthcare
@TimStone I 100% don't believe that they aren't looking at just bringing it back on a lame duck
But yeah, also anti-open shop is good actually
11:26 PM
An 8-year-old in Mexico attached her Christmas list to a balloon, hoping it would reach Santa. A man across the border in Arizona found it—then found the girl & fulfilled her list. (He told her he & his wife were “ayundantes de Santa,” or Santa’s helpers.) https://wapo.st/2EASd7P
A deleted scene from Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’ may have pointed to an elite pedophile sex ring http://www.newsweek.com/sacha-baron-cohen-who-america-deleted-scenes-dick-cheney-jeffrey-epstein-1267152
@GodEmperorDune this is an incredibly good name for a holiday centered immigrant outreach campaign and I'm saving it
(at the end the indication is that the FBI declined to follow up, which may or may not imply the sex ring didn't actually exist, but jfc this timeline)
Or it could just mean the FBI was like "meh", sooo
@GodEmperorDune This makes my heart feel better about the world just a littl
@TimStone did he... did he try to start a pizzagate?
11:36 PM
I mean it already supposedly exists here (or the person was bluffing)
So you know, let's hope the latter since the FBI didn't follow up
Issuing a correction: I was under the impression that the options on the table in Ohio were 6 and 0, when in fact that wasn't the case.
Need to read more about what got signed
My understanding is that it's still Quite Bad
Watch: Police activity can be seen from the scene where a man climbed the National Christmas tree near the White House. It is unclear if the man is stuck or if he's refusing to come down. https://on.wusa9.com/2yBxehe
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