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1:58 AM
Q: The question is about KON-TIKI expedition

user37920My question is why it is said THOR HEYERDAHL burnt his boat? The KON-TIKI expedition is a famous book written by explorer Norwegian explorer and writer THOR HEYERDAHL. ...

interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/rudeness should the more then 50 questions be closed as well?
2:13 AM
@DarrynBrisdaz not all question tagged rudeness ask for categorizing if something is rude. E.g. this one opened: "Sick grandparent(s) moved in and are now inciting anger and stress" don't seem to include that.
Asking for rudeness of some behavior is a bit like settling rights and wrongs, it's not fulfilling any purpose than to pick a winning side.
If you have a strong argument why your question is purposeful though, you could make a meta question asking for clarifications and/or asking for reopening. My personal point of view is that as stated it is indeed opinion-based.
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7:03 AM
Q: How to effectively speak and act in a casual gathering with friends (both boys & girls) and not anxiety get in the middle of it?

TheBestGuyUWillEverMeetThis Friday, me and my friends, with our moms, decided to hang out after a very long time; like a really very long time (almost 7 months, due to the lockdown). We met at a restaurant. In the beginning, there were mainly male best friends of mine, and we had a great time. But, after some time, 2 o...

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8:19 AM
Q: How can I ask my uncle to pay for my ADHD medication?

mahmoodLike most people with ADHD, I suffer from constantly changing jobs and financial problems. I'm trying to get a prescription for ADHD medication. so I can have a stable career. There are a couple of problems: I live in a miserable country in the Middle East, which I can't find this kind of medica...

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@lila Yello
4:41 PM
WTF am I up at 0530 for?
4:56 PM
To let SE people acknowledge that you're up? ;P
5:15 PM
What a beautifully boooring Saturday, there is nothing to do! :/
@Tinkeringbell Oh thanx, your wishes seem to be working because today it is between "good" and "moderate" and, like yesterday, I can open a window and not feel guilty about inviting too much carcinogenic dust into my room \o/
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6:30 PM
Q: How should I handle more risk averse friends?

noob42I’m the type to go backpacking in the mountains for vacation over renting a room on a beach. Fairly often I come back with stories and injuries ranging from mild to occasionally nearly fatal. I set ambitious goals, and operate at my physical and technical limits to achieve them Now when I head ou...

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7:58 PM
"because staying safe isn’t my primary goal" - I dare to say staying healthy and alive indeed is a goal to you although you do risky things. Why would your friends have to agree with or understand what you do? That means if you tell them you leave for another trip and they don't understand why you do that, would it be a problem to respond no problem - you don't need to understand that? — puck 1 min ago
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8:14 PM
@lila cool! Have you ever thought about getting a filter or purifier to help with the worries and guilt?
8:49 PM
Of course, many times! But anytime I am trying to get deeper into the topic, I am overwhelmed by the important details and I am afraid I am not really smart/knowledgeable enough to reliably avoid getting ripped off. Most articles I have came across had more or less prominent, detectable aura of marketing speak that makes me immediately suspicious.

They write long paragraphs about how there are many types of air purifiers/filters/masks and how these types are worse or better at doing their job, and surprise surprise, the best of the best is of course the product that they are selling.
And also, all of these things are quite expensive and I am not that rich :/
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10:44 PM
Q: Messaging an ex to be friend again when you left

Revolucion for MonicaGoal: I want to be friend again with my ex which I let down because I was very anxious of suffering from love again. Context: The first girlfriend I had was after I told my best friend I loved her who rejected me because I was too late. I suffered a lot from that. My ex was a very nice person, I ...

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11:58 PM
-What fruit are those?
-They are blackberries.
-Blackberries? Why are they red then?
-Because they are still green!

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