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12:05 AM
@lila Nice try, robot
If you give me this form where I have to click "[ ] I am not a robot" then I can even click it to prove you I am not a robot, or do you want me to identify photos of fire hydrants? :D
@lila Nice try, identify these crossaints
Do they or do they not look like ignuanas?
I think I crashed the bot
Haha no, I am still waiting for you to upload the photos or give me the form, I think it is your bot that actually crashed and didn't upload photos :(
12:15 AM
That was part of the question
You failed the MARing test
Haha totally makes sense, over the decades this so called "Turning test" got more and more trivialized up to the point that you just need to click the box "[ ] I am not a robot" to pass it, so I am not even surprised that they had to come up with something more clever; I'd guess that only the animal welfare officers have passed M.A.R.ing test so far, that is so M.A.R.esque and Sarovesque at the same time.
12:31 AM
Ohohohohom British giggle
sips tea
Spits it back
Not enough Lipton
The lady's dress at the front table is ruined
Her husband is
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5:58 AM
Q: Responding to friend who had a surgery

rohit sharmaOne of my friend messaged me she had a mini surgery. I am not sure what to text her back. Is saying wishing for speedy recovery good ? Or any other good English sentence ?

9 hours later…
2:54 PM
@M.A.R. Haha oh Jason Bourne 007 is my favourite TV series, my favourite is the scene where he says "My name is Bourne. Jason Bourne" and the movie where Jason Bourne 007 is played by Rowan Atkinson! (way to trigger movie fans for sure) :D
2 hours later…
4:43 PM
Q: How to address multiple sources of asymmetry in a relationship

TheProseMixDifferences in a relationship are common and even something to be cherished, in the sense that it opens ones horizons and challenges each other in a safe way. However, I am facing something more than just differences in values, more like gaping chasms that end in either deadlock or conflict. If i...

5:30 PM
@lila Who the what?
2 hours later…
7:03 PM
@M.A.R. J a s o n B o u r n e THE British Secret Service agent, also known as 007 or double-O-seven; my favourite actor playing Jason Bond was Daniel Craig, the most fitting most classy Bourne in my opinion; "my name is Bourne, James Bourne" you surely know that phrase!
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8:17 PM
Next time you might want to specify which part of India in the question. India is a very large place and many different places in India have different cultures. For example, if this was in Punjab, I would reccomend not wearing saris, but if this was in a different part of India the reccomendation would be much different. — Yay 2 mins ago
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