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12:11 AM
Q: How to ask the parent of a child I tutor to be less hands on during our lessons?

JuliannaI have been tutoring French for a very long time, this is the first time I have had a parent who sits at the table with me and their child. During the entire lesson they are interrupting by trying to correct their child's answers and pronunciation. The parent does not speak French, their correcti...

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3:32 AM
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4:47 AM
Q: How to gracefully ask HOA residents about their experiences?

La AnillaI am currently looking for a condominium and would like to ask the residents within the HOA building about their experiences with said HOA. This most likely involves knocking on their doors. How can I ask about their experiences without making them feel uncomfortable? This is in the United State...

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7:57 AM
Good morning everyone!
I guess I'll be everyone.
@Alex you can be my everyone if you want to? :p haha
It seems that there's way less chatter since a few weeks. It could be explained by the fact that some of us got a new job and some others got new annoying coworkers ... :p
And some lost their tongues.
8:14 AM
@avazula delayed effect of HNQ? :O
@avazula Hahaha
8:32 AM
@avazula And I got super busy at work.
8:45 AM
@JAD come on pal xD
@AJ good thing I guess?
@avazula Not really. I feel like I am doing nothing yet I am doing too much.
:/ 'm sending you courage and hugs :D
Thanks. :D
@AJ Say this on a religious site and you will be hailed like a hero XD
8:54 AM
"You are doing much but you are not feeling you are not doing too much. That is a great thing just like a Yogi. Following Karma Principle. You are on a path of self realization. Don't stop what you are doing" showers you a lot of upvotes
Dec 1 at 18:37, by Nog Shine
E ≠ mc it is Emmm Seee cc @AJ XD
You got this @AJ ?
@NogShine yeah
@NogShine Ink from your skin will fade in 10 days, but it will take time to come off from nails.
@AJ I am angry with that lady who couldn't even put the ink properly on the nails.
Well, they make sure that ink doesn't fall on their hands.
9:09 AM
She dragged it up to my finger.
The guy who applied the ink on my finger started with my nail.
and dragged it towards the middle of the finger
Did you make her angry?
Why would you apply ink to your finger?!
@AJ Not at all.
9:21 AM
@Sid Buddy, you're still in college. :P
In case you don't know, we did voting in the state elections.
Ah. Right. Voting. Choosing one useless political party over the other
@NogShine anyway, don't bother about it.
@Sid True.
Whatsapp stories were full of those pics
@Sid Best among the worst.
@NogShine I took selfie too but didn't post them anywhere.
@AJ Same.
I put as "Yet another "I have voted" status update" in text :P
9:27 AM
Vote NOTA.
Good morning :)
@avazula He's not here today :D And I get to work from home tomorrow too, so that's only 2 days of annoying co-worker for me this week :D
@Tinkeringbell Yay! Good news!
10:07 AM
Q: How do you tell your superior that you have a problem with another coworker?

NoonBackground I'm a woman, 23 years old and a freshly hired Q&A ingenior (2 weeks). I was asked to do some task (implement automatic test on Jenkins). I ran into a problem and needed the help of someone in an other department (male, here since 2 or 3 months, work as a contractor and not as an emp...

Anyone here knows about Jenkins, Jenkinsfile and using docker as an agent?
@Noon I've only used Jenkins from the dashboard so far, so I guess this wouldn't help you? :/
Sorry to hear you have to go through this BTW ...
@avazula No, it won't help :/
@avazula Hearing you say that already makes things better <3
@Noon Heh, I'm glad then. Lots of courage and hugs to you ♥
10:38 AM
Q: How do we deal with the fact our daughter will never marry or have children?

vancouver-talit6062We are a couple, 36/M, and 38/F, with a 13-year-old daughter, who was diagnosed with dementia on Saturday. We're from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Over the past few weeks she'd been forgetful; couldn't dress herself properly, and sometimes had a look on her face like "where am I?", and...

