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9:06 AM
good morning everyone
Morning! :)
how is everyone's monday starting off? for me it's been h*cking cold so far
9:21 AM
It's chilly in the office too here. Also, I forgot my debit card so now I have to go beg a coworker soon to pay my lunch :P
But the trains were on time, and there's coffee here :)
@Tinkeringbell coffee is the fuel of all of us :p
It certainly does work for me :)
9:40 AM
that has to be a troll question right
10:05 AM
It sure looks like it
it's now gone.
nevermind that its completely off topic...
what a weird question
Poof, it's gone :)
tips hat
atleast i got in my all important flag on the question :)
10:37 AM
are we leaving this inlined monolith here for memoir? :p
Maybe not huh
It's unfair that ROs get to remove messages permanently, while we can only push them to history
Suppose I said something rude, and want to take it back, it would take some RO/mod to see the flag, and might even get me some suspension. Better I remove it myself.
@ankii ... don't say anything rude? :p
@ankii Act quickly and delete it within 2 minutes.
well I haven't had any arguments like that yet, but even in jokes, there can be hurtful comments.
@NogShine one can see it in history
10:45 AM
Only RO and mod can see that history
I can see that too, so I thought everyone can. :p
Ohh that day Ankit Sharma was(is) an RO too! I didnt know that back then.
All cool people! :)
Misusing this remove feature can have same result as saying rude stuff.
Q: What can we do about users who often self delete their chat messages?

Nog ShineIn Chat rooms, users are able to edit and delete their own messages within 2 minutes. Here, this feature is misused by some users. They often self delete messages which provide context to the conversation. I have seen many moderators and Room Owners saying some users not to delete their own messa...

