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2:10 AM
Oh, of course there are ^.^ like Chemical, Medical Science and Earth Science Stacks. And you are right about no reason to limit oneself to one site, but I am passively visiting these sites from time to time, it is just that I don't feel I have enough knowledge to actively answer questions at any other that Pets. As for asking questions: as unoriginal and predictable as I am, almost all of the questions I would be interested in asking have (fortunately) already been asked and answered.

Also, for me Pets is like a garden that, together with other people, I am taking care of - and one SE netw
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6:54 AM
(Although, afternoon for me)
Hahaha good afternoon to you then. And morning! :)
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8:53 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan I had a funny answer but could be in poor taste. Man it takes some self control.
@Criggie cross-eyed? Yeah.... :P
Heard something about earth quakes and tsunami's over there, was that near you?
Not really - we had quakes starting just over 10 years ago, and they slowly stopped over about 8 years - haven't felt one near me for a year or so.
But theres a lot of faults in the ground - the latest ones were pretty big, 7.1 magnitude. Fortunately they were out to sea, and 90 km deep compared to the 2-5 km deep of earlier ones.
the main risk was tsunamis, which did happen but were barely more than a big wave. Nothing at all like the Japan one.
I saw this one of the Japan tsunami - its horrifyingly slow.
9:09 AM
We're seeing fires in the hill area for some months.
yeah - no fires here lately, thankfully.
it was a delayed start to summer, so the potatoes and corn really didn't grow well. Tomatos are loving it,
@AJ did you page me earlier ? I see the alert but the message was removed
Yeah, I did. It was about a question I asked on Home Improvement. Needed to confirm if it's suitable there.
Probably not a home improvements question - it looks more like a lifehacks.SE question.
Remotely maybe https://crafts.stackexchange.com/
If it were about the machine itself, would still probably be off topic. It only gets on topic there if it were about wiring the machine, or venting, or something more related to the home
That'd be my guess anyway
9:20 AM
No activitiy yet
There's a chatroom for DIY too, though its pretty quiet. chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/111/home-improvement
The DIY question is likely quiet because its a fairly US heavy site - sooo many of the questions are about US wiring.
I find it terrifying how so many people can get so deep into things they don't understand.
Here in NZ I cannot touch my distribution board, other than to reset/change fuses.
Speaking of that wiring I asked, I used the tape to close all open-ended wires and then put them in a plastic bag.
ok - as long as you're happy wiht it.
Personally I find the most valuable thing to be accurate labelling.
Although we have managed to cut the connection to those wires from the main supply, We just used the tape as a caution.
something that says this wire goes to "bedroom #2, south wall" or something
yeah good idea - there really is nothing wrong with a little extra safety
9:23 AM
Labelling will be hard. We don't even label the switches.
Although, you can deduce that by turning on and off MCB's switches.
That's what we did in our case.
mmmm later-you may end up grumpy at past-you :)
I tend to overlabel, but its saved me in the past
My coworkers get annoyed when I add notes to /etc/motd on servers.... I keep it terse and relevant, but things like "if you restart redis here then must restart the blah service on mas1 through 12 - 2020-04-04 CF" has helped avoid problems.
anyway - 22:30 here and I'm for bed. Good night all!
Yeah, it should help. Good night!
As for the buttons - did you buy the same kind, or better ones ?
cos if something fails me, i generally don't buy the same thing again.
bone or antler or plain modern plastic buttons should survive any normal washing machine.
right - gone !
@Criggie I replaced them with those plastic ones.
9:44 AM
@Criggie Oh, that's good :D
10:13 AM
morning! :)
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11:15 AM
Well, I just ordered something, and since I live near a physical shop, they should come by this afternoon already to deliver it. Fingers crossed!
12:03 PM
nice :)
2 hours later…
1:35 PM
<rant> I'm taking another company training... I just answered a question wrong and all I got was a popup... I got the next one right, and now I'm sitting through a scene where this annoying lisping voice slooooooowly talks me through my correct answer again?! </rant>
2:03 PM
> Shut up Velma
I'm finally done though. 1 hour for a bunch of stuff I could've read in 10 minutes, and 15 for a 'game' with 6 multiple choice questions or so.
2:54 PM
@CaldeiraG Nothing yet, so I'm going to give up hope. I think this means it will arrive by mail, tomorrow.
@Tinkeringbell yea, most likely
i'm used to waiting XD
I'm disappointed. Empty promises disappoint me XD
@Tinkeringbell damn. That must be frustrating.
They always are. And every single time I give as feedback: "Give me the text and the multiple choice questions and let me pick my own pace" and every single year things are slowed down further.

When I joined 5 years ago, you could pick the 'accessibility' version and just get the text, even though there still was some kind of timer it was faster than having everything read to you.

Now, there's closed captioning so even that is no longer faster.
Also, every training now has been 'gamified', requiring you to sit through an extra tutorial, click around on things that aren't useful (like, click on the laptop, papers on your desk and jacket to find out your phone is in neither of them, only then to get the question on what to do when you lose your phone)
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4:17 PM
Q: How do I stop thinking about the foreigner who stole my heart?

KristianContext I am a 23 yo male, living in Northern Europe. Last year I was dating an american girl for 3 months and some (from june through august) every 3rd-4th day or so. She's the most amazing human I have ever met, in all aspects. What felt like the perfect fit for me. Felt like a soulmate. Common...

5:04 PM
hey :)
6 hours later…
10:50 PM
Sleeping in till almost noon == win
11:30 PM
I will need to try that too. That way I might get out of doing some chores tomorrow!
Night :)

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