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1:07 AM
Q: Why have there apparently never been any government-run "matchmaking" services?

E. G.I've spent the last 20+ years irregularly signing up for one dating site after another, each time trying my best to find somebody. I'm still alone and miserable. Those commercial services are designed to extract as much money as possible from us hopeful loners, but not to actually pair people tog...

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3:24 AM
Q: How should I handle awkward friend situation?

anonymousBillyGoatI'm a freshman in college. I'm looking for advice about how to handle a situation. I asked a girl out that I was really into (we'll call her Anna for this purpose), and she declined because she was seeing someone for a month previously (however, I do believe that she would have definitely gone ou...

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5:21 AM
Q: i ask for advice

MohamedGelsaffywelcome everybody First First, I apologize that I will prolong you I I want to ask for advice I I am a student in the College of Civil Engineering and I love programming and I want to work in it, not in civil engineering, because I do not like it. I am one of the people to whom you give a problem...

6:13 AM
6:50 AM
morning o/
@ExtrovertedMainMan government-run dating sites xD
government website tries to find a couple that will pay more taxes for them :P
7:17 AM
@CaldeiraG For your entertainment then, a quote from the post:
> Another problem with all those random commercial third-party dating sites is that they are so decentralized, and each one only has a small few number of real female users, with mostly scammers and flat-out fake bots.
That's because we females are on a road to realizing we don't need males, and we're working on asexual reproduction techniques as we speak ;)
The idea of non-profit dating site is not entirely stupid, but government run makes me wonder
"You need to mate and procreate, we need the taxes"
Sounds pretty dystopian to me, if you ask me.
I was more imagining something in the lines of, you make an open source project and a nonprofit around the idea of dating, you rely on contributions of people and donations to run the thing which is not terribly complex in reality
Then you could provide an honest service for free
Who knows, if it's massively successful, you could make it your new job idk
7:33 AM
As soon as it becomes someones job, it's not longer non-profit if you ask me :P
Tons of nonprofits hire workers
The point is that the stakeholders earn nothing. So there is no incentive for optimizing this revenue
I know... And I know the idea of 'non-profit' is that you don't make any 'profit' as in, after paying all costs there's no 'profit' left. Still, as soon as something like a dating site becomes your fulltime job, there's some commercial interest that to me taints the idea XD
But you can't have anybody fulltime working on anything without pay, that's equally not fair
Do you imagine e.g. being wikipedia main sys admin and having to worry about money
Having side jobs and all
Yeah, I know...
You could have UBIs?
@CaldeiraG Our government wanted graduates to make babies
7:43 AM
Hah! So Igot that right XD
18 mins ago, by Tinkeringbell
"You need to mate and procreate, we need the taxes"
@JourneymanGeek o.o
@CaldeiraG I had a comment with a wikipedia page :D
@ArthurHv million dollar idea xD
The Social Development Network (SDN), formerly of Social Development Unit (SDU) and Social Development Service (SDS), is a governmental body under the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports of Singapore (now the Ministry of Social and Family Development), which works closely with the community and commercial sectors to foster opportunities for singles to interact in social settings in Singapore. Besides coordinating and facilitating dating activities offered by the private sector, it also serves to educate the public on singlehood issues. Other responsibilities of the SDN inclu...
@ArthurHv a few of the matchmaking services we're using are some old gent trying to be helpful .... close enough?
@Tinkeringbell Perhaps yes but then the incentive to contribute is also very low. I'm not against the idea of UBI and we have something close in France (we have "RSA") as long as 1- its low enough for incentive to work 2- it doesn't substitute to some free services like free healthcare free food if you burned everything
7:47 AM
@JourneymanGeek :)
I think evidences show if UBI is like minimum wage then a much lower portion of people would work, including myself, eating on the wealth people contributed on, and lowering our income progressively...
(france minimum wage i mean, i.e. almost 80% average wage)
I mean, that's one of my worries too. If I could get the money I get now by not working, I don't know if I would continue working this job. But I also doubt people would go sit on their couch and do nothing but watch Netflix... Some people might like doing that for a few months, to rest and recharge... but after that I would expect at least some of those to want to start doing something again.
@ArthurHv yeah
And yeah, perhaps having a job should always come with more benefits than not having one, even in a system that doesn't have UBIs.
After all, by having one you're contributing more taxes to society.
equivalent of RSA there is called RSI here and it's 189,66€ if you live alone
7:52 AM
wait is that a decimal point or a comma? 0_0
decimal :P
i just copied it over from SS website XD
(that goes from "that's a lot of money" to "that's not very much" )
that kind of money is basically being homeless and spend as little as possible on food x)
but if you get children, you can add 50% for each one under 18
which is kinda why you see these social neighborhoods with family with like 4 children or else
8:05 AM
@CaldeiraG That... sounds like a very skewed system O.o If you are just taking kids because you need them to have the money to survive....
That only makes the problem bigger!
8:19 AM
@Tinkeringbell yep
@Tinkeringbell it makes sense from a financial point of view but of course people will try and exploit those flaws
@CaldeiraG I mean, sure, getting financial support that takes into account that you have kids when something happens seems sensible.... It just becomes a problem when that system encourages having many kids, because that's what you need to get enough money (unless you really want to encourage population growth).
8:39 AM
@Tinkeringbell exactly :)
50% of ~190€ is 95€, 95 * 4 children is 380€, 133€ for the partner and 190€ for the person requesting the RSI, it gives roughly 703€, above minimum salary
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10:02 AM
10:14 AM
@lila heyo o/
11:09 AM
12:06 PM
i got hit with a ransomware on my external drive :/
due to SMB
that disk is my on raspberry pi 100% and i have backups :)
@CaldeiraG SMB?
Ouch :(
@Tinkeringbell basically a shared drive via Samba
time to scan pc and wipe that drive
and copy the backup :)
although i'm pretty sure it was done remotely as i saw some tweets talking about it
12:50 PM
I just got another gift from work (this team because I'm switching teams internally). A laurel 'tree' :D
@CaldeiraG You're not going to pay? :P
@Tinkeringbell he has backups
1:21 PM
@Tinkeringbell :p
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3:33 PM
geez im stuck on this sentence
nvm figured it out
8 hours later…
11:37 PM
Look what you have done that spilled even onto my beloved chat room (that I am cultivating like a garden):
in The Litter Box, 7 hours ago, by Joseph Casey
so lila is a bot?

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