No it was PII.. you can trust me with not misusing things, most of the times ;p
*Self promotion*
well you succeeded
1 hour later…
12:00 PM
Good morning
good afternoon indeed
12:54 PM
Morning all!
I hope not! That means there'll be too much workday left! :P
Aternoon ;)
1:10 PM
@Tinkeringbell Well, I do still have the whole workday ahead
Just under 3 more hours to go here...
Can't wait for it to end XD
If you were on the fence about whether or not something was rude, would you flag it?
Yes. Or even with a custom flag.
1:25 PM
oh hey @avazula, nice timing
@Rainbacon you almost beat me to it! :p
we should let them know that it's NAA too
1 hour later…
@scohe001 <3 <3 <3
2:51 PM
I can't see :( imgur is blocked
i.stack.imgur.com is not :)
It wouldn't let me upload it for some reason :/
imgur is blocked on my office wifi :)
@scohe001 like that?
If teaching is the purpose, the comment has no real purpose. I am aware of close votes, their purpose, and I don't feel I abused it. It is an edge case where positives outweighed the negatives, which I see none, until I am enlightened over the *why* of it.
It put the burden of reopening on the community, rather the moderators which should handle equally opposed and supported cases anyway.
Gives the voters a chance to re-evaluate their close vote, assuming that retracting is not a common practice.
> I'll vote to reopen later.
Given sufficient improvement
> I'd hold my temptation to close a question just because it is on 4 close votes ^^
Oct 23 at 18:49, by Tinkeringbell
@ankii Better to close and keep an eye out for good edits that allow reopening?
3:52 PM
@ankii I'm sorry, I struggle to understand what you're talking about? Is this referring to the conversation above?
@avazula not at all
@ankii close voting to see who voted to close is the wrong reason to close vote. If you don't think it should be closed, you shouldn't vote that way — Rainbacon 2 hours ago
It was fine when I read it, but later I saw 3 upvotes too.
And comment box was too big and temporary for this.
rep going up again :D
@scohe001 Aww cutie :)
@avazula clearer? ^^’ I was reluctant to tag one person, when there are multiple agree-ers.
3:59 PM
my reputation history is 95% me making edits lol
@AlexRobinson don't worry, I've been there XD
rep cap from suggested edits is 1000 so I was pretty close
if you're wondering how i got into that page, just add /reputation next to the site URL
4:15 PM
@ankii if you're responding to a comment on meta, you should probably just reply there so the conversation stays all in one place
@EmC I replied a summary ;p But I haven't lurked on Meta enough to see the comment policies there. Remained on the safe side. If someone posts a question about it, or opens a mod enquiry, I'd respond there too.
@ankii ok I see. It's just confusing when you start talking about something in here without context, and not everyone who is active on meta visits chat ;)
wait whats this about a rep cap with edits? @CaldeiraG i've not heard of it before
@AlexRobinson one can make only so much edits
i mean it makes sense but... damn
4:25 PM
> in fact everything on SE is rate limited
Except Jon Skeet
yup, you can only earn up to 1000 from edits meta.stackexchange.com/questions/7237/how-does-reputation-work
@EmC linked them here \o/
Off to pass a C struct defined in another file to a third file
have fun :P
4:30 PM
stackoverflow.com/help/whats-reputation "suggested edit is accepted: +2 (up to +1000 total per user)" this applies in every site
so you can only do 500 suggested edits
@ankii :P
you can do more but won't get the rep though?
I think so, yes
the only thing I see about not being able to suggest edits is if you've made a lot of bad edits and got banned
Apparently, I'm a bot. Could we remove this as NLN? (or unfriendly, but NLN will do)
@Ælis no.. tell them to either make a separate paragraph for personal experience... etc
or links if applicable
4:47 PM
that comment is a bit of a yikes
@ankii Sure, I should clarify my comment. But BKlassen already ask for that and Harper is just being chatty/mean by saying the same thing in a rude maner (plus Harper, isn't the answerer, so I really don't care about their opinion)
comment poof'd.. but yeah clarifying what you think needs backed up would help, it does seem based on personal experience to me
it wasn't just chatty, it was passive aggressive
I don't see backup for that: "The only "solution" is to actually be brave and politely ask either your brother or sister-in-law (whomever you feel safest with dealing with). If it feels safer or is just easier for you, you can just text a simple "Hey! I was wondering if [name] liked the present I sent him. Did he?" Avoid anything that sounds like you're angry. If they're smart, they will get the message that someone should have said something (like thank you), if they're not, you may at least get an acknowledgement that he received it. "
Also, this needs back up too: "The "simplest" (ha!) thing would be to just take a big breath and try to just accept that it is what it is and live the rest of your life as best as you can. Find as many activities as you can that you enjoy, and do them. Maybe even volunteer somewhere. You never know - you might one day be surprised to find you've made some good friends (or at least feel good about yourself for making your life as fulfilling as possible). "
yeah its... its really not a fantastic answer right now. it could probably be salvaged though if they have a personal experience to back it up
4:56 PM