@ExtrovertedMainMan ^ semi intrapersonal
10:53 AM
sounds like they need grief counseling
I left a quick comment re the inter-intra...
11:35 AM
hello :)
12:15 PM
Ok, I edited that question because it was way too intrapers as is. I'm gonna let a comment though, because maybe they were more interested in advice on how to cope with it, which is off topic, so...
and why do people upvote off topic questions T_T
@avazula It wasn't that off-topic ;-) Just the title. Now, I hope they give some guidance on the kinds of reactions they'd like to avoid, then it's a perfect question. Also, pity-upvotes are a thing ;)
@Tinkeringbell also the body, but I didn't remove it for I felt that the OP's author needed to talk about it. I edited and now it should be fine, I guess.
@Tinkeringbell Then you are done with him? ^^
@dhein No, there will be 4 days of co-worker next week. then I'm done ;)
@Tinkeringbell So yes, and not not? '^.^
12:27 PM
@dhein Yeah, that's a yes and no ;)
Oh wait. I thought you replied to another message.
So it's 9 days from now on this project, out of which 3 will be spent not sitting next to co-worker ;)
(I'm sorry if I've just massively confused you ;) )
@avazula Out of context, you're talking about removing bodies. Should I be worried?
@Mithrandir I don't know. Are you a cop?
More of a janitor, but cop could be applicable too...
@Mithrandir Don't worry, I won't put the bodies in the bins you're in charge of, if that makes you feel better
12:47 PM
@Tinkeringbell Not that massively, no worries :D A more recent message you thought, which I hadn't seen I guess?^^
That makes sense.
@Tinkeringbell Glad to hear. Tho... I will miss that love story a bit xP
I definitely won't ;)
Q: How to deal with a person who use your things without getting your permission?

Huma QaseemThere are certain things which you don't want to share with anyone for hygienic purposes specially and some other purposes as well, e.g. using water bottle, towel, hair brush of another person is unhealthy. Some of my class-fellows use my things without getting my permission. How to politely de...

1:03 PM
@Tinkeringbell But thats cause the entertainment is on your costs :P
So I totally understand you there '^.^
1:15 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Waaay to broad, perhaps even a dupe as we already have one about roommates doing this?
1:37 PM
Q: Is it possible to have multiple gitlab-ci files in a single repo?

avazulaI have a single repo handling integration tests for 4 different software projects. As those projects share common resources, I'd like to create a generic file in which all those common features are set properly for preparing the CI/CD job. The project organization looks like the following: proje...

I joined the DevOps.SE community today o/
@avazula Good luck! :D
@Tinkeringbell Thanks! This thing is driving me crazy
1:53 PM
I just did a scratch test at the allergist and I am NOT AT ALL HAPPY right now. >.<
My arm is driving me nuts.
Usually that's a good thing, it means you're finding out what you're allergic to ;)
Sure... but it also means developing lots of allergic reactions on your arm and having to not scratch them.
"prick test" might be more accurate?
@Mithrandir Over here, they usually do them on backs, for exactly that reason ;)
Hard to scratch your back ;)
2:08 PM
@avazula You don't have to name your file "gitlab-ci.yml" for gitlab to read and execute it. You can choose to name your file "blop/toto.yml" and then tell gitlab (using the UI) that your CI/CD file is named "toto.yml" and is in "blop". Not sure that answer your question?
Q: Ask a Product manager to be redirected to someone else with more technical skills

totoI'm a software engineer in my company and I've been in a loop with my boss and a 'Product manager' from an other company. The subject is about setting up some common project and I need some details about how this should be done. I asked some technical questions on my first email and I wanted to...

