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12:13 AM
checks tablet uhhhhhHHHHHH
12:41 AM
French police are threatening to join protesters, demand better pay and conditions https://www.newsweek.com/france-protests-police-strike-gilets-jaunes-yellow-vests-pay-overtime-1264961
@GodEmperorDune Well. Weatherly can go get bent.
These are the most griftable people on the entire planet. https://www.gofundme.com/TheTrumpWall
Staffer: Mr President, you have a meeting in fi....
Trump: cancel it, Hannity is on in 5 minutes
@GodEmperorDune also doesn't have ventilation?
1:12 AM
@Unionhawk lol god damnit
And here I feel guilty for wanting 2000 bucks for my cat.
ffs how the hell do they have SO MUCH MONEY
grumbles darkly
Yeah these grift GoFundMes are not great
> “If the 63 million people who voted for Trump each pledge $80, we can build the wall.”
if If the 63 million people who voted for Trump each pledge $80, that's a wall funded by tax payers
1:34 AM
> I have a public figure Facebook page with a blue check mark
@Memor-X not true, paying taxes is not required to vote
Comrades from @BYP_100 were in Harlem this morning swiping Black & Brown folks into the subway for free to protest racist #BrokenWindows policing. NYPD showed up to harass & intimidate them. Over 90% of people arrested for farebeating are Black or Brown. #SwipeItForward https://t.co/m7dbO8KP0u
Hey everyone. It has come to our attention that some of the references in this tweet are problematic and insensitive. We're posting here in the thread so that people who have engaged with this tweet will join us in our learning moment. 1/4
@Ash yeah
Weirdly, it doesn't look like they threaded it right
tbf, the President, the Most Online Man alive, is also not very good at threading
Twitter: It's Bad!
Just in time for Putin’s annual press conference tomorrow. https://twitter.com/joenbc/status/1075486341037731845
Wait really
@Ash they linked that to the first post instead of the last
and they figured out the racism but not the fatphobia so...
2:13 AM
@Unionhawk Can't believe they haven't shut this down yet, lol
Also can't wait for the "THEY'RE CENSORING US!" takes once it is
Speaking of grifters!
Trump Commerce chief didn't divest from all stocks when he said he would http://hill.cm/HMRZ1Gr
It's Wilbur Ross y'all!
@TimStone There's exactly a 0% chance it's real
I mean even if it was real they can't deliver
The example they cite says, in the article, that it was by an act of Congress
You can just give the government money but the administration still couldn't do whatever it wanted
@TimStone please let it be campbells soup related
Nah, it's like $15k in BankUnited, far less funny I'm afraid
2:21 AM
I know, very disappointing
But! There was a maybe-meteor over SF Bay, that's cool
Did you see the bright light in SF Bay Area sky? Based on clouds in the photo it's not another cloud formation. It could likely be a meteor fireball - very bright meteor. Waiting on confirmation from AMS. Haven't seen video yet. If you have, please share! More @nbcbayarea 6
@TimStone countdown until a startup takes credit for it?
lol nah it'll be Salesforce look it's like a crack, but in the sky!
