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6:19 AM
Morning :)
1 hour later…
7:29 AM
Morning! You're on your own today, I'm going shopping with mom.
@Tinkeringbell Have fun!
7:50 AM
Enjoy :)
8:02 AM
Good morning all
3 hours later…
11:09 AM
Afternoon :)
It is indeed
11:34 AM
tempus fugit
for some reason a lot of people consider that a great name for a boat... it's a pun alright, just a very boring one :x
1 hour later…
12:48 PM
what does it translate to?
2 hours later…
2:47 PM
Q: How to signal to partner that I'm unresponsive because I'm focussing on something?

Kevin MorinI have social anxiety disorder. I also often zone out for unrelated reasons (say, when I'm really focused on something technical). My partner mistakes my zoning out for me not being okay, so they ask whether I'm okay or not. I often reply with a distracted "yes", but because the reply was seeming...

@RoryAlsop Never. :P I hate clothes shopping. Mom always thinks the stuff that fits the worst looks the best XD
@Tinkeringbell I hate all shopping, so I hear you. Did you have a good time with your Mom anyway?
3:03 PM
@RoryAlsop yeah, we had a great lunch (really tasty!) and we talked and laughed :)
But next time I'm just taking her for lunch XD
Q: How to reassure my partner that I really do love them, despite being unable to show socially acceptable displays of affection in public?

KevinI have social anxiety disorder (which my partner is aware of). I feel more comfortable being lovey dovey with my partner in private (such as holding hands, kissing hugging) than in public, despite knowing fully well that it's okay to do so in public. My partner says that they understand this, but...

3:38 PM
@Tinkeringbell :D
did you take this whole week off then?
4:34 PM
No, I worked Monday and yesterday. The rest is off though!
4:51 PM
Q: What should I do when I give a gift but don't get a thank you

JasmineOne of my friends was having a bad week. So I decided to give him a good bag with his favorite snacks, drinks, and a teddy bear. I sneaked it onto his porch in the morning, and messaged him saying to check his front door. He opened my message, but didn't say thank you or that he enjoyed the gift....


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