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2:59 AM
Q: Do females generally dislike it when a male tells them that they remind them of so-and-so?

Ilir S.There are many times when I've seen a photo of a girl which reminds me of somebody else, sometimes somebody I've met long ago, or perhaps a celebrity, or even a fictional character sharing the same general facial features or clothing style. If I point it out, I get the feeling that they aren't ve...

1 hour later…
4:27 AM
"females" that's a red flag right there
...not in the SE sense, in a social sense
1 hour later…
5:52 AM
Yeah, always keep away from females.
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6:56 AM
7:23 AM
oh right, @ips is now rebooting everyday at 3am :)
7:47 AM
But.. .wasn't it doing that before too?
8:13 AM
I seem to recall you mentioned it before, but can't find it. Guess it's just me misremembering things again then XD
8:25 AM
@Tinkeringbell it wasn't until a few days ago :)
@Tinkeringbell i tried to and said it was working when it was actually not :P
Liar :P
now i can see it's working good :)
@ips cat?
3 hours later…
11:12 AM
Q: Which behaviour should I have at work?

Tata Stereo When my direct superior is angry, he is nervous and not patient, so he explains me an information, but bad... I can't understand, he chews his words, should I insist over him to have the required information, or should I let him talk in the empty to risk to make an out-of-subject work ? When I w...

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1:16 PM
"Should I cut the lyrics of a polite mean" What... does that... even mean?
Ask in the comments, not in chat :P
1:32 PM
@Sarov I do a little indian english and that's slightly lost in translation to me too
The one that always irks me is 'explain me'. It's technically grammatical but doesn't mean what they think it means.
"No one can explain you" - what you say to a weird person.
"No one can explain to you" - what you say to a stupid person.
I don't know why it's so common in ESL people's dialects, either. I've heard it from Indians, Russians, Brazilians...
could be different grammar structures
most *lishes are literally people thinking and literal-translating to english
Suppose. I don't know enough about non-English grammar to say.
You see a lot of it if you hang around on these sites ;)
And I like the fact that no one can explain me, not even me.
1:40 PM
"Should I interrupt a conversation between Alice and Bob to correct Alice's English, given that Alice previously asked me to correct it?" - would that be a good fit for the site, or not because of 'what should I do'?
It would be rude to Bob
Sure, but so would be disregarding Alice's request.
Alice rarely talks to me directly so 95% of the opportunities are when Alice is talking to someone else.
@Sarov Has Alice specifically asked you to correct her when she's talking to others?
Btw, it wouldn't fit the site because it's asking 'what should I do', instead of 'how should I do it'.
I would ask Alice what she prefers ;)
There's also a third option: Don't interrupt but seek out Alice later... but it's still up to Alice to decide how much she wants to be corrected.
2:01 PM
@Tinkeringbell No, just a general 'please correct me when I say something wrong'.
Yeah.... I'd bring it up next time you speak with Alice, and don't do anything in the meantime.
Just worry it could be awkward. "Hey, remember what you said 3 hours ago? You should have said it like ___ instead."
Alice: "I don't remember but okay."
2:37 PM
@Sarov Yeah, that's why I said to ask Alice first, if she wants to be corrected about everything all the time, or just about the things she says to you ;)
2:56 PM
2 hours later…
4:29 PM
Today, I am proudly announcing: The new me!
Courtesy of this generator, also comes in a cat version. :D
2 hours later…
6:47 PM
@Tinkeringbell You look like you just heard some BS and now will ban someone
j/k haha no you don't look like you just heard some BS and now will ban someone
turns around and faces the wall
@Tinkeringbell Hi welcome to the Awkward Silence chat room, we don't often get to meet new people here, please make your... oh, oh, okay I see, nevermind.
7:01 PM
@M.A.R. Hahaha no, that's this version:
@lila thanks 😊
4 hours later…
10:58 PM
@Tinkeringbell fitting

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