#FreeMariaButina Embassy's diplomats visited Maria. Our fellow citizen is still in a solitary confinement in complete isolation. She has spent over three months in this detention regime. We demand her earliest release. ➡️ https://www.facebook.com/RusEmbUSA/photos/a.493759737501088/933766476833743/ 👈@StateDeputySPOX
2:29 AM
@TimStone solitary confinement is always fuct but i am not sure if maria butina is being held in solitary
I mean plus she hasn't had "an accident", so all things considered we're doing quite well
the Senate has begun a live quorum call. Senators should make their way to the floor for a vote on the motion to instruct the Sergeant at Arms to request the presence of absent Senators
Old Folks up late
3:03 AM
An institutional Google shareholder is calling on the tech giant to disclose information about the risks associated with a controversial Chinese search engine product, "Project Dragonfly" https://politi.co/2ConaL2
1 hour later…
4:11 AM
NEW detail: Bill Barr shared his memo attacking the Mueller probe with the top lawyer representing the White House in the investigation around the same time he gave it to Rosenstein. https://www.wsj.com/articles/trumps-attorney-general-pick-criticized-an-aspect-of-mueller-probe-in-memo-to-justice-department-11545275973
Ah that's cool and normal for the AG nominee
5 hours later…
8:49 AM
What's remarkable about this story isn't that hackers breached the European Union's diplomatic network (and other orgs) and stole cables about Trump, China, and Russia. What's remarkable is that a security firm found the cables and gave them to reporters. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/18/us/politics/european-diplomats-cables-hacked.html
4 hours later…
12:42 PM
Liberals say they are looking at ways to provide minimum income to all Canadians: ctvnews.ca/politics/…
Ahh folks, the President is online
The Democrats, who know Steel Slats (Wall) are necessary for Border Security, are putting politics over Country. What they are just beginning to realize is that I will not sign any of their legislation, including infrastructure, unless it has perfect Border Security. U.S.A. WINS!
Pretty weird tho because I was told the wall would be concrete or whatever
@TimStone I just figured it be made out of paper mache
See that way you can get local schools to build it
Bringing back child labour does sound about right
....Russia, Iran, Syria & many others are not happy about the U.S. leaving, despite what the Fake News says, because now they will have to fight ISIS and others, who they hate, without us. I am building by far the most powerful military in the world. ISIS hits us they are doomed!
@TimStone I mean they've already started gassing children at the border, so child labour seems like the next natural step.
I know he definitely doesn't care but do you think his brain even processes the fact that his explanation for leaving Syria was that ISIS was defeated?
...He also said that the border was [air]tight due to CBP, which implies we also don't need the wall?
12:49 PM
@TimStone He probably just saw the Archer Season 5 premier and didn't realize it was a different ISIS
bangs head against desk
cc @fredley because Archer
Our very dumb gaslighting president will destroy my remaining brain cells
@TimStone Probably with tear gas
I really hope he gets tossed in jail
@TimStone He can't stay consistent in two consecutive tweets, so nothing surprises me anymore in this regard.
12:50 PM
> The parliamentary budget office has estimated federal spending would need to increase $43.1 billion annually to provide every low-income household with an average of $9,421, beefing up the $32.9 billion Ottawa already spends on support for low-income Canadians.
That's not a lot of cash at all
But maybe it's intended to go along with province programs too... likely, actually
Although I suppose it's not too out of line with someone making minimum wage while working 20 hours a week
Which is probably part of the point. why bother wasting time making peanuts when you could spend that time getting education and training
Thanks for being awesome Sherry (and also sorry Ford is terrible), because you pretty stand as a perfect example of one of the reasons basic income is a great idea (even if it's not easy to implement)
@GodEmperorDune yeah it's hard to wrap our heads around just how empty space really is. The asteroid belt is a great example of this. Folks often imagine it was being some super dense thing like you'd see in some star wars or star trek scenes... but in reality everything is hugely spaced apart.
It's basically a thing that never ceases to amaze
"The moment I found out Trump could tweet himself was comparable to the moment in 'Jurassic Park' when Dr. Grant realized that velociraptors could open doors." https://politi.co/2Ewh3Wu
@TimStone Sometimes you see a sentence so beautiful it just makes you tear up
that's basically poetry
1:26 PM
@Wipqozn pls
1:51 PM
Can you imagine if every small town fact-checked the incoming helicopter reporter, it would be staggering and tremendous. https://medium.com/@micheleanderson/der-spiegel-journalist-messed-with-the-wrong-small-town-d92f3e0e01a7
Kind of excruciating that not only do all the "Trump voters in rural America" stories exist but also they might just be mostly fake
@TimStone i think also when he tweeted about seeing the prototypes they were all concrete
and i can bet you you'll find a tweet where he will brag about american made concrete or specifically saying it would be made with tones of concrete
i'm actually curious though where he got the ideal of steel slates?
