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7:32 AM
Q: How to ask a lady out?

Hither JoeWell... I'm very good-looking and I also dress well, appealing to ladies. I also taught myself how to be charismatic... In general, I have this charismatic rich handsome guy look, that most ladies would like to date. The problem is that deep down, I'm scared to ask ladies out, but the ladies that...

8:31 AM
@Criggie The few times I got to operate mom's sewing machine... I didn't really like it. But it's also not a 1950s Singer, but a much more recent one. It has some sort of 'gas pedal' that, even if you operate it with only the tip of your big toe, makes the machine go very fast as soon as you touch it. Perhaps something slower is nicer ;)
For repairing this sweater though... it was a piece less than 2cm (too short to get a whole machine set up for), and to use a sewing machine well you have to pin things together first (at least, I'm nowhere near skilled enough to do freehand.). I tried pinning anyways, even for the sewing by hand, but the fabric didn't really lend itself to it... So I'd probably have had to do this by hand anyways to get anywhere remotely near straight :D
9:07 AM
Q: Why are none of the questions posted in this community in regard to any traumatic or sensitive circumstance?

AdamI have scrolled through the questions here, and find almost all of them involve mainly situations of needing to know how to approach something very non consequential and simple, such as avoiding offending someone if they are flirting with you, or the most effective way to show someone you support...

9:23 AM
Well, good thing we cleared that up
Don't let anyone tempt you to fall down to their level XD
My glasses are missing a handle because I dropped and stepped on it in the middle of the night and I'm agitated, AGITATED I TELL YA
Also it's somehow both too hot and too cold at the same time
And my eyes are burning and itching for some reason
Today is promising to be hell
Well at least there's rain
It's probably the rain that caused all this.
Go blame the rain.
Well kinda yeah actually
Yesterday I slept for two hours because I was studying for an exam
So after the exam I needed a long afternoon nap
Except this booming thunder woke me up twice, it was bloody scary
And my eyes are as red as withdrawal from quitting smoking
9:45 AM
You smoked?
9:57 AM
@Tinkeringbell nope, I hate it
ooh, good :P You almost had me worried :P
@ExtrovertedMainMan I have a suitable reply to this...
@JourneymanGeek It's very easy to be entertaining... I've experienced that myself when trying to ask a question about dealing with the dementor. It's much harder to ask a good question about dealing with the dementor that gets you a useful answer :|
@Tinkeringbell the goal should be to be useful to people with such experiences, not to be full of it
@Tinkeringbell no worries, chocolate cures all the things
10:02 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah. I think my question at least met that goal, after all there must be more people out there dealing with abusive behavior from demented arseholes (and the question mostly talked about what was used to try and de-escalate the situation, not the behavior itself)
@Tinkeringbell ditto. How hard is it to be entertaining if I can do it?
Pats self on the back for being entertaining
@M.A.R. Depends on your crowd. Some don't need much, just pee or poo... others need more refined humor :P
Like fart jokes?
@Tinkeringbell IIRC there's another speed control somewhere? the pedal is an addon.
@JourneymanGeek Probably, but neither me or my mom know the sewing machine well enough XD
If its an 80s machine or earlier it might be connected to the mains, else its mechanical
10:05 AM
When I was a kid I was fascinated by sewing machines
They sounded so angry
@JourneymanGeek Sometimes :)
I think ours broke easily though. Or for whatever reason we don't use sewing machines anymore
Heh. Mom's hasn't been used for years, either.
1 hour later…
11:11 AM
@Tinkeringbell Oh I cheat - I use things like paper masking tape. painters tape and sometimes I just sew through it.
Pins are something Nana used to use :)
Hahaha that's a good cheat though!
I got the right oil and gave it a full lube job too. Nothing explains the phrase "running like a well oiled sewing maching" like the sound of a well oiled sewing machine running.
5 hours later…
4:41 PM
5:15 PM
Q: How to let people know their mask is down?

userSometimes people at stores or other places outside don't have their mask on properly: it's loosened so their nose is exposed, or it's pulled all the way down. This seems to be happening more frequently in recent days, perhaps because the pandemic's been going on so long or because people are star...

@ExtrovertedMainMan "Excuse me, your face is showing"
1 hour later…
6:23 PM
@Tinkeringbell +1
6:40 PM
2 days ago, by M.A.R.
Moderating this site must be exhausting
6:51 PM
Meh. It's something done from the comfort of a lazy chair. It's not, really
Lazy chairs are exhausting.
@Tinkeringbell I can't relate because all of my chairs are athletic and agile
@Alex My joke is more bester than urs
Mine was lazier.
@Tinkeringbell heh, so I end up commenting on a site after several months and it ends up being from the author of that same rant from 2019! What are the chances
@Alex I have more chocolate than you, hence I am superior
@M.A.R. Superior Vena Cava?
7:03 PM
If it doesn't clog up yes
7:27 PM
@M.A.R. Yeah. One cleanup hopefully coming once other mods wake up... My bad, should've checked for smelly things before seriously answering. In the meanwhile, don't make things worse?
7:54 PM
@Tinkeringbell sure I'm done with that discussion. As with all good trolls, there was a slight chance they were hirt or something instead of trolling. Now it's clear of course. I don't at all mind if comments are purged or something like that
Hirt is Australian
3 hours later…
10:42 PM
Oops, I just broke the awkward silence

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