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12:17 AM

Never before had someone question if I was ESL.
12:36 AM
1. Find Answer that has some issues (minor enough to not warrant deletion), add comment suggesting improvement.
2. Answerer replies defending Answer.
3. Further explain where I'm coming from in attempt to help answerer improve the Answer
4. Answerer gets defensive and replies aggresively

Sadly a common occurrence. How d'you guys deal with that? I usually just walk away at that point.
1:16 AM
What is ESL?
@Sarov I am sorry but I don't understand the context (I don't even understand the question and I cannot tell whether the answer answers it or not), but in my opinion, regardless of context, comment #4 sounds a bit condescending and the confrontational tone is inflammatory and uncalled for.
@Sarov What I would do - give links to tour page or whatever page describes how the site works, so the user is aware it is not discussion forum, but collaboratively edited Q&A, like Wikipedia, that is intended to serve as a knowledge source.
1:37 AM
@Sarov However, I would also be trying to express some empathy as the user says among the lines of "if you are moderator then delete my answer if you don't like it" and it indicates that the user may have had some unpleasant experiences on some sites other that SE where the policy was to censor/delete content that moderators didn't like.
2:15 AM
@lila English as a Second Language.
@lila I would if I had, but I don't think there's an actual post to point to - it's just that the Answer is a bit unclear. Imo, anyway, though given the negative voting score the community agrees with me.
@lila A fair possibility, though I don't think that perspective would change what I said nor give me anything further to say.
3 hours later…
5:02 AM
@lila Also known as "ESOL" English for Speakers of Other Languages.
@Sarov I have been known to suggest a user tries composing their text and use translate.google.com to flip it back and forth between english and their birth language to make sure its about right. A bit rude I know.
5:49 AM
@Sarov I'd raise a flag on 4, but otherwise you're okay. There isn't much else to do in such cases...
@Sarov >_>
I'm ESL. No one believes I learnt to speak english from cartoons
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7:09 AM
7:43 AM
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9:45 AM
Hey.... you're early!
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1:07 PM
@Criggie Huh, never seen that one before. TIL.
@Criggie That's actually not a bad idea. Grammarly's also a thing, though I've only ever suggested that one offline.
@JourneymanGeek <_<?
1:32 PM
2:00 PM
i've heard DeepL does a better job than google translate
but i pretty much know how to talk in english so it's easy for me even
2:15 PM
@Sarov see next line :D
2:40 PM
@Sarov I like grammarly. I really miss it on my work laptop or mobile, and then I read messages/posts I wrote while not having it again and I'm always shaking my head at the ridiculous amount of mistakes I make when I don't have it.
@Tinkeringbell Why not suggest to boss/IT to get it installed? I got it installed for my ESL coworkers and the technical writers.
@Sarov Eh, IT over here isn't very happy to install things, and it would very likely be declined as most communication internally is in Dutch.
We have other spell-checkers for that ;)
It's mostly the posts/messages I write on this site where I miss the plugin, and the occasional e-mail to some sub-contractors in India. But for that latter, the company would probably argue my English proficiency is more than enough, as the e-mails we get from India are often outright horrible.
Heh, I see. There's always grammarly.com/grammar-check though.
4 hours later…
7:03 PM
Q: Is this person ignoring what I had asked him?

user33857About a month ago I asked this person something and he told me he will let me know as soon as he gets a date and time. Is he ignoring the request I had asked and just said he will let me know just so he wont say no to me

7:53 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Yes. Despite being a person on the internet I am psychic and can read his mind.
...Given the existence of the term 'small talk', does that mean there's such a thing as 'large talk'?
8:19 PM
I think so, small talk means this filler drivel nonsense that people pretend to enjoy emitting and listening to in order to raise their perceived social "competence", large talk is the uncomfortable, important seriousness that drains our cognitive reserves and is perceived as less pleasant and casual.
Q: Antonym of "smalltalk"?

chelderAccording to wikipedia, smalltalk is an informal type of discourse that does not cover any functional topics of conversation or any transactions that need to be addressed. For example: William: Morning, Paul. Paul: Oh, morning, William, how are you? William: Fine, thanks. Have a good weekend? ...

:P there's a site for those questions !
Hey, sometimes smalltalk can be legitimately enjoyable!
But sometimes!
@Tinkeringbell One-line answers, no matter how correct they are, always make me deeply uncomfortable :/
@Sarov Haha I know, that is what we are doing in this chat after all? :o
8:37 PM
@lila They're not uncommon on that stack. I'm not a huge fan of that stack, actually. Too many unexplained down/close votes that I just gave up on it.
8:49 PM
I sometimes read other Stacks and think about starting to participate on these other Stacks, but then I read a couple of comments under some post and think "no thanks".
9:01 PM
Does that include IPS?
9:54 PM
Not really because I hardly ever read IPS Q&A, I only use the chat of IPS. By other sites I meant Biologist's Stack, Chemist's Stack and a few others.
10:26 PM
Oh, and Sarov'esque question: if "hardly ever" means "rarely, almost never" then "softly ever" means "often, almost always"?
10:47 PM
Well, looking at the etymology...
'c. 1200, "in a hard manner, with great exertion or effort," from Old English heardlice "sternly, severely, harshly; bravely; excessively"'
Which implies that the 'hard' in 'hardly' corresponds to the 'hard' in 'hardened', thus 'softly' would correspond to 'softened', which has an opposite meaning and thus I would posit that, yes, 'softly ever' means 'in a soft manner, with little exertion or effort'. And when something takes little effort, it tends to happen more often, so...
11:12 PM
@lila That's applying logical rules to the language. Language follows an interesting idea of logic, it's not strictly logical
@Sarov Thank you for sharing your experience! Awkward Silence chat messages require more context than some authoritative references alone can provide; these citations and explanations of why your chat message is correct really need some interesting anecdotes to support it. Please add interesting anecdotes to help support the experience you're describing, or this message might eventually be removed. (I'm just kidding, wonderful answer, don't hate me please ;_;)
@M.A.R. This does not really answer the question. If you have a different question, you can ask it by clicking Ask Question. You can also add a bounty to draw more attention to this question once you have enough reputation. - From Review (just kidding, don't hate me please ;_; )
hates lila please
Who's lila please

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