That's what the current "fence" is made of
Lately they've just been replacing worn out sections with taller versions of the same thing
@TimStone remember, i think it was during the election, how he said he had a plan to beat ISIS in a couple of hours
we're seeing it
Yeah but now it's Schrödinger's ISIS, the ISIS which is simultaneously both a threat and defeated
2:13 PM
> The Schrödinger's ISIS paradox outlines a situation in which ISIS must be considered, for all intents and purposes, simultaneously a threat and defeated. Trump created this paradox on twitter because we've been in a weird paradox since 2016.
@TimStone that case certainly doesn't help with all the fake news claims. Though I doubt that many people in the US know "Der Spiegel" anyway, so not sure how big this case will be in the US
“A DER SPIEGEL reporter committed large-scale journalistic fraud over several years.” yikes! http://www.spiegel.de/international/zeitgeist/claas-relotius-reporter-forgery-scandal-a-1244755.html
Seems he's been terminated
@MadScientist True, though I was thinking more from the perspective of all the stories we might not have to read if someone wasn't embellishing them enough to make them supposedly noteworthy
I read about it yesterday, it's a reasonably big story in Germany
Ah ha
lol I see Nate Silver is still trying to tweet through it
Or subtweet through it in this case, I guess
2:35 PM
@TimStone Sooo... the enemy in ur-facism?
@TimStone On the one hand, 8 points is a lot. On the other hand, you can't really quibble about people reporting 62% support vs. 70% support when you live in a FPTP system.
2:53 PM
@TimStone What'd he do?
he and glenn greenwald have been on a "actually boycotting tucker is bad" spree
He said it was bad that people, angry that Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist with a TV show, told advertisers, the companies they give money, to not show ads on his show, which exists because the companies gives Fox money
which earned glenn an actual subtweet from actual dril
which is fun
this website sucks
His rationale is that the PR department at Applebee's shouldn't decide what's racist which is a bad argument for other reasons but also not even how this works
2:55 PM
who are we to define words
give tucker a subsidy imo
why not
it's against freedom of the press to not give him more money
It is also against freedom of the press to not give me more money
I don't make the rules nate silver does
It's just kind of hilarious because if "the PR department at Applebee's" had made the decision on their own we wouldn't even be discussing it!
We're only discussing it because the people who spend money at said places said it was bad and the companies went "Well we want your money, so we'll stop airing ads there"
3:10 PM
Which is... basic capitalism 101
Not the bridge? :p
4:16 PM
@TimStone holy shit
@GodEmperorDune Agreed
@TimStone no it is the children that are wrong.jpg
My favorite was when he said that being gay makes him immune to racism or some such bullshit
wait what but also I probably don't want to know
@MadScientist it was all over the American political journalist twitter that I follow
@TimStone here it is
It was rightfully also trounced because these things are different
Oh dear
4:22 PM
@Unionhawk I loved this so much
Interesting Rosenstein comment about the Barr memo: "Our decisions are informed by our knowledge of the actual facts of the case, which Mr. Barr didn’t have.”
That's an interesting comment: why is it that when companies pull their ads, it's considered political and yet it's apolitical when they put ads up?
It's not even considered political when they pull their ads, just when they do it because the market said the thing was bad!
Like surely decisions not to run ads anymore are made all the time and could be for any reason we're unaware of and we're not analysing any of that
But people point out the white supremacist on the TV isn't a good backdrop for your product and throws up arms
@BradC I love this, but am skeptical that the line for “when govt can step in” will not get messed up by lobbying or big pharma doing shady things.
Much like Sony making crap Spider-Man movies because if they don’t have a Spider-Man movie every X years, the rights revert to Marvel
@Yuuki much like “political correctness”, it is bad when companies do a thing I don’t like
@TimStone Yeah, it shouldn't be considered political but then you have people all up in arms about how the corporations are being political because they're pulling ads from crazy people they support.
