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4:00 AM
Q: How do I see my busy friend more?

GregI've known her a loooooooong time, but to the point. I can only see her every couple months to a few times a year as she lives far away and I got no ride to get to her and rather not have her drive to me all the time, plus she only prefers seeing non family the odd time. She works near me 3 days ...

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7:11 AM
morning o/
7:55 AM
guten morgen
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9:15 AM
hurrah i finally have been given more work to do
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10:46 AM
@AlexRobinson Yay!
In the meanwhile, I've reached the last hour of training (done in 15 minutes) and it's in the stage of 'we'll keep talking to fill time'
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11:59 AM
Q: We’re looking for a new Vice President of Community at Stack Overflow

Teresa DietrichYou might have noticed that we posted a VP of Community job description on our “Careers at Stack Overflow” page. It’s a big role, and important here at the company. As we move forward in the process of becoming a product-led company, we’re putting a lot of thought into our original product - our...

There might be some people that want to read this/the last paragraph
12:33 PM
interesting that Chipps didn't stay long in SO
Eh, I wouldn't call almost 3 years 'short' ;)
oh dam, was it 3 years?
time flies :P
At least, I think.
Can't find an exact post announcing her...
But there was a mention of her being a staff member from Jan '19 in a post. It's reasonable to assume she was on the staff a bit before that? Which would mean at least 2,5 years.
so i've just been given a default powepoint that i need to adapt, and the sample text is some latin about peanut butter and pillows xd
Better than that standard latin filler text?
12:45 PM
i have no idea, i just found it amusing
I probably would too, if I could translate Latin :P
i don't know any latin at all, fortunately google knows atleast two words of latin
Weird that it knows the word for peanut butter though, I don't think Romans had peanuts?
@Tinkeringbell I think she was promoted internally from another team
1:03 PM
they might have had peanuts but they almost ceratinly didnt have peanut butter
@Tinkeringbell Peanuts or something similar is possible
Peanut butter's a relatively recent thing
@JourneymanGeek Well definitely not peanuts. I know those were colonized from South America.
I think the chinese claim to have invented it
Well they're obviously wrong according to wikipedia, peanut butter was invented in Montreal, Canada.
Oh peanuts
1:08 PM
jordnötssmör < I like Swedish XD
Try to translate 'Malus domestica' from Latin to English.
That's apples. I don't need translate for that :P
Right. A literal translation, though, should be something like 'bad home', but...
Google says that it translates to Japan.
@Tinkeringbell Wait what. Really? Huh.
@Sarov There also was 'peanut cheese' in Surinam before that, which was more like a pressed block that you'd take slices off, like cheese... so not a thing you could spread out like today's peanut butter. But it's suspected the Dutch word for peanut butter (pindakaas, meaning peanut cheese) comes from there, since the 'butter' word was protected already so people couldn't call margarine butter ....
Now I want to bite into a block of peanut cheese.
1:39 PM
Hmm. I can't find any references on the internet to it still being sold...

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