oh didnt realise they weren't the answerer
agreeing to all said here and done here&there
Ah Sheet.. There we go again meme
this person literally needs to take a deep breath. not being sarcy or rude or anything - we all need to sometimes
NLN imo, it doesn't appear to add anything and or is an answer in the comments
@AlexRobinson that's what "tp" is for ;)
i've seen people use tp and fp but don't entirely understand who should be using it?
@IPSCommentBot tp
Marked this comment as caught correctly (tp). Currently marked 1tps/0fps. beep boop My human overlords won't let me flag that, so you'll have to do it yourself.
5:04 PM
Anyone can and should use it
ahhhh ok will do in future ^^
If a comment gets reported here, and you think it should be removed, use tp
If you think it should not be removed, use fp
We also have "rude" and "wrongo" as feedbacks for the bot
...irrespective of whether or not the reason was correct
5:05 PM
@AlexRobinson Also, it doesn't matter if the catch reason doesn't match the actual reason of why it should be deleted
rude is pretty straightforward, and I actually have never seen anyone use wrongo
@user58 Dang, you are quicker than me!
@Rainbacon wrongo is an alias for fp. Somebody before me had a sense of humor :p
*cough* @doppel
ah, I see
5:06 PM
noted, its pretty nice that this bot is set up... makes moderation stuff a lot easier
May 9 '18 at 11:11, by doppelgreener
fr: change the false positive feedback response to WRONGO
@AlexRobinson Yep, definitively that (I love you @IPSCommentBot <3)
why would anyone use fp when wrongo is an option
@user58 Ooh, new fr: change the bot's response to wrongo to instead just say "No U!"
5:37 PM
TIL that you can flag an answer more than once after your previous flag was marked as helpful
5:59 PM
3 messages moved to Trash
(Sorry, playing with the bot rn)
In other news, the day has finally come, my ips brethren!
@IPSCommentBot gimme a cat
Oh no. That was supposed to work :(
Lol I only configured it to work in the HQ room. Stay tuned. Cats will be making there way from the closet to TAS soon :p
@Ælis (catching up now, just got out of a meeting and forgot to close tabs as usual :P)
oh, it was flag-deleted. good job on the flagging ;)
@EmC Don't worry, there are other unhandled flags for you to look at :p
refreshes dashboard
6:16 PM
@IPSCommentBot fp
Well @scohe001, you've created a monster. Fortunately, it's in the closet, where monsters belong
Lol ideally it'd work here, but it looks like my hooks are broken
We'll see if restart fixed it though...
@IPSCommentBot cat time?
Nope :/
hmmmm I didn't realize I had a 1:1 scheduled today but I just got the 10-minutes-before notification, is it too late to cancel :/
pffff it has taken me 7 minutes to write and rewrite and give up on writing a message asking that, so I guess I'll just go and say "hi i don't have much to talk about" in person xP
plot twist: my manager has now asked me if we can cancel because his other meeting is going long. LOL
6:32 PM
Ahah, nice for you!
\o/ more time for debugging now :)
@EmC I hope I get to do that again soon
@Rainbacon stuck in meetings, too?
No, we're having trouble actually get to the development part of this project
oh that sounds frustrating :(
6:40 PM
First we didn't have the requirements finalized, for the last couple of weeks the architects have been fighting over final designs
It's very frustrating
Right now our sprints have like 10-15 points in them for a team of 5
So we're doing some dev, but not enough
I'm spending too much of my time doing other things, like figuring out what we can work on while the architects resolve their in-fighting
This is not at all an uncommon occurrence as a consultant
bleh. just think of the experience it will give you for interview questions about "tell me about a time you had conflict on a team.." though :P
also how many points is a normal amount? I haven't been on a team that uses that system >.>
Well, it's different per team based on how you give out points, but I'm used to being on teams where each person has 15-20
though the estimations are weird at this client
7:36 PM
@IPSCommentBot Nice, can I have a cat yet?
@Rainbacon Yep. That's about the size of it.
I love that I got the cat and a response from the bot
Lol that's a known issue. It runs both logics. Haven't taken the effort to fix that yet
now it's a c(h)atbot
@Ælis don't abuse it too hard. @ips time for a kitten party?
Oh I see you're interested lol
@IPSCommentBot cat pls?
7:39 PM
@IPSCommentBot give me teh kitties kthnxbai
Lol for some reason that feels like a very @Rain kitty.
excellent addition @scohe001 :)
Haha glad you like it :D
@scohe001 <3 Kitty all over the place \o/ Wouldn't you agree @IPSCommentBot?
Ahah XD
Oh dear, this one was unexpected xD
Ooh that's an evil kitty. I can just imagine it saying "Purrrrrfect" :P
@IPSCommentBot you and me both, kitty
Oh no, the cat images don't onebox
7:52 PM
@Rainbacon ...they don't? It looks like they are for me
Nope, I'm not seeing oneboxes. I'm using the chat dark theme extension for chrome
I have all of the options checked except for user color bars
they OB for me
Huh I'm not familiar with that extension. Do other images not from i.stack.imgur/imgur onebox for you?
same here. try disabling the extension? or could be a firewall issue maybe?
the image URLs appear to be coming directly from https://purr.objects-us-east-1.dream.io, not imgur
Q: I was mistakenly identified as a criminal, and this has caused rumors. How can I convince my friends that it is all a mistake?