4:32 PM
See also:
I don't know that people would get upset about boycotting advertising for, like, Stormfront, so I do think a big part of the problem is that people still think of Carlson as "one of us," which I guess gets to a different problem
@TimStone a great thing about this effect is by Hannah gadsby, where everyone draws the line of “this is problematic” in such a way that they are on the good side of it
See also the interviews with literal kkk members who swear up and down that they are not racist after mentioning tons of racist things
@TimStone your favorite pair of #resistance grifter brothers are being used by Chinese state media to build support for the trade war
One of the ways Chinese state media and posters on WeChat push back on Trump’s China tariffs is to use the words/tweets of Americans. We found this and other articles like it when we analyzed recent discussion on China’s biggest social media platform: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/craigsilverman/china-censor-trump-content-wechat
Also Gatwick is closed down because some jackass keeps flying drones over the airfield?
The UK really seems to be into deploying military on British soil these days
I thought they had a similar sort of restriction as the US
I have no idea but shutting down an airport is probably considered like an act of terrorism so it's likely okay
4:50 PM
They need to get those birds that are trained to drop nets on the drones
@TimStone whoever is flying the drones is likely to seriously regret it
@GodEmperorDune Signal disrupters. You aim it at the drone, it interferes with its connection to the controller, and it lands automatically as it does when it moves out of range.
They already have them without needing to keep trained birds at airports lol.
Plus stop using animals as police cc @Unionhawk
(Taking what you said too seriously obviously)
the UK certainly has some Patriot missile batteries lying around somewhere, or? Should make quick work of the drones ;-)
5:08 PM
Ivanka Trump, who’s both a WH official & co-owner of Trump Hotel DC, poses w/Kuwaiti Amb’s wife, who’s both a US ally & Trump Hotel customer
"Social List"...
> France Protests: Police threaten to join protesters, demand better pay and conditions
@BradC lol, my brain didn't even parse the second L. Kerning, folks!
@GodEmperorDune Not sure what the implication is. Don't send out tweets criticizing the president's trade policy because you're supporting the enemy?
I thought it was just called "Socialist" in the sense of "someone who is hip to high society" or something silly
5:18 PM
ivanka is a member of PSL
@Yuuki for me it was a lol, krassenstein
@Yuuki I think it's just an analysis not like a...making a point thing
@Yuuki Don't you hate it when auto-balance kicks in?
JUST IN: DNC announces it will hold 12 presidential primary debates for 2020 cycle, with 6 debates in 2019 and 6 in 2020. http://nbcnews.to/2Bz6KxJ
rubs temples
5:37 PM
@TimStone rekt
@TimStone no comment from Schumer?
The case against Harvey Weinstein will proceed to trial after a judge declines to dismiss any of the five felony charges against him https://cnn.it/2GAG855
Abusers get rekt
6:19 PM
Let me find a less biased source for this
The Justice for Victims of Lynching Act adds lynching to the federal list of hate crimes. http://huffp.st/azfR2gc
Unanimous in the senate, waiting on the house
6:31 PM
This Gatwick thing is playing out like some kind of Black Mirror episode
One guy with a drone provokes military response and causes chaos on a national, if not international level.
They'll probably find them and life will be pretty miserable for them, but the damage is done.
7:03 PM
lol @ Trump refusing to sign the short term funding, amazing
@TimStone He said he would take responsibility for the shutdown, I suppose.
CORKER: “Mitch is on the phone with Paul now, so....” *corker starts laughing* Q: Why are you laughing? Corker: “Well, why not?” /// Corker: “Ya’ll have fun! I may not see ya’ll again for a while...” Q: You’re not going to come back from TN for votes? Corker: “I doubt it.”
Q: What’s going to happen? CORKER: “Who knows? Does the person sitting beside him at the WH know?” *Ted Cruz walks by and says to a reporter: “I think we need to follow through and fund the wall.”* *Corker starts laughing again.” CORKER: “You can’t make this stuff up!”
