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2:48 AM
Q: Are there examples or templates of Keith Ferrazzi-esque personal summaries online?

JAFIn chapter 7 of Never Eat Alone, the aforementioned author says that when he goes to an event, he has single- or two-page "executive summaries" prepared on everyone he'd like to introduce himself to. While the gist of it is "here's what matters to So-And-So," he never describes what kind of detai...

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4:02 AM
Q: How do I grow 'Reputation Points'..?

FormerMARINEHow do I grow 'Reputation Points' using the StackExchange web site. The function is typical techie, avoidant, cryptic and jamming algorithms to any post disagreeing with coder of (this) site ...

4:52 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan You water it in good answers, and fertilize it in good questions.
Also OT?
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6:19 AM
@JourneymanGeek You forgot adding the bright light of moderation :P
(and yes, very OT)
Morning :)
Q: What is your strategy for maintaining family relations with young adults who're arrogant, judgemental, extremely reticent yet nosy queries?

MugenI cannot avoid them. I cannot avoid this meeting. I have to be there and be nice. When you need to hang out with your distant nephews/nieces, what's your strategy for maintaining relations/dealing with them when they have the following traits? Nosy queries: (this can go on endlessly for 20 mins) ...

Moderation is very much a dark art :D
We are the tree surgeons, and mushroom whisperers of the network
No one notices us, until a tree falls on someone, or the fungi go rampant, dooming all non fungal life on earth.
6:49 AM
... We're the ones that keep the forests clear from the spawns of Ungoliant :P Very much a light art! :D
Now, without spiders.... who would develop the web?
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9:36 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan not on trees
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10:37 AM
Q: How can I ask for feedback from black people on the design of a black character when I'm a white guy?

Reverend SpeedI'm making a small indie game featuring a black main character, as I'm interested in representation in the medium of video games. I'd like to ensure that my work doesn't offend anybody, but at the same time I'm aware that there is an issue of offending people from this community - who the fuck ne...

@ExtrovertedMainMan well this is a pleasant and well meaning question - kinda refreshing to see
11:03 AM
@AlexRobinson Nice intent, execution is a bit meh. Working on an edit, OP will probably need to clarify a bit too.
11:30 AM
mhm not perfect, but it sure makes a change of pace from "how can i tolerate young adults when i despise them"
@AlexRobinson Without killing them all and sticking their heads on pikes?
@AlexRobinson tolerating is an intrapersonal thing anyways. Handling conversations with them might be a goal, but the question definitely can use more focus on OP instead of on that which they despise ;)
Also wondering...
arn't there black people in the company?
'small indie game' sounds like it may be a free time project thingy, but that's a good clarification to request in a comment. Go ahead!
Actually now that I actually read the question, instead of typing with no context...
> I'm living in a place where black people are a distinct minority and I don't currently have any black friends (mostly now due to Covid - otherwise I'd have attended events where I would have the opportunity to make good acquaintances). So, I have Googled a ton of information about black hair, etc, and sourced lots of references for my model. I'm really trying to do things in good faith, or so I think.
11:44 AM
You could've read that in the onebox even XD
that's reasonable
Also as an Asian/Indian....
"Black" on its own is... too broad
@JourneymanGeek i suspect this person is just ill informed and probably needs to refine their characters ethnicity but doesn't know that or doesn't know how / why
(and I can't talk about different kinds of black people - but I know it varies :D )
12:25 PM
Comments! :P
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1:27 PM
@Tinkeringbell I dunno. Gaining rep is partly an IPS! "I write really insightful answers but I keep getting downvotes even though I'm perfectly pointing out what these morons are doing wrong! How do I get upvotes instead?!"
@Tinkeringbell I was going to point out that 'spawn' is an uncountable noun, but I looked it up and it looks like both are correct?? 'Spawns' still looks wrong to me!
@JourneymanGeek "Black hair"... Like... black hair? Or hair of black people?? What does black hair have to do with black people?
@Sarov black people hair I assume
Hair attached to black people
I was going to say 'what does that even have to do with cultural sensitivity' but I guess hair styles are cultural sometimes?
And various levels of cultural reclaimation
I dunno, I live in a cultural melting pot. You can't really tell someone's ethnicity just from their hair.
I live in asia :D
1:39 PM
I could make a joke but I won't, to be safe!
so I couldn't really comment on communities in the US or UK
That's okay, neither could I.
<-- is Canadian.
I do have friends in both, though.
I haven't talked to my UK friend in a while, though... time difference is rough.
Tangent: You ever heard of snickerdoodles?
kinda baked good ?
Yeah, is a cookie.
About 50% of people I ask have heard of them.
Wierdly for tamils, we bake a lot
(there's no real baking culture in the south, too warm, until the brits came. Even then...)
1:49 PM
Warmth relates to baking development? Why?
Ovens were mostly a cold climate thing
So folks wouldn't have fire all the time
Makes sense I guess? But how do you heat your food?
In the old country? You stoked a stove when you needed it, not leave it on the whole day
1:51 PM
I see.
Also rice based cooking, over wheat, like the north
Now I want rice noodles.
life is hard
1:57 PM
my mom has cancer and is very sick its making my life hard
Auch. My condolences.
@Sarov Have heard the name, don't know what it is or how it tastes. Mostly from TV shows, I think..
what about them
They're cinnamon cookies, yeah.
2:03 PM
cinnamon is nice :)
i like chocolate chip cookies
So do you eat a lot of snickerdoodles, @Sarov ?
My mother always makes them once winter is coming, so.
i am guessing not everyone lives in the same place?
Canada, Netherlands, Asia...
2:10 PM
@Sarov Heh, nice :)
i live in the USA
2:23 PM
My condolences.
(I was making a joke.)
Doesn't work as well now that the US isn't actively on fire.
it wasn't that bad XD but ik what you mean
2:26 PM
....Y'know, this is the first time I can recall where we've had liberal and democrat voted in at the same time (well, kinda. Trudeau has a minority government).
Usually we alternate.
oh you live in canada?
now i'm craving funnel cake
4 hours later…
6:27 PM
Q: Would it be considered too inappropriate to actually ask one's caretaker (or similar) to "bully" you?

Awkward GuyI've started typing this question countless times over the years, only to scrap it every time, knowing that it sounds too stupid when written, and is unlikely to get a useful answer. But now I'm going to try anyway, especially as I might find myself in such a situation in the not-too-distant futu...

3 hours later…
9:18 PM
Ugh...interpersonal.stackexchange.com/q/27413/1599 editing on mobile sucks XD

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