Scott SmithA while ago, I was at a popular, busy local nightclub (this is in the Unites States) and ran into a friend of a friend. Let's call her Anne. After a bit of conversation with Anne, and mutual name-dropping of our overlapping social networks, a bouncer approached me and said that he was asked to es...

7:56 PM
Hmm, nope, that didn't work
@Rainbacon Stupid test, but does this work:
Huh, that one works
Oh weird
If I'm in chat and it gets posted, then the picture oneboxes
@Rainbacon Only solution I see is: stay in chat :p
But when I refresh the page, they no longer onebox
8:11 PM
And it's that way for all oneboxes
@ExtrovertedMainMan That's a really good question. I hope the OP is able to get some good answers
Thanks for the comments over there @EmC and @Rain :)
@Ælis I can't provide personal experience on the rumor question, what possible external sources I could tap ?
I fear they might be too generic advice as well
@Ælis np :) I figured since they were a new user they might not realize it can still be worth the effort to edit deleted answers
@ips meow?
8:18 PM
@ArthurHavlicek Honestly, mostly any internet link will do (even a dubious blogpost). As long as the question is not tagged "academic-research", (mostly) everything will do
@ArthurHavlicek I feel like you could even use a TV show or movie here as a reference if you wanted (as that's what comes to mind for me with dispelling false rumors). Or if you can abstract your idea enough to relate it to something that's happened to you that you've resolved, that'd work too.
@scohe001 I would caution against suggesting fictional stories as a reference point
I think that sets a precedent that we don't want here
@scohe001 Meh, not so sure about fictional work :/ I have seen some of those being (rightfully IMO) declined
For one thing, people in movies/tv often have terrible interpersonal skills
Found a wikihow link, hope that's good enough
8:20 PM
Hmm I feel like the interpersonal interactions are usually sound though (as long as it's not a comedy). In an English class, talking about character interactions and feelings as arguments for real world situations is perfectly valid. But idk how willing we'd be to allow something like that
@scohe001 You must not watch many romances. Because those people are awful at communicating.
I'm imagining something like talking about Huck and Jim's interactions in Huckleberry Finn for example. I feel like there was some nuanced stuff there that could be useful
Maybe I'll write up a meta later if I feel up to it
@Rainbacon lol fair enough. Granted those are usually rom-com, which falls into comedy :p
@ArthurHavlicek Looks nice to me (I must say, I always love wikihow articles) :)
yeah, I'm with @Rainbacon on this one.. movies / TV / novels have helped me get ideas about how to act in situations and put myself in others' shoes, but ultimately the characters are acting that way because that's what the writer wanted them to do..
Meh. Fair enough
8:26 PM
not to discourage you from a meta post if you want to discuss it more formally ;)
Nah you're good lol it's not something I could see myself do, so I'm not super willing to go out of my way to write up a meta on it anyways
random question - does anyone else use Duolingo? I just got a notification that someone is "following" me and I have no idea what the point of that is lol
I've used it in the past, and yeah I have no idea why that feature exists or how one would use it
The only use I can think of is a really creepy one
I use it very rarely, two of my siblings use it every day
Follow someone to see what they are learning and then use that knowledge to initiate a conversation
8:31 PM
I have one of their stickers on my laptop. But I don't think that counts
@AGirlHasNoName haha
It may be for parents following their children progress, things like that
ohh and teachers maybe?
yea, I guess
oh yeah, that would actually make sense
if random people want to see how many points I got in Spanish today then.. weird, but whatever
8:33 PM
Yeah, those are some good legitimate uses, I must just be a pessimist
Neither of those uses explains random people peeping in on Em C though
I guess some people like to ghost the weirdest things
I've never seen the word ghost used in that context.
It works though
Ah. Well i'm non native and may make some weird use of words :P
We used ghost in video games when you are dead and spectate someone
It's a good use, if not idiomatic.
8:44 PM
@ArthurHavlicek I'm not a native speaker either but I handle my weirdery well enough
Now I'm thinking, people use English letters to talk in their native language
I'd use "stalk" in that case
What if I do the opposite? لتس دوو دیس
I don't read Farsi
@M.A.R. one of my coworkers sent me this this morning
stalk does seem appropriate. its a bit creepy.
8:46 PM
My brain still hurts
@user58 Shivers I I I I don't think . . . I don't
Clears throat Sorry. I won't do that abomination again.
@scohe001 It's perfectly understandable for some reason
Haha you must speak a European language then. It's like just barely understandable enough to hurt me
@scohe001 so, how am I supposed to pronounce that
Maybe I should read it in a Scandinavian fashion
I don't know any Scandinavian languages
@M.A.R. I wonder if there's an SE site where you could ask about Europanto lol
English lingua und uso
On-topic there, I swear.
Half ELU chat is filled with tchrist, Cerb and Rob talking in God-knows-what language
Don't tell them I said that.
@M.A.R. GKW? I think they taught that in my high school
You're bluffing
Ah vraiment
@M.A.R. ahh but everybody has a perfect poker face on the internet ;)
8:52 PM
@scohe001 my favorite part is "habe your computero eine virus catched?"
reminds me of wandows
@EmC LOL I've never seen that, that's hilarious
it is one of my favorite internet images :D
Could you upload that to stack.imgur?
@scohe001 Play Spyfall, you'd be surprised
8:57 PM
@user58 spyfall?
@M.A.R. hmm I wonder if you could upload it to stack.imgur yourself actually. It can take a link, can't it? Or would your network block even that...hmm
Q: What are these chatrooms with names like 'Codenames', 'Contact', and 'Spyfall'? What are they for?

user58I see there are several rooms hosted on Puzzling on chat.SE that have strange, one-word titles, like: Contact Codenames Spyfall Zendo Strupremum What are these rooms for?

@M.A.R. edited :)
@user58 ahh sounds similar to one of the Jackbox games :p
@scohe001 that worked at my last job >.>
another good trick was finding the google cache version of pages. but that only worked sometimes
Ooh tricky tricky
9:02 PM
they had weirdly inconsistent firewalls. the most annoying part was that almost every restaurant website was blocked (although yelp wasn't)

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