@TimStone lol ted cruz
I also love how the whole episode with Collins awhile means that no one will believe McConnell if he says "let's fund it for now and then take away the funding later" like some people are suggesting.
7:19 PM
@TimStone did he really?
Lol and then oh shit for the federal employees
To take him up on that offer, Democrats would have to be complete idi— goddammit.
@GodEmperorDune He's throwing a fit, that classic trait we like presidents to have
It's why Corker is laughing, because it's just kind of unhinged
7:40 PM
I know that the whole "BUILD WALL!" gov't press release got a lot of attention, but really, people should not overlook how batshit crazy the @ICEgov press release was about seizing domains, where the agency seems completely unaware that copyright & trademarks are different. https://twitter.com/techdirt/status/1075808387017990144
James Wolfe's sentencing hearing is underway. The judge begins by noting she received a letter from a person who identified themselves as "MALE-1" in the indictment — believed to be Carter Page, based on public reports matching info in charging papers
Kind of want to know what her tone was there, as I feel no one has ever been excited to read a letter Carter Page has sent them
Please enjoy this devastating NYT review of a London restaurant which has opened in Manhattan. It is headlined “What If Brexit Were A Restaurant?" https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/18/dining/bluebird-london-review.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=Food
Rep. Cicilline: You do not know how many people have died in DHS custody? DHS Sec. Nielsen: "I don't have an exact figure" ... Cicilline: "I'm talking about people who have died in your custody. You don't have the number?" Nielsen: "I will get back to you with the number." https://t.co/SxEmRe4CM2
"I would ask for wall. We need wall." https://t.co/mkgHZWFgyI
Not "a wall", she just says "wall", like The Hulk
@TimStone and yet hulk smashes things like walls :thinking:
DON YOUNG, the dean of the House, just went up to the house well and SCREAMED at Doug Collins, who is presiding over the vote, to close voting.
she seems like she is trying to get back on trump's good side to not be fired but he's still gonna fire her
Just a super functional day for all of us here, excellent
Not new news, but a great headline:
7:51 PM
BREAKING: The U.S. House of Representatives.
@BradC i cringe every time i read an opinion piece about middle east policy that uses the term "midwifing"
Boycotting shows is attempted mind & thought control, intimidation (of producers & advertisers), flagrant censorship and an assault on the spirit and intent of the First & Fifth Amendments. @TuckerCarlson
Okay I'm gonna give Geraldo credit here for invoking the 5th Amendment for reasons I can't even guess at
@TimStone tfw boycotts by groups other than governments are said to be unconstitutional
Yeah it's obviously a dumb argument I just don't even know what argument he's trying to make with the 5th there
Like..it's maybe a deprivation of ..property? Maybe? Because Tucker won't get money? Or something? Which would be a multiverse brain take given, like, at-will employment for starters, and then literally everything else wrong about that
8:00 PM
@BradC After the Der Spiegel news this morning, I feel like I want pictures with every bashing description in this article to make me feel certain it's not way exaggerated.
@TimStone maybe someone at fox told all the talent that they had to tweet out support of cucker?
just a weird thing to jump in on
Yeah but you don't have to do it badly!
Narrator: We were talking about Geraldo
Okay narrator fair
“Racism is a national security vulnerability.” You can read my op-ed today on Russia’s targeting of African American voters & exploitation of racism on social media.@washingtonpost https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/its-time-to-face-the-facts-racism-is-a-national-security-issue/2018/12/18/f9746466-02e8-11e9-b5df-5d3874f1ac36_story.html
Remember that bill from @SenRonJohnson defining natural cheese? The House just failed to pass it on a 2/3rds vote. https://projects.propublica.org/represent/bills/115/s2322
No actually I did not remember that god damn this year
@decadent_creed Hi Jesse, just to clarify Totes>>Isotoner does not support the statements of Tucker Carlson. When we became aware of this placement, we pulled our advertising from this program immediately.