@Noon Huh. Didn't know about that, thanks :) That does not quite answer my question, though. The thing is that I'm trying to include a file in four different files (but then that would create 4 different pipelines, I'm realizing), whereas I should instead be doing it the other way around, i.e. include those 4 different files in one big gitlab-ci file at the root of the repo. It bothers me for I should design my CI pipeline differently but at least now I know I can't do it any other way :p
@avazula Well, happy to be of help ^^
@Noon :)
Wow, I asked a question on French.SE (still about my darn letter for the Justice Ministry) and it got quite a bunch of upvotes while I expected to get "Google it" answers (which I always do before asking on SE, BTW) ^^
2:26 PM
@avazula That's nice for you :) (I must admit, I didn't know what "papier libre" meant either)
(maybe it's a paper with "la reine des neiges" on it XD )
@Noon hahaha
3:01 PM
Anyone here can explain to me how bounty works? I want to give on to this answer but the help page isn't helping enough
In the help, they say: "The bounty period lasts 7 days. Bounties must have a minimum duration of at least 1 day". So a bounty last between one and 7 days? Or it always last 7 days but you can choose who to offer the bounty to after at least one day?
@Noon You can put up the bounty. After 24 hours, you can choose to award the bounty to an answer.
Or you can wait almost the full 7 days after putting it up to award it.
@Tinkeringbell But the answer doesn't have to be new, right?
@Noon No, you can award bounties to existing answers
@Tinkeringbell Alright, thank you :)
It's just that you can't put up the bounty and immediately award it, there's a 24 hour waiting period between those. Just like e.g. it takes a while (2 days?) before you can protect a question or even put up a bounty at all.
3:09 PM
I suppose it's to make sure that other people get a chance too
Yep ;) And if it really needs to be protected before that, mods can do it.
@Noon nah, it's because the primary purpose of a bounty is to advertise a question or answer. It gets a spotlight on the front page as well
so it doesn't really make sense to award it immediately
Giving other people a chance for the bounty reason "One of the answers is exemplary" doesn't really make sense.
@JAD It fits in so far as that it won't discourage other people from answering in the mean time, but people still answer after answers are accepted too, so I'm not sure to what extent an 'exemplary answer' bounty will deter them ;)
I'm not saying that people can't answer anymore. Just that the bounty cooldown isn't to allow people to answer specifically
That's true.
3:15 PM
o/ hey... one more week left, paper due tonight, final exam for statistics wednesday, next paper due friday night then i'm done....
feeling the burnout. How are y'all?
@ElizB Here it's two more weeks (including this one) of annoying co-worker, and then christmas vacation. Still a bit unclear what I'm going to be doing after the vacation, but I'm at least not burning out ;)
yeah, that's good
Best of luck to you!
@Tinkeringbell Thanks! I'll be so glad when I'm done with the semester.
@ElizB Ah. Finals? I am so glad right now that I am done with my semester exams.
3:21 PM
@Sid yup. one more week left.
totally free in December. I should utilize my time to do something useful but 10 days have passed and all I have done is sleep...
that's all I want to do right now...
3:42 PM
I just saw this on LinkedIn: "we're hiring a Data Science specialist. 9-10 years of experience required". Erm. How to say ... You know that Data Science emerged in 2012, right?
Q: I am being stalked and laughed at?

gbtSo this has been a long standing problem. I'm just not sure if I should call it mine or theirs as apparently I never did anything to bring this upon myself. Well anyways so I started being stalked by a stranger guy about four 4 years ago, and he carried on creeping after me for about 2 years in ...

@IPSCommentBot fp
Hope that close reason is okay, it's adapted from one from here meta.stackexchange.com/questions/243700/…
@Spagirl I think it was the best thing to do. I added some support in another comment too.
Cheers, I've a feeling this person might have posted before, probs with different user name. Certainly we've has a similar post in the back about extended stalking preventing someone leaving their home.
I've also flagged it for moderator attention to try and get it closed.
3:55 PM
@Spagirl I did too!
thanks for commenting and flagging :) I'll let the CMs know about it
Jeesh, what a terrible situation.
@EmC Thanks a lot :)
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5:25 PM
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6:49 PM
Q: How to have an honest discussion, when all outcomes are undesirable

ASadBeeBackground: My partner and I have been together for 9 years, beginning in high school. Around year three we went through a rough patch where my partner emotionally abused me into consenting to sex, which I had been holding out on due to religious reasons. Within the next year, my partner transit...

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8:06 PM
Q: Asking a girl out

SpartaSo this year i entered a summer camp because my mother thought that i was too addicted to playing with my ps4. There was this one girl where it was a zoom.We became good friends and i talk to her from time to time on my phone. Of course, i see her every summer so i have like around a month and a ...

8:22 PM
Q: Is it acceptable to listen to a celebrity's conversation on a public event?

foggyRecently, I was on a public book launch connected with an intellectual debate. There were many famous people whose face I know from the news, many of them I very much respect but have no actual connection with. Naturally, they are engaged in a conversation all the time, seemingly personal, but I ...

8:44 PM
Any "nitpickers" want to explain to him that his answer should be backed up? I'm pretty sure this user won't like it if I'm the one lefting a comment ^^
1 hour later…
9:55 PM
@Noon from the comment that was just left, it looks like your nitpickers were a little too slow :p
10:08 PM
That was it right? I can go to bed now? :P
That's some grade A nitpicking. Tink's done it again
Next Saturday, 8:00 PM my time, free nitpicking class for all of you :P
Sign me up!!
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11:31 PM
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