When you've lost the home of the totes tostie slipper-sox
in general i'm not a fan of doing things "for national security" but if it gets us to acknowledge that racism is still an problem and move forward in addressing it
@TimStone i had never heard of this company and thought it was fake
8:12 PM
All this screaming about building the wall just highlights how afraid the supporters are.
Matt Whitaker assembled a group of advisers who disregarded a DOJ ethics office recommendation that he step away from the Mueller probe over the appearance of a conflict of interest. New from @DevlinBarrett & @mattzap https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/ethics-officials-say-whitaker-need-not-recuse-from-supervising-special-counsel-probe-according-to-a-person-familiar-with-the-matter/2018/12/20/76332392-046b-11e9-b5df-5d3874f1ac36_story.html?utm_term=.92c158242eee
that's why he was put in the job in the first place
of course whitaker is gonna whitaker
Considering that they refuse to identify the team they could just not exist!
Whitaker's trusted set of advisers "Me, Myself, and I"
@TimStone and also john barron
Farm Bill signing in 15 minutes! #Emmys #TBT https://t.co/KtSS17xvIn
I hate this timeline
Please watch the video, if only for a few seconds before you gouge out your ears
This is a thing that exists and yet we elected this person president somehow
Nah I'm good
8:19 PM
[TRUMP (in overalls and a straw hat)]: FARM LIVIN' IS THE LIFE FOR ME
@TimStone what. the. fuck. did. i. just. watch.
The 2005 Emmy Awards apparently
But anyway yeah reminder the President is shutting down the government whilst tweeting that
Trump 2020 campaign used a shell company to pay ad buyers at the center of alleged illegal coordination scheme with NRA https://www.opensecrets.org/news/2018/12/trump-2020-campaign-coordination/ via @OpenSecretsDC
campaign hasn't started but the crimes have already begun
The ultimate crime speedrun
8:26 PM
WHAT?! "In an astonishing departure from protocol, as the requests were being made, Treasury officials were using their government email accounts to send messages back and forth with a network of private Hotmail and Gmail accounts set up by the Russians." https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/anthonycormier/russian-agents-sought-us-treasury-records-on-clinton-backers
Yesterday, @SlackHQ sent me an email. My accounts on various Slack teams had been immediately deactivated, with no prior warning. The reason? I've visited family in Iran and used Slack when there. Only my work's paid-for Enterprise account works still.
more wtf
Yeah, I saw mention of that and it's just unbelievably stupid
For the millionth time, the B-1B isn't nuclear capable. Can't believe I am tweeting this to an Air Force command official account. https://twitter.com/AirMobilityCmd/status/1075845713903394816
lol amazing
@TimStone #tankerthirst
Hahah, damnit Luke
@GodEmperorDune Look all they do is refuel stuff it's what gets them excited
Pres. Trump looks for Bob Goodlatte, confusingly says he may be in a hearing with James Comey, "trying to see how much he's lying today." https://t.co/xpr1CZiTcv
Actually this brings up the good question of whether or not Trump will remember people didn't get reelected and/or retired or if he'll still refer to them as if they should be there
Can't wait for season 3
8:53 PM
@TimStone uhhhhh
Dec 13 at 17:58, by Tim Stone
Love for my president to crush up adderall and snort it and then invite teenage pageant contestants to his suite, apparently
Maybe that was true after all and someone gave him a bump, idk, he seems especially off the wall today
Just #yoloing it straight up
@TimStone high off his old emmy appearance
or off the fact that he signed the prison reform thing
Honestly still not sure why we didn't just show him a picture of a wall somewhere and pretend he did it
@TimStone I'm interested in the "for the millionth time" myself.
How often does he need to correct someone on the nuclear capabilities (or lack thereof) of the B-1B?
@Yuuki to be fair, i set up a bot to ask this guy if the B-1B was a nuclear aircraft every 20 minutes
9:03 PM
@GodEmperorDune Is the B-1B a nuclear aircraft?
@Yuuki It's a surprisingly common mistake because the B-1B was built for this purpose but is no longer nuclear capable
Since 1995
@puzzlepiece87 lets go to our expert, @aviation_intel
@TimStone lol wut
did the bombs change or something?
Based on the thread, it's a treaty thing.
No, we did the whole "Let's not all die in a nuclear war thing" and there's a stipulation about only having two nuclear-capable air platforms
@daverooneyca @Aviation_Intel Treaty restricted. We can have two nuclear-capable bomber types, so the B2 displaced the B1B. The B52 kept its seniority rights, and it likely will again when the Raider bumps our B2 fleet to conventional status.
9:04 PM
Yeah, that
So yeah, a treaty thing.
@GodEmperorDune ^_^
Of course, that was probably an INF provision
@Yuuki wait we are still flying B52s?
Which we're now tearing up or whatever
So you know
9:05 PM
> The USAF continues to rely on the B-52 because it remains an effective and economical heavy bomber in the absence of sophisticated air defenses, particularly in the type of missions that have been conducted since the end of the Cold War against nations with limited defensive capabilities.
@GodEmperorDune It will live foreeeeeeever
tl;dr it's cheap and still works well when we're not fighting equally developed nations
Like until 2050 at least
@Yuuki uhhhh ok i guess
Which might be forever if we all die
9:07 PM
@GodEmperorDune So we're screwed if we want to bomb Russia but B-52s are still perfect for leveling places no one knows or cares about.
Except for the people living there of course.
But you know us, "acceptable collateral damage" and all that.
@GodEmperorDune I think there's simply nothing that comes even close to it in pure payload, so they're still useful if you need to drop a lot of bombs
@MadScientist which is fine but then why would you need nukes on it?
@GodEmperorDune Why do we need nukes on anything?
@Yuuki fair
Yeah, it's more of a "it can easily carry nukes" type of affair
9:09 PM
Point of fact is that we can have nukes on two air platforms. The B-52 can carry nukes and we still use them.
Therefore, it's designated as one of the two nuclear-capable air platforms our military has.
Pretty impressive tbh for a plane that's been in service since the 50's
What is not as impressive is the house taking trump’s tantrum seriously
Rep. McHenry: "We don’t want to be in the position of a Republican House taking a bill to the president that he’s going to veto, especially on something as important as his number one priority: the wall. So, it’s a tough call but we’re going to do what the president has asked."
It's like Java. Does my new rig need Java? Not really, I don't do anything these days that uses JRE. But it can run Java and maybe I might need it one day, who knows. Plus, like nuclear bombs, Java results in radioactive destruction wherever it's deployed.
But that last part is neither here nor there.
BREAKING: Another brutal day on Wall Street leaves Dow down 10 percent for December, headed for its worst month in nearly a decade.
Very bad day for walls
@Yuuki oh no what kind of security holes does the b52 have
@TimStone threatening a shutdown is cool and easy to win
9:15 PM
@GodEmperorDune Well, the implication of the tweet is that it kinda sucks against modern air defense systems.
@GodEmperorDune I mean there are the multiple instances of the plane having an accident that resulted in a nuclear bomb being dropped on US soil, if that counts
Didn't detonate, but almost!
@TimStone i have heard about these and so many "lol glad it was a dud" type things saved us
almost like foreshadowing a giant pile of incompetence as the current administration
It is amazing that we are not all dead, every day is a blessing
@TimStone the tumblr meme of "humans as space orks" is so on point
@TimStone Is not being dead really a blessing given what's going on right now?
I mean, I'm pretty sure your veins don't consider it a blessing.
9:21 PM
if you guys need me, i’ll be in a hole in the ground 😵💀👋🏽
Richard Nixon went to Mar-a-Lago a month before he resigned the Presidency, July 1974:
(context: this is the actress in the trump emmys clip)
@TimStone wait i thought trump built mar a lago from scratch
Really? No, he bought it
@TimStone i thought he just bought the land
> At the time of her death in 1973, Post bequeathed the property to the National Park Service, hoping it could be used for state visits or as a Winter White House, but because the costs of maintaining the property exceeded the funds provided by Post, and it was difficult to secure the facility (as it is located in the flight path of Palm Beach Airport), the property was returned to the Post Foundation by an Act of Congress in 1981.
Huh, TIL.
9:23 PM
Nope, Marjorie Merriweather Post built it and then she willed it to the government
@Yuuki so trump didn't come up with the winter white house line either?
Yeah, that, and also lol, since Trump's protection costs today are certainly higher 🤷‍♂️
@GodEmperorDune Trump is creative only with spelling mistakes.
Funnily enough she also had a large Russian art collection
@TimStone Side note: Merriweather Post pavilion is a great concert venue.
9:30 PM
I went with friends to several Warped Tours past there and returned again with them this year for the final Tour.
TIL puzzlepiece87 has bad music tastes
@puzzlepiece87 sorry that was a reply to @TimStone that lagged out
@GodEmperorDune Take a virtual lap!
@TimStone To be fair, Russia has some pretty good art.
I mean, there's a massive black market around Russian iconography, IIRC.
Yeah there was a huge issue about how the stuff was sourced iirc
9:34 PM
@Yuuki wut
Ugh, what is it with chat today?
@GodEmperorDune Iconography is basically portrait art, the most common being religious figures.
The use and making of icons entered Kievan Rus' following its conversion to Orthodox Christianity in AD 988. As a general rule, these icons strictly followed models and formulas hallowed by Byzantine art, led from the capital in Constantinople. As time passed, the Russians widened the vocabulary of types and styles far beyond anything found elsewhere in the Orthodox world. The personal, innovative and creative traditions of Western European religious art were largely lacking in Russia before the 17th century, when Russian icon painting became strongly influenced by religious paintings and engravings...
There we go.
Correction: iconography is strictly religious art.
@Yuuki ah for some reason i thought you meant like russian fonts
@Yuuki Yeah, I was going to say, it's strictly religious.
That's typography.
@Ash I'll be frank, the only reason I know about Russian icons is watching White Collar.
9:41 PM
(This feels like the start of a X? no, that's <description of thing that sounds similar to original word>) string
@Yuuki I took Russian language courses for 3 years in university, and some Russian literature stuff too.
@Ash sorry, not my intention
(There was a time I strongly considered doing a Russian lang/lit minor but they didn't offer enough courses)
@GodEmperorDune Oh, not a rebuke, just me being amused
i figured like fonts and icons for use in UIs and stuff
NOW: A federal judge has sentenced James Wolfe, the former director of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee, to *two months in prison* for lying to the FBI about his contact with reporters. Story shortly.
Big. @jaketapper reports that Trump administration officials are now bracing for the president to announce the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan soon. No final decision has been made by Trump, the sources warned.
Wow. @maassive and @eff sued the DEA to get AT&T's Hemisphere records — and won. It's a good job they did, because the newly unredacted documents reveal rampant parallel construction by law enforcement to keep the program secret. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/12/and-after-what-we-learned-about-hemisphere-program-after-suing-dea
Dem @Call_Me_Dutch who voted with GOP on Yemen war met repeatedly with Saudi reps since the conflict began, accepting thousands in contributions from them, I found. He was also one of few Dems to vote against banning cluster bomb transfers to the Saudis: https://tyt.com/stories/4vZLCHuQrYE4uKagy0oyMA/2fBmCjKTywO2E6E22cSKKU
Too much news
@TimStone campaign contributions from foreign sources are still illegal, or?
That doesn't seem like something you should actually say out loud
9:57 PM
@MadScientist I suppose that's one way to shrink the federal government: making government employment look absolutely unappealing.
@MadScientist Fun story, if you hire a properly registered US lobbyist to do it for you it's okay
For some reason
@MadScientist Especially since I doubt most people actually applied expecting a President to act this dumbly
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